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Predicting Islamic Ethical Work Behavior Using the Theory of Planned Behavior and Religiosity in Brunei

Nur Amali Aminnuddin
The objective of this study was to employ the theory of planned behavior in examining the inclusion of Islamic religiosity in predicting Islamic ethical work behavior. Islamic religiosity was included as Islam plays a dominant role in Brunei's society. Participants consisted of 370 Malay Muslim teachers. Structural equation modeling was used to test three proposed models. While Model 1 was based on the theory of planned behavior, it does not take into consideration the distinctive...

Köse İmam, Hocazade'yi kovdu: Asım'a ne olacak?

Ayse Cavdar
Erdoğan'ın siyasi hayatında şiirin çok önemli bir yeri var. Aldığı hatip eğitiminin de yardımıyla kürsülerden okuduğu şiirler popülaritesinin çok önemli parçasını oluşturuyor. Üzerine giydiği siyasi gömleği her kriz anında, o krizin sunduğu fırsatlar çerçevesinde değiştirse de, seçtiği şiirler içliğini değiştirmekten pek de hoşlanmadığını gösteriyor. En sık okuduğu şiirse, Mehmet Akif Ersoy'un Asım'ın Nesli adlı uzun ve tamamlanmamış manzum eserinin kısa bir bölümü. ... Erdoğan bu şiiri tesadüfen ve kulağa hoş geldiği için tekrar etmiyor imam...

MOOCs 2.0: Reviewing n.paradoxa's MOOC on Contemporary Art and Feminism

Parme Giuntini, Anne Swartz & Kathleen Wentrack
This collaboratively written article explores the pedagogical role of MOOCs today through analysis of a MOOC on contemporary art and feminism, created by Katy Deepwell, editor of the international feminist art journal n.paradoxa. Parme Giuntini offers an updated overview of MOOCs and their increasing value as OERs for faculty and students. Feminist art historians Anne Swartz and Kathleen Wentrack investigate the n.paradoxa MOOC from different, but complimentary perspectives. Wentrack explores the structure, documents, and interactivity...

A música no Convento de S. Domingos de Elvas: A leitura possível à luz da organização litúrgico-musical da Ordem dos Pregadores no século XVIII

Luís Henriques
O Convento de São Domingos de Elvas foi uma das primeiras casas da Ordem dos Pregadores em Portugal, cuja fundação data de 1267. Apesar da sua antiguidade medieval, pouco se conhece acerca da actividade litúrgico-musical desta comunidade dominicana, agravada com o desmembramento do seu património após a extinção das Ordens Religiosas em 1834. Todavia, subsistem algumas referências superficiais que permitem realizar uma leitura – embora muito incompleta por falta de fontes directas – de como...

“The Aesthetic Terrain of Settler Colonialism: Katherine Mansfield and Anton Chekhov’s Natives” (2018)

Rebecca Ruth Gould
While Anton Chekhov’s influence on Katherine Mansfield is widely acknowledged, the two writers’ settler colonial aesthetics have not been brought into systematic comparison. Yet Chekhov’s chronicle of Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East parallels in important ways Mansfield’s near-contemporaneous account of colonial life in New Zealand. Both writers were concerned with a specific variant of the colonial situation: settler colonialism, which prioritises appropriation of land over the governance of peoples. This essay considers the...

Re-Framing the Online Video Archive: A Prototype Interface for America’s Nuclear Test Films

Kevin Hamilton & Ned O'Gorman
This project will prototype a new way of accessing, studying, and showing digitized historical films using archives of U.S. government films about nuclear weaponry. Working with a sample set of 16 films, the interface will aggregate existing online and offline data in a way that brings together collection, historiography, and exhibition in a single virtual space. A Collections frame will allow users to trace the contemporary dissemination of the films and to see them and...

Warfare, Ethics, Ethology: Evolutionary fundamentals for conflict and cooperation in the lineage of Man

Daniel Barreiros
The aim of this article is to set a macro-historical narrative concerning the emergence of warfare and social ethics as symplesiomorphic features in the lineage of Homo sapiens. This means that these two behavioral aspects, representative of a very selected branch in the phylogenetic tree of the Primate order, are shared by the two lineages of great African apes that diverged from a common ancestor around six million years in the past, leading to extant...

The Power of Perception: Authentic Inauthenticity of Christian Pilgrimage Sites in the Galilee

Matthew Hughes
This paper explores the intersection of empirical archaeological knowledge and historical tradition at sites in the Galilee. Tracing the accounts of the earliest pilgrims to the Holy Land, I examine how some sites in the Galilee came to be associated with Biblical events and how those associations, combined with modern archaeology, affect perceptions of these sites by modern pilgrims. I described these sites where traditional narratives are directly contested by modern archaeology as sites of...

Dissimulation in the Commedia dell'Arte of Flaminio Scala

Natalie Crohn Schmitt
Commedia dell’Arte was the most influential and widespread theatre movement in sixteenth and early seventeenth-century Europe. A considerable part of its popularity can be accounted for by its comic representation of stressful occurrences within everyday life in early modern Europe, including in its representation of the period’s widespread dissimulation, that is, the hiding of one’s true thoughts and motives by means of discretion, indirection, and outright deceit. The theatricality of Commedia dell’Arte, among other things,...

AAASS World Congress 1985

This is the convention program from the 1985 AAASS/ASEEES 17th Annual Convention.

