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Comparison of deflection and vibration limits for high performance steel bridges

Ryan J. Adams
Deflection limits are used in today’s highway bridge industry to indirectly limit the amount of vibration induced under normal operating loads. These limits were established based on subjective human responses to out-dated structure types, and have been found to have no correlation to a bridge’s actual vibration behavior or structural longevity. Bridge designers wishing to take advantage of High Performance Steel (HPS) materials are often unnecessarily forced to use heavier girder sections to meet these...

Early algebra, investigating linear functions, series & of &, Ariel's 8th grade interview, Clip 2 of 5: Ariel solving the Ladder problem

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In the second of five clips from a follow-up interview about his participation in Informal Mathematics Learning (IML), an after-school enrichment program, Ariel, an 8th grade student in an urban middle school, is asked to solve the Ladders problem, which he had worked on as a &th grader in IML. Researcher Cecilia Arias asks Ariel to read the first parts of the problem and Ariel quickly determines the number of rods necessary to build ladders...

The influence of complexity on the detection of contours

John Wilder
Detecting objects in visual scenes is an important function of the visual system. Studies of contour detection and contour integration have answered many questions about the human visual system, but the role of contour geometry is not well understood. This thesis considers the problem of contour detection as a Bayesian decision problem. I begin by describing a generative model for natural contours. Bayesian arguments predict that simple contours (high probability under the generative model) should...

The matrix sign function for solving surface wave problems in homogeneous and laterally periodic elastic half-spaces

Andrew N. Norris, A. L. Shuvalov & A. A. Kutsenko
The matrix sign function is shown to provide a simple and direct method to derive some fundamental results in the theory of surface waves in anisotropic materials. It is used to establish a shortcut to the basic formulas of the Barnett-Lothe integral formalism and to obtain an explicit solution of the algebraic matrix Riccati equation for the surface impedance. The matrix sign function allows the Barnett-Lothe formalism to be readily generalized for the problem of...

Deriving Pairedness in vP structure: Minimalist yet Optimal

Kyle Wade Grove & Michael Putnam
Minimalist accounts lack a natural theory of markedness, whereas Optimality-Theoretical accounts lack derivational procedure. We argue, then, that neither standard Minimalist nor standard Optimality-Theoretical frameworks enable straightforward, parsimonious accounts of what we call pairedness behavior, where a given language exhibits multiple forms occupying the same niche. We adopt a hybrid OT/MP account, first, to explain the unmarked/marked dichotomy of anticausatives in German, and, second, to explain why languages often exhibit direct and indirect causatives.

The Scarlet Letter, Rutgers College, 1888

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Student yearbook for Rutgers College.

A revised master plan for the Borough of West Caldwell, Essex County, New Jersey

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This report is a revised master plan for the Borough of West Caldwell, Essex County, New Jersey. The first part of this report considers each of the basic background elements as well as a projection of the population upon which future needs can be based. Following this analysis of the existing conditions in the Borough, part two of this report outlines proposals for the next 2 0 to 2 5 years. The proposed plan contains...

Sound change in Functional Phonology

Paul Boersma
Sound systems may never stop changing, not even if only internal factors are present, because there may always be a better system. Non-teleological random variation of constraint ranking defines a pressure that explains the existence of perpetually rotating cycles of sound changes.

Academic and behavioral effects of aerobic exercise on middle school students

Mark K. Alfone
In light of the many health and fitness advantages of taking part in physical activity, school physical education (PE) programs may not be capitalizing on the impact they can have on various student outcomes. PE programs need to look beyond the health and fitness connections that we have become familiar reading about and seeing first-hand. The view of modern PE programs should be expanded upon to incorporate possible benefits they may have on student achievement...

Future in the present

María Islas-López
Future consideration in the form of plans, hopes, projects and dreams is a constitutive feature of the life of Mexican migrants and their families. This study seeks to understand this engagement with the future of transnational actors—of those that move around and those who stay. The study explores the ways in which this future consideration plays out in people’s everyday transnational living and, accordingly, how people’s future-oriented thinking is factored in transnational dynamics. Drawing on...

A master plan for the township of Roxbury

Scott Bagby & Robert Catlin
The fundamental purpose of this report is to afford common understanding by means of an explanation of the process of community planning and a detailed analysis of the factors influencing community development, then applying this process and analysis to Roxbury Township.

Markedness and the Development of Prosodic Structure

Katherine Demuth
It has long been noted that children's early words are truncated in form, and that those forms show a certain degree of variability in shape. In this paper I show how the prosodic development of children's early words can be naturally accounted for in terms of prosodic constraints on output form. Critically, I assume that children's segmental representations of lexical items are full from the beginning, but that early emergence of unmarked prosodic structures (e.g....

Mentality of Tap Water Versus Bottled Water

Joanne Theisen, Stephanie Queirolo & Julie M. Fagan
The mentality Rutgers students have of their tap water being dirty and undrinkable, and the convenience and superiority of bottled water.

Sixth annual report of the Shade Tree Commission

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A yearly series of reports from the Newark Shade Tree Commission which covers planting, care, and inventory of shade trees in the city of Newark, New Jersey. Other topics include maintenance, insect control, nurseries, and parks.

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