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Conservation and recreation In Camden county (phase 1)

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This study is an integral part of the comprehensive plan being prepared for Camden county and is intended to evaluate the status of existing parks and recreational facilities in the county. In the course of preparing this section of the plan, preliminary surveys and studies were conducted, covering such aspects as the need and demand for recreational facilities and the preferences and opinions of county residents who use the facilities. The report also explores the...

Butcher Shop in Paterson, New Jersey

John Reid
Unidentified butcher shop was sides of beef hanging under the outside awning next to an unimproved dirt road. Circa 1905. Photographer John Reid.

Office personnel

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Seabrook Farms office personnel. Emma Henderson, Accounting. Charles Saunders, Label Department. Howard Hotchkiss, Cost Accounting.

Publicly Funded Cleanups Site Status Report 1998: Cape May County

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This section describes sites in Cape May County from the Publicly Funded Cleanups Site Status Report 1998. These sites include Allendale Road, Beesleys Point, Domi Drive, Edgewood Village Mobile Home Park, and Williams Property.

Kents restaurant in Atlantic City map, front

Kents Restaurant
This map of Atlantic City is on one side of a tri-fold brochure for Kents Restaurant. Map specifically highlights locations of businesses run by Kents as well as specific parking areas and other notable landmarks. The quickest routes to the Kents establishments are bolded. There are also indexes of local hotels and churches.

Henry Kann's postcard to wife

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This is a photo-postcard of a group of twelve unidentified men, in civilian clothing but sporting hats and medallions indicating either membership in a club or perhaps a common military background. This postcard is postmarked July 2, 1906, and bears a message written in fraktur by Egg Harbor City's Henry Kann to his wife. First row: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown. Second row: unknown, unknown, unknown. Third row: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown.

Riparian & stream survey

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Scale: 1:1200Drainage Basin: Hudson

Isolation, identification, and quantitation of biomolecules using high pressure liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry

Landon Ray Greene
The research performed in this dissertation involved isolation, identification, and quantitation of biomolecules using high pressure liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. NanoRNAs, 2 – 4 nucleotide RNA oligomers, have been shown to prime transcription initiation in vivo. However, the particular oligonucleotides and absolute abundance could not be determined without the use of specific and sensitive analytical techniques. The goal of this research was to develop an analytical procedure to isolate, identify, and quantify nanoRNAs, in...

Bridge Table

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Dated to approximately 1950, this card table's top is embossed with advertisements for individuals and local businesses in South Amboy, NJ, and the vicinity.

Kids having a fishing good time

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Children from Seabrook Farms having a fishing good time.

GIS Maps, White Township

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These GIS maps are natural resources inventories showing topography and steep slopes and surface hydrology of White Township, Warren County. Part of the municipal master plan.

Group of men carrying United States and Israeli flags in the parade in Paterson, New Jersey

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Parades and public gatherings, a group of men with American and Israeli flags make their way down an unidentified street, circa 1925.

Gene "Knocker" Nakata painting a "STOP" sign (Image 4 of 4)

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Gene "Knocker" Nakata painting a "STOP" sign at Seabrook Farms, New Jersey. Picture taken on June 11, 1953.

Butler Borough, Morris County, New Jersey

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This is one in a series of 455 mid 20th century fire insurance maps produced by the Fire Insurance Rating Organization of New Jersey.

Saint Joseph's Church May Crowning

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Photograph taken inside St. Joseph's Church of the May procession as the crown is being placed on the statue of Mary.

Romantic pedantry

Sean Patrick Barry
This dissertation examines how the pedant, a seemingly familiar object of satire, came to personify passionate intellectual absorption in romantic-era writing. The pedant’s ostentatious displays of erudition might seem antithetical to the spirit of an age conventionally associated with the veneration of nature, childhood innocence, and untutored genius. Indeed, pedantry had first attracted attention in eighteenth-century British literature as a problem concerning the performance of specialized knowledge, exemplified by professionals who use jargon outside its...

New building added as new and improved methods of farming and processing enable this to be the largest frozen food company in the world (Image 3 of 3)

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New building added as new and improved methods of farming and processing enable Seabrook Farms to be the largest frozen food company in the world.Picture taken on February 26, 1953.

Historic USGS maps - Bay Side

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Part of a series of historic maps from the late 1800s and early 1900s. These maps, from the United States Geological Survey, present geographic and topographic information from the time period.

Studies on Nrf2-targeted phytochemicals

Hu Wang
Prevention has been regarded as a superior approach in dealing with diseases. Huang-Di Ne-Jing, a manuscript believed being written by the ancient Chinese emperor, indicated: "… the Saint treats those ill-to-be rather than those being ill" (Chapter 1, Introduction) Cancer, as it takes as long as 20 to 30 years to develop from initiated cells to malignant tumor, allows precious opportunities to prevent its occurrence and delay its progression. In the past centuries, fruitful searching...

Produce being loaded at the Nakamura farm.

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Nakumara farm was purchased by Kiyomi and Ellen Nakamura in 1947. It was located in Elmer, NJ. This picture shows one of the farm trucks loaded with produce.

New Jersey Geological Survey Bulletin 74 : Land Oriented Reference Data System

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The Land Oriented Reference Data System (LORDS) is a geographic information system dependent upon the use of the New Jersey State Topographic Atlas Sheets. This bulletin describes the need for and development of LORDS and includes sample Atlas Sheets and data.

Equine behavior: pasture play in snow

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Produced as part of the Young Horse Teaching & Research Program of the Equine Science Center, Rutgers University, under the oversight of Dr. Sarah L. Ralston. Recorded at the George H. Cook Campus, Rutgers University, February 6, 2010.

Newark Museum Junior Pageant - "The Queen's Museum" Pageant

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Members of the Junior Museum staged pageants and plays to coincide with their annual meeting. Older children conducted background research and wrote the scripts, with guidance from the staff, as well as designed the sets and costumes. Pageants typically reflected themes present in an ongoing exhibition. Three members of the cast.

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