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New Jersey Coastal Inlets and Beaches: Barnegat Inlet to Longport (Interim Report, Technical Appendices)

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This volume consists of the technical appendices to a report presenting results of a study of the navigation and shoreline erosion problems of coastal inlets and beaches of New Jersey. The report covers the shoreline from Barnegat Inlet to Longport, and is one of four interim studies conducted along the entire 126-mile coast of NJ. The study evaluated storm tide/wave damage, navigation problems, coastal erosion problems, and beach recreation needs. Associated costs and benefits were...

New Jersey Discharger: A Newsletter About New Jersey's Water Quality Programs, Vol. 11, No. 1, Summer 2003

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The New Jersey Discharger is intended to inform interested individuals about New Jersey's Water Quality Programs. This issue contains seven articles on the following topics: McGreevey celebrates Earth Day by fulfilling clean water promise, Earth Day 2003: A Celebration of 30 Years of Improvements in Nation's Water Quality, recent appointments made in Water Protection Programs, phosphorus evaluations technical manual available online, NJPDES discharge locations available for downloading, loans and tax incentive programs promote effluent reuse,...

2009 annual report: New Jersey enhanced inspection and maintenance (I/M) program emissions-related results from gasoline-fueled motor vehicles

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This report fulfills the annual reporting requirements at 40 CFR 51.366, the data analysis and reporting section of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA's) final rule on inspection and maintenance program requirements, revised July 1, 2004. This report covers calendar year 2009. It is specific to the emissions portion of the State's enhanced Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) program; no statistical information on the safety portion of the State's inspection program is included.The report provides...

Topographical survey of Hamilton Township

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Project: 1685-11Scale: 1:2400Connects to Sheets: 30, 31

Cumberland County, New Jersey highways 1967 map 5

New Jersey Department Of Transportation-Division Of Planning
Base map of Cumberland County. Plate 5 of a 7 plate map. Prepared by the New Jersey State Highway Department, Division of Planning in cooperation with the U. S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Public Roads. Series includes 10 insets of major junctures. State highways as of Dec. 31, 1967. Culture, county roads and municipal streets as of 1940.

Semantic quietism

Ricardo Mena-Gallardo
In Semantic Quietism, I defend and develop a view according to which only semantic theories that are incomplete in important respects can be compatible with the phenomenon of vagueness. I defend this view by arguing that any semantic theory that attempts to capture every robust semantic fact is incompatible with this phenomenon. Then I show how a semantic theory that is incomplete in the right way can have this kind of compatibility. I call this...

Andover Township Zoning Map & Natural Heritage Sites Map

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These maps show zoning boundaries in Andover Township and natural heritage sites in the township. A two page document detailing the natural heritage site information is included.

Pannexin-1 and P2X7-Receptor Are Required for Apoptotic Osteocytes in Fatigued Bone to Trigger RANKL Production in Neighboring Bystander Osteocytes

Wing Yee Cheung, J. Christopher Fritton, Stacy Ann Morgan, Zeynep Seref-Ferlengez, Jelena Basta-Pljakic, Mia M. Thi, Sylvia O. Suadicani, David C. Spray, Robert J. Majeska & Mitchell B. Schaffler
Osteocyte apoptosis is required to induce intracortical bone remodeling after microdamage in animal models, but how apoptotic osteocytes signal neighboring “bystander” cells to initiate the remodeling process is unknown. Apoptosis has been shown to open pannexin-1 (Panx1) channels to release adenosine diphosphate (ATP) as a “find me” signal for phagocytic cells. To address whether apoptotic osteocytes use this signaling mechanism, we adapted the rat ulnar fatigue-loading model to reproducibly introduce microdamage into mouse cortical bone...

Hubbard, Andrew

Nat Clymer
Patrolman Andrew Hubbard.

A86, Discovering equivalent fractions and introducing fraction notation (classroom view), Grade 4, October 4, 1993, raw footage

Carolyn Alexander Maher
Researcher Maher began the session by discussing the relative size of fractions within different models. Using the analogy of two different sized dioramas of children in a fishing boat, the class agreed that the proportions within each model need to be the same, but that the parts of the models cannot be interchanged. Then, the class worked in partners on the problem: Which is larger, one half or two thirds, and by how much? Meredith,...

