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Longitudinal Study of Biosocial Factors Related to Crime and Delinquency, 1959-1962: [Pennsylvania]

Deborah W. Denno
This study was designed to measure the effects of family background and developmental characteristics on school achievement and delinquency within a "high risk" sample of Black youths. The study includes variables describing the mother and the child. Mother-related variables assess prenatal health, pregnancy and delivery complications, and socioeconomic status. Child-related variables focus on the child at age 7 and include place in birth order, physical development, family constellation, socioeconomic status, verbal and spatial intelligence, and...

Candidate and Constituency Statistics of Elections in the United States, 1788-1990

Inter-University Consortium For Political And Social Research
These data are derived from CANDIDATE NAME AND CONSTITUENCY TOTALS, 1788-1990 (ICPSR 0002). They consist of returns for two-thirds of all elections from 1788 to 1823 to the offices of president, governor, and United States representative, and over 90 percent of all elections to those offices since 1824. They also include information on United States Senate elections since 1912. Returns for one additional statewide office are included beginning with the 1968 election. This file provides...

Drugs, Alcohol, and Student Crime in the United States, April-May 1989

Bausell, Carole R.,, Charles E. Maloy & Jan M. Sherrill
This project examined different aspects of campus crime -- specifically, the prevalence of crimes among college students, whether the crime rate was increasing or decreasing on college campuses, and the factors related to campus crime. Researchers made the assumption that crimes committed by and against college students were likely to be related to drug and alcohol use. Specific questions designed to be answered by the data include: (1) Do students who commit crimes differ in...

Hellenic Panel Study: European Election Study 2014

Ioannis Andreadis, Hermann Schmitt, Eftichia Teperoglou & Theodore Chadjipadelis
The Hellenic Panel Component of the Voter Study of the European Election Study 2014 (EES2014) is part of European project covering Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Britain, Bulgaria, Germany, the Netherlands Sweden, and Denmark. The research question behind this initiative is the possibility of lasting re-alignments (or de-alignments as the case may be) that may be initiated by the 2014 European Parliament election. The causes of such potential realignments are, of course, not the...

ABC News/Washington Post 100 Days Poll, April 1995

ABC News & The Washington Post
This special topic poll, fielded in April 1995, was undertaken to assess respondent approval ratings on job performance for President Clinton, Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, the Democrats and Republicans in Congress, the respondent's representative in Congress, and the United States Congress in general. Respondents were asked to evaluate the ability of Congress to deal with the big issues facing the country, how much Congress had accomplished...

Master Facility Inventory: Nursing Homes and Other Health Care Facilities, 1976

United States Department Of Health And Human Services. Centers For Disease Control And Prevention. National Center For Health Statistics
The Master Facility Inventory data collection provides a comprehensive list of nursing, personal care, and domiciliary care facilities in the United States in 1976. The criteria for inclusion were that a facility provided medical, nursing, personal, or custodial care to groups of unrelated persons on an inpatient basis. The survey was conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics in order to update its Master Facility Inventory on the number and kinds of such facilities...

World Handbook of Political and Social Indicators II, 1948-1967: Intervention Data

Charles L. Taylor, Michael C. Hudson & John D. Sullivan
This data set contains data for interventions recorded at daily intervals during the twenty-year period 1948-1967. The daily report is the unit of analysis. There are 1,073 records, one for each day on which an intervention occurred in a country. The number of records per country varies. If, for example, a country had no action meeting the criteria for inclusion as an intervention, no record is given for that day for that country. Those countries...

Federal Justice Statistics Program: Charges Filed Against Defendants in Criminal Cases in District Court, 1999 [United States]

United States Department Of Justice. Office Of Justice Programs. Bureau Of Justice Statistics
The data contain records of charges filed against defendants whose cases were filed by United States attorneys in United States district court during fiscal year 1999. The data are charge-level records, and more than one charge may be filed against a single defendant. The data were constructed from the Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) Central Charge file. The charge-level data may be linked to defendant-level data (extracted from the EOUSA Central System file)...

