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An animal model of autism using GSTM1 knockout mice and early post-natal VPA-treatment

Carrie Leigh Yochum
Autism is a behaviorally defined developmental disorder with unknown origin. However, its etiology most likely involves a gene by toxicant by age of exposure interaction. To test this hypothesis, mouse pups with a deletion of glutathione-S-transferase M1 (a gene associated with increased risk of autism and that codes for an enzyme involved in the management of toxicant-induced oxidative stress) and wild-type controls were exposed to valproic acid (a toxicant known to cause autism-like behavior deficits...

Inbound and outbound trucks scheduling at crossdocks

Ti Zhang
In today’s customer driven economy, moving products quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively offers crucial advantages to companies. To achieve these goals, more and more companies are finding that cross-docking can play an integral part in their distribution model by partially replacing or complementing existing warehousing facilities. Crossdocking is a material handling and distribution operation, which moves products quickly and directly from inbound trucks (ITs) to outbound trucks (OTs) through the crossdock facility where products are...

Towards a local-global visual feature-based framework for recognition

Zhipeng Zhao
General object and activity recognition is a fundamental problem in computer vision that has been the subject of much research. Traditional approaches include model based and appearance template based methods. Recently, inspired by methods from the text retrieval literature, local visual feature-based models have shown a lot of success for recognition of objects or activities with large within-class geometric variability.There are several challenges in this approach, namely feature selection and target modeling using these features....

May, Sam[ue]l J., letter, Syracuse, [N.Y.], June 9, [1853], to [Joseph Parrish]

The Rev. Samuel J. May reports that he has sent Peter Still's 200 dollars, as requested by William Lloyd Garrison and by the recipient, Joseph Parrish, and requests that if the current attempt to offer $3,000 for the freedom of Peter Still's enslaved family fails, then the writer’s nephew Mr. Hamilton Willis of Boston should be contacted, as the latter individual believes that he can obtain a more favorable price for Still’s family through “gentleman...

Simpson, John, letter, Florence, Ala., March 27, 1854, to Morris L. Hallowell, Esq.

John Simpson
John Simpson reports that Mr. McKeirnan [sic] told him that he would not part with the slaves in question--Peter Still’s family members--for less than 6,000 dollars (as the two boys alone allegedly could be sold for 3,000 dollars each and McKiernan reportedly spent more than 1,000 dollars retrieving the family members when they ran away); notes that McKiernan will not deliver the slaves to Cincinnati, if the funds are paid, but only release them locally;...

Pluckemin, John Boylan House 1890

John B. Beekman
The John Boylan House in an 1890 photo by Dr. John B. Beekman, who owned and lived there from 1884 to 1902. Now the 1751 House. There have been many alterations and additions. The acanthus trees have been removed.

Hallowell, Morris L., copy of a letter, Philadelphia, September 19, 1854, to Cha[rle]s A. Gurley, New London, Conn.

Morris Longstreth Hallowell
Morris L. Hallowell acknowledges the receipt of Charles A. Gurley’s letter; expresses delight that Peter Still has had such success in his fundraising efforts (which he will keep secret); states that he sent an agent to Alabama who conferred with John Simpson, but that the agent did not approach the owner of Still’s enslaved family; reports that Simpson has agreed to act as intermediary in the matter, although at the moment the owner will not...

Marvin, Julia E.R., letter, October 11, 1854, to Dr. Jno. [John] C. Lord, [Buffalo, N.Y.]

Letter of introduction for Peter Still, written by Julia (Reynolds) Marvin, which briefly recounts Still's life; notes that Still, whom Marvin knew in Alabama, has raised the entire sum for the release of his enslaved family members; and states that Still now seeks added money (200 dollars) to transport them from Alabama to the North.

Carter, I? W. J? (per W.W. Handy), letter, Franklin County, Ala., June 25, 1855, to Peter Still, Burlington, New Jersey

I. W. J. Carter
Carter, whose letter was postmarked at Tuscumbia, Alabama, acknowledges the receipt of Peter Still’s letter; relays his amazement that Still’s immediate family is free; sends greetings from himself and others; provides requested details concerning Still’s now healthy grandson Peter (born March 11, 1854); and reports on a fish trap that Still had owned.

