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Hepatic triglyceride metabolism in response to acute and chronic exercise

Marc A. Tuazon
Impaired hepatic triglyceride (TG) metabolism is associated with dysfunctions such as insulin resistance and elevated VLDL-TG secretion. Chronic exercise lowers plasma TG and hepatic TG, however, many benefits of chronic exercise are due to repeated effects of single exercise sessions. Little is known, however, about effects of acute exercise on hepatic TG metabolism or the influence of exercise intensity in males vs. females. We examined impacts of single bouts of moderate-intensity continuous exercise (CE) vs....

Remains of stained glass windows at United Methodist Church, South Amboy

No Name Supplied
Damaged stained glass windows at the United Methodist Church, South Amboy NJ, in the aftermath of the South Amboy powder pier explosion of 1950.

Move over millennials: New Jersey’s unfolding generational disruptions

James W. Hughes & Joseph J. Seneca
Six generational waves are inundating the policy, planning, marketing, and media worlds. This report fully examines these generations, which constitute just a singular dimension of the many facets of demographic change sweeping across America and New Jersey.

Jung, the shadow, and The X-Files

Jenifer Jensen
This paper explores Jung’s theory of the shadow, personal unconscious, and collective unconscious, using The X-Files as its narrative transport. When television show The X-Files premiered on September 10, 1993, it is doubtful anyone anticipated its impact on a generation of television viewers. From advancing the theory of alien intervention in human civilization, to creating “the Scully effect” (Lane), The X-Files is an American pop cultural mainstay. The paradoxical brilliance of the show is that...

How the death of a child effects a family

Abigail Iannotti
The death of a child can be one of the hardest things an individual will have to endure in their lifetime. Many parents and siblings struggle to understand why or how this type of tragedy occurs. Family dynamics play a big role in how the family mourns the loss of the child. The way the family copes depends on how they all communicate with one another. Every relationship is different and depending on the relationship...

The history and current status of the ELN

Kristin Wetherholt
This examination of both the history of the Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN) and its current trajectory is not just essential in terms of the potential for any peace process in Colombia, but also for potential regional and international security issues. This includes a history of the ELN, including its primary influences, from its inception as a Marxist/Maoist group inspired by the Cuban Revolution, its leaders trained in Cuba by Fidel and Raul Castro and...

Denarius - Sydenham 721d - Crawford 350a/1e

No Name Supplied
Crawford believes that the VER is 'probably' M. Vergilius (or M. Verginius), Tribune of the Plebs in 87 B.C.E. Dr. Badian, however, in his note on this object, proposes: 'VER in this issue may well be C. Verres, a few years before his quaestorship.' Ogulnius is not otherwise known, though Crawford refers to an inscriptinon (ILLRP 807) which may reflect an association between this man and Marcus Vergilius (RRC p. 366).

The Danube Swabians: settlement, expulsion, and building a new Heimat in post-1945 Germany

Sibylle Pearce
The focus of this essay is the history and the formation of cultural identity of the Danube Swabians, an ethnic German minority which migrated to Southeastern Europe in the 18th century. The Danube Swabians were initially subjects of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which ruled the respective area until 1919, after which the Danube Swabians were separated among the nation-states of newly independent Hungary, Romania, and Yugoslavia. This essay examines how the experiences of the Danube Swabians,...

My body is the perfect temperature and I try not to be so lonely

Diana Li
A collection of poems which deal with themes ranging from food, to family/culture, to gender, to ecopoetics.

An analysis of mass school shootings and school security in America: the promise of school resource officers

John Brach
In response to the rise of mass school shootings, schools throughout the nation have had to take a hard look at the safety measures they have in place to protect their students. Since the Columbine shooting and the increase in school-related shootings, schools have had to increase security and rethink daily operations during a normal school day. Through literature review, the history, potential causes and possible solutions relevant to school security and mass school shootings...