Census of Population and Housing, 2000 [United States]: Summary File 4, Colorado

United States Department Of Commerce. Bureau Of The Census
Summary File 4 (SF 4) from the United States 2000 Census contains the sample data, which is the information compiled from the questions asked of a sample of all people and housing units. Population items include basic population totals: urban and rural, households and families, marital status, grandparents as caregivers, language and ability to speak English, ancestry, place of birth, citizenship status, year of entry, migration, place of work, journey to work (commuting), school enrollment...

Current Population Survey, October 2009: School Enrollment and Internet Use Supplement

United States Department Of Commerce. Bureau Of The Census, United States Department Of Education. National Center For Education Statistics & United States Department Of Labor. Bureau Of Labor Statistics
This data collection is comprised of responses from two sets of survey questionnaires, the basic Current Population Survey (CPS) and a survey on the topics of School Enrollment and Internet Use in the United States, which was administered as a supplement to the 2009 October CPS. The Census Bureau and the National Center for Education Statistics jointly sponsored the supplemental questions for October.The CPS, administered monthly, is a labor force survey providing current estimates of...

Women in Prison, 1800-1935: Tennessee, New York, and Ohio

Nicole Hahn Rafter
This data collection focused on problems in the women's correctional system over a 135-year period. More specifically, it examined the origins and development of prisoner and sentencing characteristics in three states. Demographic data on female inmates cover age, race, parents' place of birth, prisoner's occupation, religion, and marital status. Other variables include correctional facilities, offenses, minimum and maximum sentences, prior commitments, method of release from prison, and presence of crime partners.

National Incident-Based Reporting System, 1996

United States Department Of Justice. Federal Bureau Of Investigation
The National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) is a part of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR), administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In the late 1970s, the law enforcement community called for a thorough evaluative study of the UCR with the objective of recommending an expanded and enhanced UCR program to meet law enforcement needs into the 21st century. The FBI provided its support, formulating a comprehensive redesign effort. Following a multiyear study...

San Diego Region Travel Behavior Survey (1995)

San Diego Association Of Governments
The 1995 San Diego Travel Behavior Study was designed to examine the relationship between characteristics of households and travel behavior. This travel survey relied on the willingness of area residents to complete diary records of their daily travel. Recruitment of households was conducted through a "recruitment interview" in which respondents were informed of the survey, its purpose and the respondent's obligation to complete diaries. Data on households and household members were also collected during the...

Census of Population and Housing, 1980 [United States]: Extract Data

Terry K. Adams
This extraction of data from 1980 decennial Census files (CENSUS OF POPULATION AND HOUSING, 1980 [UNITED STATES]: SUMMARY TAPE FILES 3A AND 3B [ICPSR 8071, 8318]) was designed to provide a set of contextual variables to be matched to any survey dataset that has been coded for the geographic location of respondents, such as the PANEL STUDY OF INCOME DYNAMICS, 1968-1988 (ICPSR 7439). This geographic area data can also be analyzed independently with neighborhoods, labor...

Left- and Right-Handedness Study, 1970

Jean A. Laponce
The data for this study were collected in 1970 from 1,557 classrooms in schools located in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, area. The study used questionnaires filled in by teachers to determine the incidence of left-handedness among school children. Variables also describe the type of school, socioeconomic status of the area where the school was located, grade level of children, educational ability of the classes they belonged to, and the students' sex.

Uniform Crime Reporting Program Data: Hate Crime Data, 2012 [Record-Type Files]

United States Department Of Justice. Federal Bureau Of Investigation
In response to a growing concern about hate crimes, the United States Congress enacted the Hate Crime Statistics Act of 1990. The Act requires the attorney general to establish guidelines and collect, as part of the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, data "about crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, including where appropriate the crimes of murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, aggravated assault, simple assault, intimidation, arson,...