Review Photo Fiction by Francois Laruelle Prabuddha Bharata August 2017

Narasimhananda Swami
François Laruelle’s non-standard philosophy seeks to redefine the conventional modes of thinking, not just in the sphere of philosophy but also in the fields of aesthetics, religion, sociology, and other allied disciplines. In this volume, Laruelle questions the ‘fiction’ of photography by establishing that ‘photo-fiction is precisely the passage from an exemplarily modern aesthetics to a contemporary and inventive aesthetics that conjugates the arts and unfolds them onto-vectorially’ (38–9).

Editorial "Descentrar la modernidad"

Kevin Sedeño-Guillén
Editorial for the "Descentrar la modernidad/Decentering Modernity" issue of Nomenclatura: Aproximación a los estudios hispánicos, available at http://uknowledge.uky.edu/naeh/.

A More-Product-Less-Process Approach to Cataloging Recordings

Susannah Cleveland
Part of pane, Remain in Light: Archival Practice for Popular Music Collections Popular music is an evolving family of musical forms and an emerging area of archival research. Repositories focused on this area are relatively young departments found within research libraries or museums. The nature and wide public recognition of the subject matter provide archivists with unique opportunities and challenges for collecting, preserving, providing access and promoting archival materials to large audiences often unfamiliar with...

This Talk Doesn't Have A Name

Paige Morgan
This talk discusses various aspects of working with data: the choices that we make when we create data, when we analyze data, and some of the social implications of those choices.

Formulating a Pharmacy Collection without a Prescription

Linda Galloway & Kristin Laughtin-Dunker
Librarians without a background in the health sciences were tasked with building a collection to support a new pharmacy school at a traditionally liberal arts institution. Despite little subject expertise, the team assessed current holdings, conducted a review of recommended resources, and collaborated with faculty to prioritize acquisitions to support the developing program as funds became available. The hire of a health sciences librarian provided new opportunities for assessment and for continued collecting. Altogether, this...

ENGL615 Digital Humanities Syllabus

Janelle Adsit & Carly Marino
Syllabus for graduate-level course introducing the Digital Humanities, co-taught by Carly Marino, Special Collections Librarian, and Janelle Adsit, Assistant Professor, at Humboldt State University.

Review Philosophy in Colonial India ed. by Sharad Deshpande

Narasimhananda Swami
India has been the seat of deep philosophical engagements since the Vedic period. However, Indian philosophical wisdom, albeit different from Western philosophical in many respects, was not widely known to the rest of the world before colonial thinkers started their dialogue with Indian philosophy through their translations and academic exegeses. Western scholars, primarily the Indologists, analyzed Indian thought through the lens of Western thought in spite of the traditional insular approach of Indian pandits. Amidst...

Is Science Enough?: The Limits of Scientific Agriculture in Nineteenth-Century Russia within a Global Market

Susan Smith-Peter
The article argues that the spread of scientific information is not always enough to ensure the success of the production of any particular country in a global market. In particular, there were significant barriers to the introduction of improved livestock raising in nineteenth century Russia. Although agricultural societies, which were voluntary associations of Russian nobles, carried out substantive work to disseminate scientific livestock raising in Russia, global success on the wool market was transient. Understanding...

Communism and Regionalism

Susan Smith-Peter
This article traces the attempts by the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries to devolve economic powers to the regions and the ultimate failure of this project, which was a contributing factor to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Pre-Revolutionary Russian Photography at the New York Public Library: An Introduction

Susan Smith-Peter & Hee-Gwone Yoo
This article is an introduction to the New York Public Library’s pre-revolutionary Russian and Eastern European photographic albums. It also provides a checklist of these albums. The checklist is an especially rich source for Russian architecture, art, and science and provides documentation for a variety of places in the center and provinces of the Russian Empire. Some of the most significant albums are those once owned by the Romanovs and by George Kennan the elder,...

Humanist series Gleanings from Pacific Asia

Steve McCarty
Invited contributions to the Humanist Discussion Group, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London, a 2019 compilation of the 1997-1998 series, with outdated information omitted: 1) [Introduction to] gleanings from Pacific Asia, 2) Academic Websites subject to Attribution Ethics, 3) Korea-Japan-U.S. Website copying case closed, 4) Japan's Cultural Receptivity to Computers, 5) A matter more of expressiveness than infrastructure, 6) 50 Excellent Universities in Asia, 7) Computing in Japanese, and 8) The Net...

Ladies that UX Leadership and Organization Report

Georgie Bottomley, Lauren Brentnell, Lizzie Dyson, Laura Gonzales, Liza Potts & Heather Turner
Ladies that UX (LTUX) is an international organization focused on mentoring women in the software industry. In order to explore both the mission and the focus of the international organization and smaller, localized chapters of LTUX, we conducted a series of surveys and interviews. These surveys focused on how local groups of LTUX were formed and structured, what leaders see as the goals and needs of their chapters, and how members interact with both each...

Graphic Medicine (HUM450AJ.O) syllabus

A. David Lewis
At the intersection of comics and medicine is the rise of the Graphic Medicine scholarship field. This course examines the ways in which the sequentialized hybrid of word and image is bringing new insights to patient, healthcare, and clinical experiences. In any manner of ways, the comics medium (whether known as comic books, graphic novels, manga, BD, webcomics, etc.) interacts with medicine. This course is dedicated to the discussion, support, analysis, history, and future of...

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