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Looking up Market Street toward Mill Street in Paterson, New Jersey

G.K. Livitsanos
Looking up Market Street toward Mill Street. The left side of the street shows the former Cooke Locomotive Works. The New Jersey Transit Company on the right occupies the old Trolley Barn of the Public Service Railway Company. Circa 1965. Photographer G.K. Livitsanos

A day in the sun.

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Azzie family relaxing on a sunny day from dairy farm duties, left to right: Atillio E. Azzie, Alfredo Azzie, and Emma Gallo Azzie. The American Labor Museum online collection includes historical documents and photos. The objects document the domestic lifestyles, working experience in textile factories, and labor union activity of working class immigrant families of Paterson, NJ and environs, ca. 1890 - 1920. Also documented are activities of the Textile Workers' Union of America (TWUA),...

Naturalization Records of Petitioner Frederic Schlund

United States. Bureau Of Naturalization
Naturalization records to become a citizen of the United States, as filled out and signed by: Frederic Schlund Country of origin: Germany Age of petitioner: Unknown Occupation: Unknown City of residence at time of declaration: Unknown Date petition filed: 14 september 1859 Name of witness: Frederick Yrak

The displays, silences, and aesthetic possibilities of museum fashion's gendered geopolitics

Daniela Alejandra Gutiérrez López
This thesis studies how the “museumification” of fashion ―the collection and display of decommodified objects— may affectively (re)produce normative gender, class, ethnic, and geopolitical hierarchies narrated and embodied in the garments and exhibitions. Re-locating “personal” fashion items within institutional walls molds the (art) museum as a site for social control —surveillance, inclusion, exclusion— of subaltern groups, specifically of women, subcultures and ethnic minorities: respectively, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity and Punk:...

City Hall, Paterson, NJ

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Paterson postcard view of downtown Paterson City Hall located at 155 Market Street. Hamilton Trust Co. is the building on the left.

An act incorporating the Newark Aqueduct Board

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This report describes original Act of the Newark Aqueduct Board from 1869.

An analysis of human rights violations of the Turkish security forces during the European Union harmonization process of Turkey

Hudaverdi Balci
This study is intended to measure the impact of international organizations on individual states’ behavior during the era of globalization. In an effort to do so, it focuses on the relationship between Turkey and the European Union. With the goal of becoming a member of the Union, Turkey has passed a myriad of laws and regulations in addition to amendments to the Constitution during the past two decades. While these legislative improvements were intended to...

2000 New Jersey Water Quality Inventory Report

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The 2000 Water Quality Inventory Report for New Jersey provides detailed information on thefollowing: surface water quality status and trends, the attainment of designated uses specified inNew Jersey's Surface Water Quality Standards, Special State Water Quality Concerns andRecommendations. An overview of the state's ground water quality is also included. This reportwas prepared pursuant to Section 305(b) of the Federal Clean Water Act and the State WaterQuality Planning Act.

Naturalization Records of Petitioner Joseph Franz Mutz

United States. Bureau Of Naturalization
Naturalization records to become a citizen of the United States, as filled out and signed by: Joseph Franz Mutz Country of origin: Germany Age of petitioner: Unknown Occupation: Unknown City of residence at time of declaration: Unknown Date petition filed: 31 January 1896 Name of witness: Unknown

Green Brook Twp., Somerset County, N.J.

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This is one in a series of 455 mid 20th century fire insurance maps produced by the Fire Insurance Rating Organization of New Jersey.

Construction 3-2-53 (Image 1 of 4)

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Construction proceeds on the enlarging plant at Seabrook Farms. Photograph taken March 2, 1953.

Declaration of Intention of Frank Camillo

United States. Bureau Of Naturalization
Declaration of Intention to become a citizen of the United States, as filled out and signed by: Frank Camillo Applicant age:47Occupation: LaborerCountry of Origin:ItalyDate of Birth: 7 August 1873Sailed to the US aboard the vessel: Kaiser City of residence at time of declaration:Egg Harbor City NJ Declaration submitted and sworn on date:9 November 1920

I remember Starkey Farms in 1943

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In this "I remember" memoir, Helen Cubberley recalls the time her family spent at Seabrook Farms in the early 1940s. Her husband, Victor, was an office manager for Seabrook, while Helen worked for the State of New Jersey by collecting crop samples. She worked closely with German prisoners of war, and recalls the conditions of their camps. She remembers two German men who were artists, and one painted a mural that hung for a long...

"Kine" (the mallets used in pounding moci) sitting in water (Image 1 of 3)

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"Kine" (the mallets used in pounding moci) sitting in water. Picture taken on December 28, 1950 at Seabrook Farms, New Jersey.

Assessment map, Borough of Rutherford, Bergen County, N.J.

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Series of 6 survey maps showing the water line along the Passaic RIver in conjunction to property lots in the Borough of Rutherford, N.J.

Bergen County no. 3

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Scale: 1:31680, 1:12000

Sediment Sampling and Source Identification Program, Newark Bay, New Jersey: Volume 3 ? Health and Safety/Contingency Plan

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The Remedial Investigation Work Plan (RIWP) for the Newark Bay Study Area has three primary components: the Inventory and Overview Report of Historical Data (volume 1), the Investigation Work Plan (v. 2), and the Health and Safety Contingency Plan (v. 3). The Newark Bay Study Area is defined as Newark Bay and portions of the, Hackensack River, Passaic River (tidal portion only), Arthur Kill, and the Kill Van Kull. This Health and Safety/Contingency Plan (HASCP)...

Candidate gene and microRNA expression studies of schizophrenia

Shannon E. Bruse
Schizophrenia is a debilitating psychiatric disorder affecting 0.5-1% of the world's population. Schizophrenia has a significant genetic component, but the early search for specific genes has been slowed by a number of factors, including a lack of inexpensive genotyping methods suitable for targeted genetic studies. This work describes the development of an inexpensive multiplexed genotyping assay ideal for candidate gene studies. Furthermore, we describe application of this technology to the study of three schizophrenia candidate...

Motivic and harmonic analysis of Warne Marsh

John Petrucelli
Warne Marsh's improvisational style during the 19&0's has been overlooked by biographers (Chamberlain) and jazz theorists alike. However, this time period is significant because Marsh fully assimilated the teachings of Lennie Tristano with his major influence on tenor saxophone; Lester Young. Warne Marsh’s improvisations from the album The Unissued Copenhagen Studio Recordings (19&5, Storyville STCD82&8) showcase the saxophonist’s distinct phrasal structure and poignant lyricism. Within the harmonically sparse context of the trio format, Marsh is...

A30, Fraction problems: Sharing and number lines (Side View), Grade 4, November 1, 1993, raw footage

Carolyn Alexander Maher, Davis, Robert B. (Robert Benjamin) & Gunnar Gjone
In this raw footage, full-session video, Dr. Davis first introduces Gunnar Gjone as a visiting mathematics educator from Norway. The researcher, Carolyn Maher, begins the session by asking the students to review their conclusions from the previous day’s class when they were asked to share a candy bar equally among the students in their small group. Two groups had been composed of eight students while another was composed of nine students, and their task had...

Towers with Stephanie and Dana, Clip 3 of 5: Checking for duplicates and discovering “cousin” towers

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In this clip, researcher Alice Alston asks Stephanie and Dana how many towers they have created. The two girls had been working on the Towers Problem introduced in the first clip in this series. After they reply that they have found seventeen towers, Alice points out that their group of towers contains a duplicate tower. Alice then questions the girls about how they can be sure that they have found all the towers, and Stephanie...

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