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Wave energy potential for power generation in the Gulf of Thailand

Nafisa Kemden, Chaiwat Ekkawatpanit, Worachat Wannawong & Duangrudee Kositgittiwong
Regional wind-wave model is the computational model which is applied from the WAve Model (WAM). The data of regional hindcast, operational WAM model, and wind data are used in the validation and calibration. Then, the Simulating Waves Nearshore (SWAN) wave model is used for the calculation of nearshore wave parameters, spectral time series and statistics. Due to the high cost of full SWAN model, utilization of the offshore WAM model results together with nearshore satellite...

Application of Quality Gap Model to Measure the Quality of Pharmacist Service in Retail Pharmacy Setting An Examination of Expection and Perception

Burin T. Sriwong
ก.ค.-ธ.ค., 1, ไทยไภษัชยนิพนธ์

A tool for Thailand's green industry enhancement: case study on sustainability indicators at national level for mining industry

Chayapa Chayaviwattanawong, Trakarn Prapaspongsa, Monthira Kaoudom, Pisara Boonya-Atichart & Annuwat Wattanawan
According to concept of sustainable development, the mining activities should be done to maximize the needs of current generation by supplying equitable distribution without decreasing the ability for future generations to achieve their own needs. In addition, adopting Green Industry concept is considered to be one alternative to strengthen the sustainability of mining industry in Thailand. However, to achieve that goal, the impact assessment tools for mining industries at national level in Thailand should be...

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