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Greenwich Township, Including Gibbstown, Gloucester County, New Jersey

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This is one in a series of 455 mid 20th century fire insurance maps produced by the Fire Insurance Rating Organization of New Jersey.

Area wide TOPICS study of Ramsey, New Jersey

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TOPICS, the acronym for "Traffic Operations Program to Increase Capacity and Safety", was a program designed to effectively channel Highway Trust funds into the revitalization of traffic networks in urban areas. This study evaluated the efficiency of the existing network of streets and highways in fulfilling the community's transportation requirements.

Riparian & stream survey

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Scale: 1:1200Drainage Basin: Hudson

Research Project Summary: Urban Heat Island and Climate Change: An Assessment of Interacting and Possible Adaptations in the Camden, New Jersey Region

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This is a summary of a study that examined the urban heat island effect (UHI) of the greater Camden, New Jersey region. Heat islands develop when a large fraction of the natural land cover in an area is replaced by built surfaces that trap incoming solar radiation during the day and then re-radiate it at night. This slows the cooling process thereby keeping nighttime air temperatures high relative to temperatures in less urbanized areas. This...

Enjoying the outing (Image 5 of 12)

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A group from Seabrook Farms enjoying an outing at Parvin State Park.

Denouncement, engagement and dialect

Jennifer Holt
The genre of the mystery novel offers an ideal medium to analyze social injustice. The guise of criminal investigations allows for an examination of deviant behavior across diverse social strata and its causes and effects upon modern society. In theory, institutional justice in Italy extends equal rights and treatment to all citizens, irrespective of social standing or political affiliation. However, an analysis of criminal activity and the manner in which it is investigated and prosecuted...

Suppressing rebels, managing bureaucrats: state-building during the Taiping Rebellion, 1850-1864

King-To Yeung
This study uses the historical case of the Taiping Rebellion (1850-64) to examine the process of state-building in an early modern empire. I focus on the interactions between volatile battles the Qing state launched against the Taipings and the changing social relationships among state actors embedded in preexisting rules and established organizational norms. In the early phase of the rebellion, 1851-1856, Peking tended to address the problem of controlling rebellion-ridden provinces by deploying state agents...

Tunnels of New York

Juandamarie Gikandi, Marietta Schoenherr & Peter Jacobs
This quilt was made by Nubian Heritage Quilter's Guild member Marietta Schoenherr.

Report of Book Circulation for the Roseland Library 1968 Submitted by Library Director January 1969

Roseland Free Public Library
Report of Book Circulation for the Roseland Library 1968 Submitted by Library Director Joan Bollinger dated January 1969.

A master plan for the township of Roxbury

Scott Bagby & Robert Catlin
The fundamental purpose of this report is to afford common understanding by means of an explanation of the process of community planning and a detailed analysis of the factors influencing community development, then applying this process and analysis to Roxbury Township.

Denarius - Sydenham 781a - Crawford 388/1b

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Sydenham says the head on the obverse may be either Mars or Roma and notes a date range of 75 - 74 B.C.E, later than the date of 77 B.C.E. identified by Crawford. A

On becoming relational

Eric Hartman
This case study outlines the experiences in training that shaped my professional identity and practice as a relational psychotherapist. I show how my clinical conduct shifted over the course of a single treatment by reflecting on previously unquestioned commitments to certain psychoanalytic techniques and then how I became more open to new ways of experiencing the patient and my internal responses to him. Using Donnel Stern's (1997) framework on dissociation and unformulated experience, I show...

Social music is jazz evolved and re-discovered

Cherise Renée Harris
Being twofold, the purpose of this thesis is (1) to determine if and how Social Music may be an evolution of jazz music, while simultaneously being a re-discovery of jazz as it was initially intended to be, especially from a social perspective, and (2) to divulge how Jon Batiste and Stay Human expressively use Social Music to deliver concepts of love, believe, hope, determination, encouragement, and joy to a world that synchronously experiences devastation, tumult,...

Equine behavior: behavior test, vacuum cleaner test, Honky Tonk, draft-cross weanling colt

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One of a series of tests conducted to compare behavioral responses of young draft horse crosses and Bureau of Land Management mustangs. Conducted as part of the Young Horse Teaching & Research Program of the Equine Science Center, Rutgers University, February 5, 2010. Subject was 9-month-old RU Honky Tonk, born May, 2009. Test conducted by Dr. Sarah L. Ralston at the George H. Cook Campus, Rutgers University. In this test, Dr. Ralston introduces the horse...

Unknown Play, Egg Hrbor City, NJ.

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This is a photograph of an unknown play. The location of this production is believed to be at the Egg Harbor Amusement Center (aslo known as Egg Harbor Amusement Hall), as witnessed by the letters EHAC in the wreath at the top of the picture. The following is a list of players. In general, it is left to right, but note that only 18 names appear for the 20 players. The identification of the three...

Comfort levels of nurses who provide care to patients who experience a perinatal loss

Michelle Troope
Background: When a woman experiences a perinatal loss, it is one of the most tragic events possible. Attaining the skillset to communicate with patients and their family during a perinatal loss event is crucial, as the consequences of perinatal loss are linked to depression, anxiety, and complicated grief. As nurse provide care to patients and families who experience a perinatal loss, comfort levels should be assessed in order to provide quality patient care. Methods: Nurse...

Disclosure of sexual history in hook ups, short and long-term relationships

Carlos Cavalie
Prior research has mainly investigated how dating or married couples discussed sexual topics including disclosing their sexual history. Little attempt has been made to investigate such disclosure among hook ups. Additionally, to my knowledge, differences between different relational types have not been investigated in a single study. The current study investigated disclosure of sexual history among heterosexual long-term relationships, short-term relationships, and hook ups. Participants were university students as well as visitors to websites which...

Implementing the SASQ tool in a primary care office

Maria Silva
Purpose of study: Only one in six people are asked about their alcohol use by healthcare providers. Alcohol abuse screening is a category B recommendation by the United States Preventative Service Task force. Despite the importance of screening, primary care providers continue to find it difficult to identify and ask about alcohol abuse as part of routine care. The purpose of this project was to measure the effect of adding a validated alcohol screening tool,...

A multifaceted approach to combating compassion fatigue in new emergency department nurses

Josephine A. Smith
The emergency department is often plagued with trauma and suffering. This hectic environment can take a toll on new nurses both mentally and physically. For new nurses who have not been taught proper coping skills, frequent exposure to trauma can have detrimental effects such as memory problems, poor judgment, and loss of concentration and focus. Compassion fatigue is described as emotional, physical and spiritual fatigue from witnessing and taking in the suffering and problems of...

An educational intervention to improve APN knowledge and confidence in using the STOPP/START criteria to reduce polypharmacy in the geriatric population

Henal Shah
The aim of this project was to create an online educational course to increase APN students' knowledge and confidence in the STOPP/START criteria and polypharmacy. The educational intervention consisted of two modules and pre and post-test components. 19 APN students completed the course. Non-parametric Wilcoxon Signed Rank test was used to measure differences in knowledge and confidence pre and post intervention. The results of the study showed a significant improvement in both knowledge about polypharmacy...

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