Microbial Degradation Kinetics of Volatile Organic Hydrocarbons: Effect of BTEX Concentration and Environment: Final Report

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Groundwater and soil contamination by volatile organic hydrocarbons is a widespread problem within New Jersey. The most common source of this contamination is leakage from underground storage tanks and spills at gasoline service stations, transfer terminals and tank storage yards. The soil and groundwater contaminants most commonly regulated due to this contamination are the light aromatic hydrocarbons benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and o, m and p-xylene (BTEX) and the dominant fuel oxygenate, MTBE. Although it is...

Taste and endocrine factors in women with gestational diabetes mellitus

Lisa Michelle Belzer
Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is hyperglycemia first identified during pregnancy. Many metabolic parameters increase across normal gestation, but may exceed those levels in pregnancies where GDM develops. Studies on the time course and pattern of metabolic factors in GDM are conflicting. Additionally, past research suggests changes in cravings and dietary intake during normal pregnancy and taste alterations in diabetes and pregnancy. Such parameters have been studied only on a limited basis in women with GDM....

Adsorption/Desorption and Transport of Mercury and Arsenic in New Jersey Soils, Final Report Part II, July 1997

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This report studies the adsorption and desorption of arsenic in fifteen New Jersey soils. Models were created for the adsorption and desorption of arsenic in soil. The report concludes with details on the creation of adsorption and desorption models.

Valley Forge Camporee (Image 2 of 3)

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Campers at Valley Forge line up for water. (Seabrook Farms)

Naturalization Records of Petitioner Louis Lott

United States. Bureau Of Naturalization
Naturalization records to become a citizen of the United States, as filled out and signed by: Louis Lott Country of origin: Germany Age of petitioner: Unknown Occupation: Unknown City of residence at time of petition: Unknown Date petition filed: 22 April 1892 Name of witness: William MannWitness name may be William Mann

Lawn Care Pesticide Use in New Jersey: 2004 Survey

No Name Supplied
The New Jersey Pesticide Control Program (NJPCP) began a series of pesticide use surveys in 1985. These surveys address pesticide use in the state of New Jersey for agriculture, golf courses, termite control, right-of-way, mosquito control, and lawn care. The lawn care survey is conducted every three years and targets pesticides used for lawn care purposes. This report focuses on the fifth survey completed in the lawn care series (2004).

The effects of working memory, inhibitory control, academic training, and professional experience on the translation of self-directed motion by English-Spanish translators, translation novices, and non-translator bilinguals

Patricia Gonzalez Darriba
This dissertation explores the translation of self-directed motion expressions (such as "The boat floated into the cave"/"La barca entró en la cueva flotando") from Spanish into English by bilinguals, novice translators, and professional translators from a psycholinguistic point of view. It provides a theoretical model, the SPaM Translation Model, that draws from Kroll and Stewart (1994) and Jackendoff (1997, 2009, 2011, 2015) to account for the under-representation of the English satellite-framed expression in translated texts...

Monmouth Junction fire department (4)

No Name Supplied
Angled view of the Monmouth Junction Volunteer Fire Department.

Aggregation inhibition of Parkinson's related alpha-synuclein through interactions with its homolog beta-synuclein.

Maria K. Janowska
Alpha-synuclein (αS) and beta-synuclein (βS) are small pre-synaptic, neuronal proteins, which have high sequence similarity, co-localize and very likely play a similar function in cells. However, αS and βS differ significantly in terms of their involvement in Parkinson's disease: while αS aggregation is believed to be a centerpiece and main hallmark of the disease, non-fibrillar βS is held to be a negative regulator of αS toxicity. In my research I focused on uncovering the basis...

Declaration of Intention of Conrad Otto Koechig

United States. Bureau Of Naturalization
Declaration of Intention to become a citizen of the United States, as filled out and signed by: Conrad Otto Koechig Applicant age:27Occupation: BakerCountry of Origin:GermanyDate of Birth:29 June 1885 Sailed to the US aboard the vessel: Kaiser Wilhelm II City of residence at time of declaration: Atlantic City NJDeclaration submitted and sworn on date:2 December 1912

Borough of Lavallette, Ocean County, New Jersey, field map, Board of Assessors

No Name Supplied
This map is a black/white blueprint copy that shows property lots for the borough of Lavellette. Boundaries depicted are: Ortley Beach, Barnegat Bay, Dover Township, and the Atlantic Ocean. Per a typed note, the blocks are consecutively numbered from 1 to 70.

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