Restorative practices and student well-being in urban schools

Easton Raye Gaines
Racial disproportionality in school discipline and achievement has prompted researchers to investigate solutions that may narrow these gaps. Consequently, schoolwide programming, such as restorative practices (RP) and social-emotional learning (SEL), has been used as an alternative to exclusionary discipline practices and to build stronger relationships within classrooms and school buildings. Initiatives are predicated on the assumption that RP provides students with opportunities to develop their social and emotional competencies (i.e., self-awareness, empathy, and emotional and...

I watch the boughs

Emily Luan
A manuscript of poems by Emily Luan


Nhu Xuan Nguyen
A collection of poems.

Applying textual analysis to auditing

Yue Liu
Textual analysis is the process of extracting useful information from unstructured text data. In the domain of accounting, auditing, and finance, textual analysis is still an emerging area (Loughran and McDonald 2016). Motivated by the potential benefits of applying textual analysis to auditing, this dissertation consists of three essays on using textual analysis to improve the understanding of annual report review process, audit fee decision, and internal control risks. The first essay uses text mining...

Assessment of biomass energy potential in New Jersey

No Name Supplied
This presentation provides an overview of the NJ Agricultural Experiment Station's (NJAES) evaluation of the state’s bioenergy potential under a project contract with the NJ Board of Public Utilities. The objectives for this project included: assess the characteristics and quantity of New Jersey’s biomass resources; assess technologies (commercially or near commercially available) that are capable of producing bioenergy, in the form of electric power and transportation fuels from New Jersey’s biomass resources; develop the first...

Multi-objective stochastic models for electricity generation expansion planning problems considering risk

Hatice Tekiner
This dissertation is focused on the development of mathematical models to solve electricity generation expansion planning problems where important problem objectives, such as cost, greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions and reliability are explicitly considered under an uncertain environment. Generation expansion planning problems are solved to determine what, when and where to built the new technologies. The main objective of the power grid is to provide an economic and reliable energy supply to consumers. Due to...

Heart rate variability and rhythmic influences in human endotoxemia

Jeremy D. Scheff
Inflammation is a critical component of the physiological response to stress. Ideally, the endpoint of inflammation is restoration of homeostasis. However, when anti-inflammatory processes fail to appropriately balance pro-inflammatory signals, inflammation can have deleterious effects. Clinically, this is problematic in diseases such as sepsis because therapies to control inflammation are limited. Rhythmic biological signals, ranging in time scale from very fast neural oscillations to very slow seasonal patterns, are ubiquitous in physiological systems, including those...

Early algebra ideas involving two variables, Clip 8 of 18: Sharing secrets for tables 2 through 5

Davis, Robert B. (Robert Benjamin), Carolyn Alexander Maher, Alice S. Alston & Amy Marie Martino
In the eighth of 18 clips from Early Algebra Ideas Involving Two Variables on the second of two consecutive classroom sessions with the class of 6th grade students, individual students and pairs of students share general ideas ("secrets") about the equations that they are generating with researcher, Robert B. Davis. In particular they point out the importance of the "triangle" value associated with zero as the constant value for the equation. They also notice that...

Investigation of Indoor Air Quality in Structures Located Above VOC-Contaminated Groundwater, Year Two. Part 1: Evaluation of Soil Vapor Intrusion at Mount Holly Site, New Jersey

No Name Supplied
This report provides the first part of results from the second year of a research study on soil vapor intrusion into buildings in New Jersey. Groundwater, soil vapor, indoor and outdoor air concentrations were sampled at a site contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons in Mount Holly. The report evaluates factors influencing soil vapor intrusion and identifies variations in contaminant concentrations at the Mount Holly site. This study highlights the importance of detailed assessment of conditions and...

Beauty Shop

No Name Supplied
Esther Yamamoto Ono (beautician), Millie Yamashita, and Mary Nagao are having their hair and nails done.

Camden County 2

No Name Supplied
Map covers area along the Delaware River from the Gloucester/Camden county line to Coopers Creek. Map is in two sections top and bottom. Shows granted lands, also roads, Big Timber Creek, Coopers Creek, and railroad lines.

Chow Mein dinner May 5, 1951 (Image 4 of 8)

No Name Supplied
Takeshi Hajima preparing food to serve at a Chow Mein dinner held May 3, 1951. (Seabrook Farms)

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