May, Samuel J., letter, Syracuse, [N.Y.], February 28, 1861, to \"Uncle Peter\" [Peter Still]

The Rev. Samuel J. May explains to Peter Still the circumstances, as he has been able to ascertain them, of the sale of the copyright and stereotype plates of Still's published narrative (after the bankruptcy of the publisher), which went first to Still’s friend Mr. Parrish and then to a Mr. Jones of London; indicates his resulting conclusion that Mrs. Pickard was not at fault for what happened to the plates, despite Still’s perception; presumes...

The Messenger No. 1853, December 7, 1939

Irving Kahan
Local information pertaining to Paterson, N.J. and surrounding Passaic County. Issues may include events, government, business, political cartoons, engagement and marriage announcements, and birth announcements. This paper was titled Il Messaggero from 1904 until September 22, 1938, when it became The Messenger.

Hollywood Horse Show Grounds, Long Branch, N.J.

Caption from Moss and Schnitzspahn (1977): "The Hollywood Horse Show Grounds, for over two decades, held the most prestigious outdoor horse show in America. Attended by leaders of society, Horse Show Week included a major carnival, parades, teas, receptions, dances and other social affairs.", (p. 77).

Reed's 100th Anniversary Booklet (6 of 8)

Charles Reed
Page 6 of booklet created by Charles Reed for the 100th anniversary of his bookstore that was originally begun in 1848 by Abraham Ackerman. Eight pages, 1948.

A Warning-Piece to England, Against Pride and Wickedness

English broadside ballad.

Peapack, H. N. Miller Receipt, 1910

Clarence Dillon Public Library
Receipt dated Feb. 18, 1910 from H. N. Miller & Co. to W. M. Wortman for a purchase of hay and straw.

Bedminster's former municipal building, June 2011, image 10 of 14

Arthur Merchant
View of the interior of the large meeting room in the municipal offices for Bedminster on Hillside Avenue. The offices were moved to the township's present location on Miller Lane. The building was demolished after this picture was taken on June 29, 2011.

The Royal Dream, or the Forester's Garland

English broadside ballad, printed and sold by R. Marshall, in Aldermary Church Yard, Bow Lane, London.

Bedminster municipal building demolition, July 2011, image 4 of 8

Arthur Merchant
Corner of the main meeting room including the bathroom of the building on Hillside Avenue that housed Bedminster's municipal offices during demolition, July 2011.

As - Sydenham 231, 143 - Crawford 56/2

Crawford notes the date as 211 B.C.E., while Sydenham places this series in Period III - c. 187-155 B.C.E.

Victoriatus - Sydenham 235 - Crawford 72/1

Crawford notes the date as 211-210 B.C.E., while Sydenham places this series in Period III - c. 187-155 B.C.E.

Triens - Sydenham 238b - Crawforf 194/3

Locations of New Jersey's Fifteen Reef Sites

This document contains New Jersey's Artificial Reef Network Reef coordinates. All latitudes and longitudes are given in in Digital Global Positioning System (DGPS) using dd mm.mmm' (degrees minutes and thousandths of minutes). In previous Commercial Regulations, latitudes and longitudes were given in the dd mm'ss'(degrees minutes and seconds) format. The formatting was changed to better accommodate DGPS users.

Fish Tails Newsletter: Special Edition Seafood Safety, Volume 1.1

Fish Tales is a quarterly publication about New Jersey's seafood industry. This special issue is covering about seafoods safety. This issue is designed to answer some questions, such as, what about floatables and medical wastes?; what about fish kills?; what about consupmtion of raw fish?; what about PCB's pesticides and other toxic chemicals?;what about burn spot deseases in lobsters?

The Wandering Jew, or the Shoemaker of Jerusalem

English broadside ballad, printed and sold at the printing office in Bow Church Yard, London.

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