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Predictive Coding Deep Neural Network in Chainer (Simple Version, Front. Psychol., 15 March 2018)

Eiji Watanabe
The simple version has omitted Tensorboard function.
When you want to use the function of Tensorboard,
use New version.
New version is here.https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.7801154The simple version works faster than The Tensorboard Version.

The PredNet*, written in Keras, was ported to Chainer and reconstructed for convenience.Visualization of internal images in the network models was performed using a self-made converter program and Tesorboard in Tensorflow.

*Lotter, W., Kreiman, G., & Cox, D., Deep predictive coding networks for video prediction and unsupervised learning,...

Quantum-limited measurements of optical signals from a geostationary satellite

Kevin Günthner, Imran Khan, Dominique Elser, Birgit Stiller, Ömer Bayraktar, Christian R. Müller, Karen Saucke, Daniel Tröndle, Frank Heine, Stefan Seel, Peter Greulich, Herwig Zech, Björn Gütlich, Sabine Philipp-May, Christoph Marquardt & Gerd Leuchs
The measurement of quantum signals that travel through long distances is fundamentally and technologically interesting. We present quantum-limited coherent measurements of optical signals that are sent from a satellite in geostationary Earth orbit to an optical ground station. We bound the excess noise that the quantum states could have acquired after having propagated 38,600 km through Earth’s gravitational potential, as well as its turbulent atmosphere. Our results indicate that quantum communication is feasible, in principle,...

Additional file 1: Table S1. of Identification by the DArTseq method of the genetic origin of the Coffea canephora cultivated in Vietnam and Mexico

Andrea Garavito, Christophe Montagnon, Romain Guyot & BenoĂŽt Bertrand
List of plants evaluated with DarTseq markers. Table S2. List of DArTseq markers and used in the analysis. Table S3. Structural SNPs contributing to the population structure in C. canephora. Table S4. Putative outlier marker loci identified by the Fst outlier method implemented in Lositan. (XLSX 457Â kb)

Diagram samples and questions for the VLL5d-study (VLL5d:data)

Harald Störrle, Anja M. Maier, Nick Baltsen & Henrik Christoffersen
The diagrams and questionnaires as applied in the VLL5d-study, submitted to MODELS 2017.

The file "Diagrams.zip" contains all teh diagrams used in the experiment. The File "Diagrams with Questions" contains the diagrams together with the questions asked for each of them.

The file "TowardsDiagramUnderstanding.pdf" contains the original MSc-thesis by Nick and Henrik who conducted the eye tracking sessions. It contains all the results, and very detailed descriptions.

The files with the raw data will be published after the...

Spatial and temporal variation in the stable isotope composition (δ18O and δ2H) of rain across the tropical island of Sri Lanka

E.A.N.V. Edirisinghe, H.M.T.G.A. Pitawala, H.A. Dharmagunawardhane & R.L. Wijayawardane
Seasonal and spatial variation in δ18O and δ2H in rainwater was determined in three selected transects across Sri Lanka, the tropical island in the Indian Ocean. Local meteoric water lines (LMWLs) for three distinguished climatic zones; wet, dry and intermediate were constructed. LMWLs show slight variations in their gradients and respective d-excess values, depending on the air moisture origin, circulation and environmental conditions of each climatic zone. The elevation effect and amount effect could be...

Gene expression profile of intramuscular muscle in Nellore cattle with extreme values of fatty acid

Mariana Berton, Larissa Fonseca, Daniela Gimenez, Bruno Utembergue, Aline Cesar, Luiz Coutinho, Marcos De Lemos, Carolyn Aboujaoude, Angélica Pereira, Rafael Silva, Nedenia Stafuzza, Fabieli Feitosa, Hermenegildo Chiaia, Bianca Olivieri, Elisa Peripolli, Rafael Tonussi, Daniel Gordo, Rafael Espigolan, Adrielle Ferrinho, Lenise Mueller, Lucia De Albuquerque, Henrique De Oliveira, Susan Duckett & Fernando Baldi
Abstract Background Fatty acid type in beef can be detrimental to human health and has received considerable attention in recent years. The aim of this study was to identify differentially expressed genes in longissimus thoracis muscle of 48 Nellore young bulls with extreme phenotypes for fatty acid composition of intramuscular fat by RNA-seq technique. Results Differential expression analyses between animals with extreme phenotype for fatty acid composition showed a total of 13 differentially expressed genes...

