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Winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L) phenotypic data from the multiannual, multilocal field trials of the INRA Small Grain Cereals Network.

François-Xavier Oury, Emmanuel Heumez, Bernard Rolland, Jérôme Auzanneau, Pierre Bérard, Maryse Brancourt-Hulmel, Xavier Charrier, Hubert Chiron, Camille Depatureaux, Laurent Falchetto, Olivier Gardet, Stéphane Gilles, Alex Giraud, Christophe Lecomte, Jean-Yves Morlais, Pierre Pluchard, Didier Tropée, Maxime Trottet, Patrice Walczak, Gérard Doussinault, Michel Rousset & Gilles Charmet
Abstract:Winter wheat phenotypic data from a French experimental network. It includes observations for different characters (agronomic, quality, disease, phenology,…) on more than 10 experimental locations during more than 15 years and for more than 1700 winter wheat genotypes.

Multi-scale Multi-step ontology

Stéphane Dervaux & Juliette Dibie
The Multi-scale Multi-step ontology (MS²O) is an ontology to describe transformation processes.

Ontologie des maladies animales

Marie-Colette Fauré, Sophie Aubin & Etienne Zundel
The Animal Diseases Ontology includes information on diseases of production animals and their related pathogenic agents in French and English. This version contains more than 500 pairs of host-disease and their more than 500 associated pathogens.

Blumeria graminis hordei genome: Transposable elements annotation file

Joelle Amselem
Transposable element (TE) annotation of Blumeria graminis hordei using the Blgr_refTEs consensus library

Bulletins de veille Elevages durables

Marie-Colette Fauré & Véronique Batifol-Garandel
Bulletins de veille Elevages durables

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