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Supporting At-Risk Older Persons in Swedish, Japanese and U.S. Communities: Social Ties and Health

Karl Hedman, Cecilia Henning, Lars Svensson, Mary McCall & Tokie Anme

A Story of Healing. Dionyse Street Theatre, Montreal

Louise Rosenberg

Growth Hormone Sequences from Cattle, Camel, Sheep and Goat

Mirza Imran Shahzad & Azra Khanum

An implementation of the Social Distances Model using multi–GPU systems

Adrian Kłusek, , & Robert Lubaś

Variacions del control terapèutic en pacients amb tractament ACO

Alexander Ternianov, Ignasi Lopez Pavon, , , &

Aftershock density in the Van region, E-Turkey

Mustafa Toker

Plegable Divulgativo No. 424 Chirimoya INIAP-FABULOSA

Carlos Gonzalo Feican & Mark Gomez Guerrero

Convective thermal fluxes in unsteady non- homogeneous flows

Jackson Tellez, &

Treatment approaches with sex offenders in denial

Liam E Marshall

Single Nanoparticle Plasmonic Spectroscopy and Biosensors for Imaging of Efflux Functions of Single Live Cells

Feng Ding, , Kerry J Lee, Tao Huang & Prakash D Nallathamby

Satisfiability Checking and Symbolic Computation (Project Poster)

Erika Abraham, John Abbott, Bernd Becker, Anna M. Bigatti, Martin Brain, Bruno Buchberger, Alessandro Cimatti, James H. Davenport, Matthew England, Pascal Fontaine, Stephen Forrest, Alberto Griggio, Daniel Kroening, Werner M. Seiler & Thomas Sturm

A Marine Species Benchmark Dataset for Ecological Modelling

Samuel Bosch, Sofie Vranken, Lennert Tyberghein & Olivier De Clerck

Geometric Effects in Quantum Non-Equilibrium Dynamics

Michael Tomka

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