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MVZ Mammal Collection (Arctos)

Chris Conroy
The MVZ mammal collection is the fourth largest in the United States and the second largest such collection associated with a U.S. academic institution. It contains over 228,000 skin, skull, skeleton and fluid-preserved specimens. Over 33,700 are also represented by frozen or fluid preserved tissues. The collection includes 364 type specimens, making it the fourth largest collection of such specimens in the US. Karyotype (chromosome) preparations are available for ca. 4,000 rodent specimens. These consist...


Roald Vang
Observations from the Norwegian tracking system for lynx, wolverine, brown bear and wolf. In this database everyone can register observations of tracks, signs or sightings of large carnivores in Scandinavia.

UCM Mammal Collection (Arctos)

Christy McCain
Vertebrate Zoology in the CU Museum of Natural History is a biodiversity repository of more than 120,000 specimens from five taxa: Fishes, Amphibians and Reptiles (Herpetology), Birds, and Mammals. With the exception of birds, our collections are the largest collections of their kind in Colorado. Since our specimens document changes in biodiversity over the last 200 years, they are treasures of biological and historical significance. The Mammal collection includes over 16,000 specimens with representation from...

CEPEC - Herbário do Centro de Pesquisas do Cacau

Cristiane Isabel Aguiar
O herbário CEPEC possui uma coleção com cerca de 140.000 exsicatas, sendo o segundo maior acervo da região nordeste do Brasil. Estima-se que a coleção apresente 8.000 a 10.000 registros de espécies de plantas vasculares existentes no estado da Bahia e arredores (i.e. norte do Espírito Santo e Sergipe). Este herbário apresenta grande projeção no cenário nacional e internacional por possuir uma coleção de tipos nomenclaturais com ca. 2.000 amostras e por armazenar registros de...

UAM Insect Observations (Arctos)

Derek Sikes
This dataset is pulled from the literature, other non-digitized collections, and databases. It is restricted to Alaskan non-marine arthropod records. Most records are not georeferenced.

UFP - Herbário UFP - Geraldo Mariz

Marlene Carvalho De Alencar Barbosa
O Herbário UFP, fundado e indexado em 1968, foi credenciado em 2003, na qualidade de "Fiel Depositário", pelo Ministério do Meio Ambiente, apresentando, atualmente, 75203 amostras tombadas, principalmente do Nordeste do Brasil e do Estado de Pernambuco. Possui importantes coleções, sobremaneira dos ecossistemas caatinga e floresta atlântica, além de 53 typus, sendo 9 Criptogâmicos e 44 Fanerogâmicos, assim discriminados: Bromeliaceae (24): Aechmea atrovittata, A. cephaloides, A. exsudans, A. guainumbiorum, A. gustavoi, A. muricata, A. nudicaulis,...

UAM Invertebrate Collection (Arctos)

Andres Lopez
Marine and freshwater invertebrates (excluding aquatic insects) of Alaska and nearby regions. Holdings primarily consist of collections from oceanographic surveys in the Bering, Chukchi and Beaufort seas.

MVZ Herp Collection (Arctos)

Carol Spencer
The MVZ collection of amphibians and reptiles contains over 270,000 catalogued specimens. As of 8 April 2004, 123 of these have been designated holotypes, three are neotypes, three are syntypes, and 1793 are paratypes and paratopotypes. Most specimens are fluid-preserved, but the collection also contains skeletal preparations, sets of amphibian eggs and larvae, and several thousand specimens that have been cleared and stained. Other special collections include pineal organs, 800 sectioned heads, a series of...

REAL herbarium - Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul - Herbário Virtual REFLORA

Berta Villagra
Herbário da Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul

Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre - Other datasets

. Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre
Other data providers sharing occurence data via the Norwegian Species Map Service. These providers allow Nbic to share their data as they do not provide their own IPT servide. Providers: Following databases/datasets from the Norwegian Environment Agency (http://www.miljodirektoratet.no/): Predator database, water species database, naturedatabase and salmon registry. From Sustain.no (http://www.miljolare.no/en/) following databases/datasets: Alien species, plants, butterflies, earthworms, snails, water species, garden birds, coastal species, ponds species and steam species.

UAM Bird Collection (Arctos)

Kevin Winker
The UAM Bird Collection emphasizes the birds of northwesternmost North America, including taxa endemic to Beringia and the circumpolar North, and is the best in existence for avian material from Alaska. The collection consists of over 30,000 birds. Almost all bird species and subspecies known to occur in Alaska are represented and are preserved primarily as skins, skeletons, and tissues. Most recent preparations include skin, partial skeleton, tissue, and stomach samples for each individual. Tissues...