WCBS-TV News/New York Times Race Relations Poll, June 1990

WCBS-TV News & The New York Times
This data collection is a survey of social issues in the New York city area. Respondents were asked for their opinions on the quality of life in New York City, the job being done by Mario Cuomo as governor and David Dinkins as mayor, and the most important problem facing New York City that the mayor needed to address. Additional information was gathered from Black respondents concerning race relations. Items covered were quality of the...

Role of Stalking in Domestic Violence Crime Reports Generated by the Colorado Springs Police Department, 1998

Patricia Tjaden & Nancy Thoennes
This study examined the role of stalking in domestic violence crime reports produced by the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD). It provided needed empirical data on the prevalence of stalking in domestic violence crime reports, risk factors associated with intimate partner stalking, and police responses to reports of intimate partner stalking. The study was conducted jointly by the Justice Studies Center (JSC) at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and the Denver-based Center for...

Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study, 1999

Henry Wechsler
This survey interviewed students at colleges that participated in the first two rounds of the HARVARD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH COLLEGE ALCOHOL STUDY, which were conducted in 1993 and 1997 (ICPSR 6577 and 3163). As in the previous surveys, the 1999 survey focused on alcohol use and alcohol problems among undergraduate college students. The survey collected information on students' use of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs, views on campus alcohol policies and student alcohol use,...

Federal Justice Statistics Program: Defendants in Federal Criminal Cases in District Court -- Terminated, 2003 [United States]

United States Department Of Justice. Office Of Justice Programs. Bureau Of Justice Statistics
The data contain records of defendants in criminal cases terminated in United States District Court during fiscal year 2003. The data were constructed from the Administrative Office of the United States District Courts' (AOUSC) criminal file. Defendants in criminal cases may be either individuals or corporations. There is one record for each defendant in each case filed. Included in the records are data from court proceedings and offense codes for up to five offenses charged...

CBS News Monthly Poll #2, January 1996

CBS News
This poll, conducted January 18-20, 1996, is part of a continuing series of monthly surveys that solicit public opinion on the presidency and on a range of other political and social issues. Respondents were asked to give their opinions of President Bill Clinton and his handling of the presidency, foreign policy, and the economy. Those polled were asked about crime, the economy, the most important problem facing the country, and whether they trusted President Clinton...

Federal Justice Statistics Program: Arrests and Bookings for Federal Offenses, 2005 [United States]

United States Department Of Justice. Office Of Justice Programs. Bureau Of Justice Statistics
The data contain records of arrests and bookings for federal offenses in the United States during fiscal year 2005. The data were constructed from the United States Marshals Service (USMS) Prisoner Tracking System database. Records include arrests made by federal law enforcement agencies (including the USMS), state and local agencies, and self-surrenders. Offenders arrested for federal offenses are transferred to the custody of the USMS for processing, transportation, and detention. The Prisoner Tracking System contains...

World Health Organization Collaborative Study on Social and Health Aspects of Aging in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia, 1991

Gary R. Andrews
These data were gathered to provide information on the elderly in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia. Questions were asked regarding demographic characteristics (age, race, sex, marital status, religion, number of children and siblings, education), economic resources (employment status of respondent and of respondent's spouse, main income source, other income sources, whether house was owned), health (current health status, accidents and/or injuries affecting daily activities, number of times respondent saw a health professional in the previous...

ABC News/Washington Post Poll, March 1994

ABC News & The Washington Post
This poll is part of a continuing series of monthly surveys that solicit public opinion on the presidency and on a range of other political and social issues. Respondents were asked to give their thoughts on Bill Clinton's handling of his job as president, the nation's economy, foreign affairs, crime, and whether things in the United States were generally going in the right direction or were on the wrong track. They were also asked to...

National Corrections Reporting Program, 1991

United States Department Of Justice. Office Of Justice Programs. Bureau Of Justice Statistics
This study was conducted to provide a consistent and comprehensive description of convicted persons' entrance into and departure from correctional custody and correctional supervision. To accomplish this goal, data were gathered from official state prison records on topics such as race, sex, and age of inmates, length of time in jail, length of time in prison, and type of offense committed. The data were collected from the state prison systems of 35 states, as well...

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