Table S2. Early Andean tectonomagmatic stages in north Patagonia: insights from field and geochemical data

Andrés Echaurren, Verónica Oliveros, Andrés Folguera, Federico Ibarra, Christian Creixell & Friedrich Lucassen
Table S2. Geochemical analysis of Jurassic and Cretaceous volcanic rocks (oxides in wt.%, trace elements in ppm).

Additional file 1: Table S1. of Use of low density lipoprotein particle number levels as an aid in statin treatment decisions for intermediate risk patients: a cost-effectiveness analysis

Dov Shiffman, Andre Arellano, Michael Caulfield, Judy Louie, Lance Bare, James Devlin & Olle Melander
Health outcomes and costs for different statin treatment strategies for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in 100,000 hypothetical intermediate risk patients: Base-case analysis. Table S2. Deterministic Sensitivity Analysis. Incremental Cost and Incremental QALY per 100,000 patients for all parameters for the Test and HST strategy 1 compared with the MST strategy. Table S3. Deterministic Sensitivity Analysis. Incremental Cost and Incremental QALY per 100,000 patients for all parameters for the Test and MST strategy 1 compared...

BRAIN Journal - The Effect of Recast vs. Self Correction on Writing Accuracy The Role of Awareness

Parviz Maftoon, Masoumeh Ahmadi Shirazi & Parisa Daftarifard
Studies in support of the facilitative role of correction in either forms of recast, repetition, confirmations, compression checks, or clarification request abound (Ellis, 2003). Among these studies recast has proved to be the most frequent type of error correction in classroom [30] [32]; however, self-correction or elicitation might make students notice the gap more than recast. To illuminate the difference, two methods of recast and self correction were applied to two groups of students to...

Namibia Day 3 - Run, Cheetah, Run | Lifestyle Integrity

Devin Martin
We were set up mere feet away from the cable waiting for these high speed balls of claw and fur to come racing towards us. At times we stood just past a pulley so that the cheetahs would come racing directly towards us turning after the rag in a cloud of dirt narrowly missing us as we stood still and trusting knowing full well that should their attention turn from the rag to our shirt...

Complete genome sequence of bacteriophage P26218 infecting Rhodoferax sp. strain IMCC26218

Kira Moon, Ilnam Kang, Suhyun Kim, Jang-Cheon Cho & Sang-Jong Kim
Abstract Bacteriophage P26218 is a virus that thrives in freshwater and infects Rhodoferax sp. strain IMCC26218, both of which were isolated from Soyang Lake, Korea. The bacterial host, IMCC26218, belongs to the genus Rhodoferax and is closely related to R. saidenbachensis, with 98.7 % 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity. Bacteriophage P26218 has an icosahedral head structure with a diameter of ~52 nm and short tail of ~9 nm, which is a typical morphology of the...

Alpay Özdural, "Interlocks of Similar or Complementary Figures: Collaboration of Mathematicians and Artisans in the Islamic World," unedited full copy of the original book manuscript submitted to Supplements to Muqarnas in 2003.

Alpay Özdural
A study of Islamic ornamental geometry based on a late medieval Persian manuscript (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, titled Fī tadākhul al-ashkāl al-mutashābiha aw al-mutāwafiqa, Ms. Persan 169). Arguing that mathematics played a major role in Islamic architectural practice and ornamental design, the author interprets the mathematical properties of each geometrical construction in this illustrated primary source, accompanied by his own drawings of their step-by-step construction methods.

Additional file 1: of No involvement of alveolar macrophages in the initiation of carbon nanoparticle induced acute lung inflammation in mice

Shanze Chen, Renfu Yin, Kathrin Mutze, Youjia Yu, Shinji Takenaka, Melanie Kรถnigshoff & Tobias Stoeger
Additional Methods. Figure S1. Ultrastructure of CNP-aerosols (A) and aqueous dispersion (B). Figure S2. Enrichment of cell-specific gene expression in CD45- and CD45+ lung cells and total BAL cells. Figure S3. Purity of isolated primary murine ATII cells. Figure S4. Synopsis of gene expression results of all four cell isolation experiments. Figure S5A. Gene expression profile of by BAL macrophages 3 and 12 h after CNP and 12 h after LPS instillation. Figure S5B. BAL...

Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Changes in peripheral immune cell numbers and functions in octogenarian walkers – an acute exercise study

Kornelis Van Der Geest, Qi Wang, Thijs Eijsvogels, Hans Koenen, Irma Joosten, Elisabeth Brouwer, Maria Hopman, Joannes Jacobs & Annemieke Boots
Exercise-induced T cell proliferation rates and T cell subset redistribution in CMV+ and CMV- subjects. (a) Rates of CD4 (left panel) and CD8 (right panel) proliferation before (Pre-Walking) and after exercise (Post-Walking) assessed by Ki-67 expression using flow-cytometry. Percentages of Ki-67 expressing cells within the CD4 and CD8 populations are shown. (b) Enumeration of CD4 and CD8 T cell differentiation subsets based on CD45RO and CCR7 expression Pre- and Post-Walking in CMV seropositive subjects (upper...

Additional file 10: of SUMO1 modification of KHSRP regulates tumorigenesis by preventing the TL-G-Rich miRNA biogenesis

Haihua Yuan, Rong Deng, Xian Zhao, Ran Chen, Guofang Hou, Hailong Zhang, Yanli Wang, Ming Xu, Bin Jiang & Jianxiu Yu
Table S4. KHSRP K87R promotes a subset of miRNAs biogenesis in DU145 stable cell lines (PDF 76 kb)

Diclofenac sodium ion exchange resin complex loaded melt cast films for sustained release ocular delivery

Goutham R. Adelli, Sai Prachetan Balguri, Prakash Bhagav, Vijayasankar Raman & Soumyajit Majumdar
Purpose: The goal of the present study is to develop polymeric matrix films loaded with a combination of free diclofenac sodium (DFSfree) and DFS:Ion exchange resin complexes (DFS:IR) for immediate and sustained release profiles, respectively. Methods: Effect of ratio of DFS and IR on the DFS:IR complexation efficiency was studied using batch processing. DFS:IR complex, DFSfree, or a combination of DFSfree + DFS:IR loaded matrix films were prepared by melt-cast technology. DFS content was 20% w/w in...

Additional file 1: Table S1. of Effects of dietary fat subtypes on glucose homeostasis during pregnancy in rats

Len Storlien, Yan Lam, Ben Wu, Linda Tapsell & Arthur Jenkins
Fatty acid composition in skeletal muscle and liver. This dataset included individual fatty acid profile in red quadriceps, soleus and liver of each animal. (XLSX 51 kb)

Additional file 2: of Ultrasound-guided gastrocnemius recession: a new ultra–minimally invasive surgical technique

Manuel Villanueva, Álvaro Iborra, Guillermo Rodríguez & Pablo Sanz-Ruiz
Clinical and functional data: Range of motion, AOFAS, VAS, and complications after gastrocnemius lengthening. (XLSX 10 kb)

Additional file 4: Table S3. of CTCF-mediated chromatin loops enclose inducible gene regulatory domains

Martin Oti, Jonas Falck, Martijn Huynen & Huiqing Zhou
Gene Ontology term overrepresentation for genes in different K-means clusters based on occupancy pattern of genes in predicted CTCF loops for the University of Washington (UW) ENCODE cell lines. (XLSX 8869 kb)

Molecular and morphological characterization of the Achnanthidium minutissimum complex (Bacillariophyta) in Petuniabukta (Spitsbergen, High Arctic) including the description of A. digitatum sp. nov.

Eveline Pinseel, Pieter Vanormelingen, Paul B. Hamilton, Wim Vyverman, Bart Van De Vijver & Kateřina Kopalova
Recent morphology-based investigations of freshwater Arctic diatoms suggest that many species remain to be discovered, reflecting a unique polar flora. During a survey of the freshwater diatom flora of northern Billefjorden, including the Petuniabukta fjord region (Spitsbergen), several morphodemes belonging to the Achnanthidium minutissimum species complex were recorded. Molecular phylogenies based on rbcL, 28S and 18S sequences, including single cells from Canada and strains from Marion Island (sub-Antarctica) and GenBank revealed the presence of 12...

Supplementary material from "Control mechanisms for stochastic biochemical systems via computation of reachable sets"

Eszter Lakatos & Michael P. H. Stumpf
Controlling the behaviour of cells by rationally guiding molecular processes is an overarching aim of much of synthetic biology. Molecular processes, however, are notoriously noisy and frequently nonlinear. We present an approach to studying the impact of control measures on motifs of molecular interactions, that addresses the problems faced in many biological systems: stochasticity, parameter uncertainty and nonlinearity. We show that our reachability analysis formalism can describe the potential behaviour of biological (naturally evolved as...

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