MSB Mammal Collection (Arctos)

Joseph Cook
The MSB Division of Mammals contains over 250,000 catalogued specimens and is among the five largest in the world. Specimens date back to the 1890's with the majority documenting the rapid environmental change that has occurred since 1950. The collection contains 16 holotypes, 6 paratypes, 1 syntype, 93 symbiotypes. Important collections integrated into the MSB include the USGS Biological Surveys collection (26,000), the UIMNH (Hoffmeister) Collection (33,000), and the Rausch Collection (4,000 specimens and parasites)....

Algae herbarium TRH, NTNU University Museum

The algae herbarium contains about 4 500 specimens, mainly from Norway.

MVZ Bird Collection (Arctos)

Carla Cicero
The MVZ bird collection is one of the largest in the United States. It houses over 185,000 catalogued specimens, including 174 holotype and 2 syntypes. The majority of specimens are study skins, but the collection also contains over 21,000 skeletal specimens and 3,200 fluid-preserved specimens. Other types of preparations include flat specimens (wings, skins) and body skins with skeletons ("schmoos"). Tissues, anatomical parts (e.g., syrinx, stomach contents), and parasites are routinely preserved with specimens. Many...

Occurrence Download

Occdownload Gbif.Org
A dataset containing 47 species occurrences available in GBIF matching the query: { "and" : [ "DatasetKey is Plant Specimens of Kurashiki Museum of Natural History", "TaxonKey is Gaultheria adenothrix Maxim." ] } The dataset includes 47 records from 1 constituent datasets: 47 records from Plant Specimens of Kurashiki Museum of Natural History. Data from some individual datasets included in this download may be licensed under less restrictive terms.

Mycology herbarium, Oslo (O)

Fungi in the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo

MSB Fish Collection (Arctos)

Thomas Turner
The MSB Division of Fishes supports research of the ichthyofauna of a region in North America noted for a wide range of ecotypes and elevational gradients, from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Basin and the Great Plains, with the convergence of three major deserts, the Chihuahua, Sonora, and Mojave. The fishes of New Mexico (and the southwestern US) are characterized by high endemism, low diversity, and remarkable physiological tolerances. The MSB collections are particularly...

Global Distribution and Diversity of Solenidae Species

Hanieh Saeedi
This dataset was compiled after a careful data-collection and cleaning procedure over four years for Hanieh Saeedi PhD project. Data were collected using field sampling, literature and museum collections. Then all the records went through quality control procedures such as validating the taxonomy of the species by examining and re-identifying the specimens in museum collections and using taxonomic and geographic data quality control tools in the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) and the robis...

Mycology herbarium TRH, NTNU University Museum

This Norwegian and Nordic collection of fungi contains around 15 200 specimens, most of which have been digitized. Most of the material is from Central Norway, but Northern Norway is also well represented.

Bell Museum plants

Records of specimens at the University of Minnesota herbarium (MIN)

SPF - Herbário da Universidade de São Paulo

Renato De Mello-Silva
O acervo possui cerca de 210 mil registros, dos quais 23 mil são algas, uma das maiores coleções da América Latina. Constam ainda no acervo cerca de 600 materiais-tipo, 325 fotografias, 420 materiais em meio líquido, 460 registros em carpoteca e 5 mil registros em xiloteca. Como coleções relevantes, há a Flora dos Campos Rupestres (MG, BA, GO, TO), a Flora do Pico das Almas, a Flora da Serra do Cipó, a Flora de Grão...

HERBAM - Herbário da Amazônia Meridional

Célia Regina Araújo Soares Lopes
Coleção da flora da Amazônia Meridional, a qual engloba o arco do desmatamento ou corredor de unidades de conservação. Possui 10 mil unidades de curadoria. Hoje se constitui o maior acervo da amazonia matogrossense.

Some Museums-Meloidae-Biodiversity-Records

Prof. Cornell Dudley, Raymond Murphy & John Chipeta
This is Meloidae biodiversity data records currently at The Department of Museums and Monuments and some with Raymond Murphy collected by various collectors in a number of places in Malawi. Some of the records were obtained while the collectors were working at The Department of Museums and Monuments at Top Mandala in Blantyre

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