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Pottersville, Flour Sack Image

Clarence Dillon Public Library
This flour sack from the Pottersville Mills sports images of a quail, leaves, sheaves, and a fence. Printed on the cloth: “Pottersville Mills / Roller Process / Buckwheat Flour / Guaranteed Pure / Manufactured by Geo. W. Hildebrant / Pottersville, N.J.” The photograph is from the collection of Robert J. Sutton.

Pottersville, Wortman Mills Receipt, 1932

Clarence Dillon Public Library
This 1932 receipt was written for cement and sand purchased for $28.19 by V. Hoffman from Wortman Mills, dealer in flour, feed, grain, fertilizer and coal in Pottersville.

What a Man Can Do…A Woman can also do

Marine water pollution: harmful algal blooms, brown tides, aureococcus anophagefferens

This publication describes the effect of brown tide blooms, caused by the rapid growth of minute ala, on submerged aquatic vegetation communities.

Marine water pollution: shellfish waters

This publication discusses New Jersey's classification for shellfish waters reflecting water quality conditions.

NOx and VOCs

Ground level ozone, also called smog, results from chemical reactions in the air from pollutants. The primary pollutants which result in ozone formation are volatile/organic compounds (VOCs) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx).


This publication describes radon and how levels are tested.

Site remediation

This publication discusses the increase contaminated site in New Jersey and the DEP's cleanup efforts.

Wildlife publications: Canada goose

This publication discusses New Jersey's management techniques for controlling the Canada goose population

Lane Collection - Ernest Lane in Cornfield, circa 1910

Edythe Lane
Ernest Erastus Lane, apparently sitting in a nest of cornstalks on his Bedminster farm. Photo by Edythe Lane.

Wildlife populations: red knot

This publication discusses the red knot, a bird species near the Delaware bay whose population is declining.

Geochemistry of Southeastern Nicaragua lavas and mantle xenoliths from Cerro Mercedes, Costa Rica

Fara N. Lindsay
Lavas from southeastern Nicaragua were geochemically analyzed, including several from a volcano never before sampled, in order to better understand the relationship between the chemistry of the lavas and the physical parameters of the Central American arc, which include depth to the slab, distance from the trench, slab dip and the age of the downgoing slab. The analyses were done by x-ray fluorescence, by high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, and by thermal ionization...

Evolution, diversity, and biogeography in pelagic calcifying protists

Hui Liu
For the last ~200 million years, two groups of unicellular eukaryotes have dominated the biomineralization of carbonate in the oceanic plankton: heterotrophic foraminifera and autotrophic coccolithophores. They literally transformed the fate of inorganic and organic carbon in the Earth’s biogeochemical system. The study of the evolution and biodiversity of these marine microcalcifiers has a long and venerable history, largely based on geological records and morphological characters. However, obtaining an accurate estimate of their biodiversity and...

Essays on behavioral finance and market microstructure

Jie Lu
This dissertation is comprised of three essays that study behavioral finance and market microstructure.The first essay models a game of individual day traders' interactions in a stock trading chat room and empirically tests the model's conclusions. Trading behaviors are analyzed in an Internet chat room with free entry but secure identity, and traders' interactions are modeled as a dynamic game with informed traders, momentum traders, arbitragers and noise traders. Three empirical predictions are generated in...

Systematics and evolution of bark-inhabiting species of the Gnomoniaceae (Diaporthales, Ascomycota) with emphasis on the genera Cryptosporella and Plagiostoma

Luis Carlos Mejía Franco
The Gnomoniaceae (Diaporthales, Ascomycota) comprise microfungi that grow on leaves and woody tissues of a range of plant families, mostly hardwood trees from temperate zones of the northern hemisphere. Many dominant endophytes of trees in North America and Europe are species of Gnomoniaceae. Several emerging and devastating diseases of forest trees are caused by pathogenic species of Gnomoniaceae. Despite their abundance and impact in forest ecosystems, the Gnomoniaceae have not received modern taxonomic review and...

The psychology of time and its philosophical implications

Carlos Montemayor
This dissertation offers new proposals, based on a philosophical appraisal of scientific findings, to address old philosophical problems regarding our immediate acquaintance with time. It focuses on two topics: our capacity to determine the length of intervals and our acquaintance with the present moment. A review of the relevant scientific findings concerning these topics grounds the main contributions of this dissertation. Thus, this study introduces to the philosophical literature an empirically adequate way to talk...

Baptizing meanings for concepts

Iris Oved
Most people find it obvious that concepts like APPLE, DOG, WATER, CACTUS, SWIM, CHIRP, FURRY, and SMOOTH (i.e., lexical concepts) are acquired from perceptual experiences along with some kind of inferential procedure. Models of how these concepts are inferentially acquired, however, force the acquired concepts to be representationally complex, built from, and composed by, the more primitive representations (e.g., GOLD is built from perceptual representations of yellowness, shininess, malleability, and so on). Since at least...


Christopher Peery
The decreasing costs of computing devices, increases in connectivity, and improved performance are altering the computing environments of users in fundamental ways. Users are no longer restricted to operating single devices in isolation but rather distribute and accessinformation across many devices and develop complex sharing patterns among groups of users. Unfortunately, while these trends are significantly enriching the user's computing experience, they are also increasing the data management overhead as users must explicitlyreason about data...

Narrative worlds and fictional worlds

Peter Sorrell
Through a focused exploration of “experimental” novels by Raymond Queneau, Claude Simon, and Alain Robbe-Grillet, the reading experience is reexamined in this dissertation. Special attention is paid to the process of “worldbuilding,” namely the symbiotic relationship between synthetic reading competency and higher-level acts of interpretation. It is argued throughout that readers interact with literary texts not simply as verbal structures, but also by co-creating a multiplicity of imaginary worlds subtended by intentional structures that span...

Education in Middlesex County

Ann Joyce
A presentation by Ann Joyce to the Study Club in 1968 includes a review of the history of Middlesex County from the time of the Dutch settlers to the present. By examining the history, she draws conclusions about the needs and development of education in the county, highlighting the development of public schools.

Campbell-Strong profile

Beatrice Johns, Margaret Campbell & Dorothy Strong
A survey of the club members, conducted by Margaret (Peg) Campbell and Dorothy Strong along with a narrative written by Beatrice Johns describing the results of the survey. This provides an interesting description of the club members and their education, family lives and areas of interest.

Pine Barrens

Betty Stuart
A presentation by Betty Stuart describes the history, flora, fauna and state legislation governing the Pine Barrens.

Impressions of China

Dorothy Strong
Presentation by Dorothy Strong in January 1949 on her trip to China, combining travelogue and personal impressions. Includes brief descriptions of Honolulu and Hong Kong.

Brief architectural history of New York City

Mary Gray Dey
A presentation by Mary Gray Dey reviews the major architectural styles to be found in New York City, highlighting buildings and parks.

NMR conformational and dynamic characterization of triple helical peptides

Jianxi Xiao
The repeating Gly-X-Y sequences and uniform rod-like structure makes collagen-like peptides a unique system for NMR studies. In this dissertation, a number of triple helical peptides modeling biologically important regions in collagen, such as mutation sites, interruption sites and collagenase cleavage sites, are investigated by a variety of NMR techniques. Structure determination strategy combining molecular modeling and NMR spectroscopy have been developed on a classic triple helical peptide. Novel approaches capable of obtaining long-range order...

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