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Genomic positioning and phylogenetic relationship of mouse Irg GTPases

Cemalettin Bekpen, Julia P Hunn, Christoph Rohde, Iana Parvanova, Libby Guethlein, Diane M Dunn, Eva Glowalla, Maria Leptin & Jonathan C Howard
Copyright information:Taken from "The interferon-inducible p47 (IRG) GTPases in vertebrates: loss of the cell autonomous resistance mechanism in the human lineage"Genome Biology 2005;6(11):R92-R92.Published online 31 Oct 2005PMCID:PMC1297648.Copyright © 2005 Bekpen et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. Disposition of the 23 genes on the mouse karyotype. Individual genes are listed in correct gene order in each cluster. Positioning and orientation of genes in the mouse chromosome 11 and 18 clusters. Positions of genes refer to the...

Proposed secondary structures and nucleotide sequences of the four hY RNA, i

Jonathan Perreault, , Francis Brière, , , Jean-Pierre Perreault & Gilles Boire
Copyright information:Taken from "Retropseudogenes derived from the human Ro/SS-A autoantigen-associated hY RNAs"Nucleic Acids Research 2005;33(6):2032-2041.Published online 7 Apr 2005PMCID:PMC1074747.© The Author 2005. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reservede. hY1, hY3, hY4 and hY5 RNAs. The circled nucleotides correspond to the most frequently mutated positions and boxed nucleotides are those most frequently missing in the pseudogenes.

The 3-D backbone structures and distance matrices of four protein chains, which are selected from the SCOP folds: (1)1 (a-b), 1 (c-d), (2)1 (e-f), 12 (g-h)

, & Dong Xu
Copyright information:Taken from "A fast SCOP fold classification system using content-based E-Predict algorithm"BMC Bioinformatics 2006;7():362-362.Published online 26 Jul 2006PMCID:PMC1579235.

Vaginal epithelial cells cultured at KSFM in polystyrene culture flasks

Cara Hollmer, Michael Essmann, Kevin Ault & Bryan Larsen
Copyright information:Taken from "Adherence and Blocking of to Cultured Vaginal Epithelial Cells: Treatments to Decrease Adherence"Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology 2006;2006():-.Published online 4 Jul 2006PMCID:PMC1581476. Photograph taken at ×400 with phase contract microscopy.

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Modeling an Evolutionary Conserved Circadian -Element-0

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Benoît Espiau Annelise Sahin

Molecular Identification of a Malaria Merozoite Surface Sheddase-1

Sharon Yeoh Philippa K Harris

Distinct DNA Exit and Packaging Portals in the Virus -5

Yael Mutsafi Nathan Zauberman

Semi-Supervised Methods to Predict Patient Survival from Gene Expression Data-4

Robert Tibshirani Eric Bair

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