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Ice Crystals Database in China (ICDC)

Xiao Haixia
According to the ice crystal images observed by the airborne cloud particle imager (CPI) in Hebei, China from 2016 to 2017, we classify and labeled them, and establish the ice crystals dataset in China (ICDC) .The ICDC contains 7282 ice crystals images with PNG format. According to the advice of the meteorologists, we divide ICDC into 10 different categories:Budding rosettes (Bud), Rosettes (Ros), Complex with Sideplane(Cox), Plates (Plt), Sector plates (Ser), Long columns (Loc),Short columns...

2_Anthropometry_Instrument (spanish).pdf

Jennifer Twyman, Pilar Useche, Carolina González, Elise Talsma & Diana C Lopera
Data collection instrument for anthropometric measures in Spanish


Stephens, Ian (Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics)


Boston College. Center For Retirement Research (Boston College. Center For Retirement Research)


Eric Reinhardt & Marc Busch
Zip file containing subsettable data for this part of the study

The State of Human Rights in Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan

Sohail Ahmed, Fasih Ahmed & Muhammad Zubair
The respect of human rights in a society determines the destination of that society or state. It is the level of satisfaction of citizens of a country which convinces them to work for the growth and progress of that state or society. The people of FATA are living under a draconian law which is known as Frontier Crime Regulations (FCR). There is agrave human rights violation of the people of FATA under this law. Freedom...


Sohail Ahmed, Fasih Ahmed & Muhammad Zubair

Pakistan Internal Security Dilemma: Strategic Dimension

Sohail Ahmed, Mahwish Bakht & Sumbal Hussan
The paper reflects on Pakistan's complex security situation and the causes of current challenges that Pakistan is facing due to vacillating foreign policies. It also reviews the role of factors that contributed towards the instability of the country. After Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Pakistan involved in a proxy war and trained Mujahideen to liberate Afghanistan. In 1980's sectarianism floored the state, and since it has rooted in Pakistani society. The country brokered several Post-Soviet peace...


Sohail Ahmed, Mahwish Bakht & Sumbal Hussan

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