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Quadrans - Sydenham p. 10* - Crawford &2/&

Some of the iconography of this coin references the "twelve labours of Hercules." The anonymous moneyer might be identified by the ear of corn symbol on the obverse.

Quadrans - Sydenham p. 10* - Crawford &2/&

Some of the iconography of this coin references the "twelve labours of Hercules." The anonymous moneyer might be identified by the ear of corn symbol on the obverse.

Mapping digest for New Jersey

Richard J. Barker
This booklet is an expansion of Sources of Information for New Jersey Engineers and Land Surveyors, compiled by Robert G. Blanchard in 1956. It was prepared with material provided by federal, State and private agencies, Mapping Digest for New Jersey fills a long standing need for a reference volume containing basic mapping data.

UseListedError: a grammatical account of lexical exceptions in phonological acquisition

Anne-Michelle Tessier
This paper presents an analysis of lexical exceptions in phonological acquisition – i.e. words that do not conform to a child’s currently-stable phonology – within an error-driven OT learning framework (Tesar and Smolensky 2000; Prince and Tesar 2004; Hayes 2004.) Two kinds of developmental lexical exceptions are discussed: 'fossilized' words that retain old pronunciations after the grammar has otherwise moved forward, and 'precocious' words that are pronounced more accurately than the rest of the grammar’s...

Deriving Pairedness in vP structure: Minimalist yet Optimal

Kyle Wade Grove & Michael Putnam
Minimalist accounts lack a natural theory of markedness, whereas Optimality-Theoretical accounts lack derivational procedure. We argue, then, that neither standard Minimalist nor standard Optimality-Theoretical frameworks enable straightforward, parsimonious accounts of what we call pairedness behavior, where a given language exhibits multiple forms occupying the same niche. We adopt a hybrid OT/MP account, first, to explain the unmarked/marked dichotomy of anticausatives in German, and, second, to explain why languages often exhibit direct and indirect causatives.

An Interview with Antonio Rufino

Gilbert Cohen & Antonio Rufino

Strong Positions and Laryngeal Features in Yukatek Maya

Scott AnderBois
Yukatek Maya has two phonological phenomena, allophonic aspiration and [h]-epenthesis, which insert the feature [spread glottis] at the right edge of the prosodic word and phonological phrase respectively. Providing an OT analysis, then, requires constraints which privilege [s.g.] in certain `weak' positions. This sort of constraint, however, conflicts with many theories of positional privilege since it prefers a marked form in a ‘weak' position. Despite this, we show that a limited class of such constraints...

An Interview with Heinz Seelbach

Gilbert Cohen & Heinz Seelbach

BPUM Impact Corporation in Brief, ca. 1980.

The Dangers of Protein Drink Supplements

Chelsea Holman, Nainy Kathuria, Yirong Chen, Ajay Singh & Julie M. Fagan
A study of the risks associated with protein drinks including heavy metal contaminants, high protein diet effects, and the trends towards pro-hormones

The Disappearance of the Data Book?

Bobray Bordelon & Ryan Womack
Discussion of changes and loss of statistical data as government publications such as the Statistical Abstract of the United States and the Consolidated Federal Funds Report cease. Presentation at Documents Association of New Jersey (DANJ) conference, November 2, 2012 [rescheduled to December 1&, 2012 due to Hurricane Sandy].

The Scarlet Letter, Rutgers College, 18&&

Student yearbook for Rutgers College.

The Scarlet Letter, Rutgers College, 1891

Student yearbook for Rutgers College.

Knight Walkers

Prakash Ramani, Michele Gomez, Doug Erling & Julie M. Fagan
Battling Obesity with Exercise

Plastic Bottle Bill in New Jersey

Samantha Falcone, Ankur Patel, Mitesh Patel, Steve Siberski, Melanie Simon & Julie M. Fagan
Finding the facts as to why there is no bottle bill in the state of New Jersey, what a bottle bill is composed of, educate people on the effects of the plastic to the earth, and the benefits of a bottle bill.

Climate Change

Geoffrey Heidelberger, Andrew Adams, Kenneth Ternlund, Erik Namendorf, Stephanie Winter, Kevin Cronin & Julie M. Fagan
Slowing down climate change by lowering emissions in NJ

A guide to the manuscript collection of the Rutgers University Library

Herbert F. Smith

Revolutionary War manuscripts in Special Collections and Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

Medicine and New Jersey

Albert C. King

Increasing the Efficiency Within the Charitable Hair Donation Process

Rency Mathew, Ankita Saripella, Jonathan Faig & Julie M. Fagan
Improving the Information Gap in Involvement with Hair Donation Organizations in the General New Brunswick Area

The Scarlet Letter, Rutgers College, April, 18&1

Student yearbook for Rutgers College.

Dog Aggression Elimination at Rutgers (DAggER)

Elyse Conway, Sarah Lipari, Casey Macalush, Nicole Rivas & Julie M. Fagan
Training shelter dogs to be family dogs

A comprehensive master plan report for the Town of Westfield, Union County, N. J., 1965

This Report is divided into three main parts. Part I deals with a study and analysis of existing conditions and background information pertaining to community development. All information has been analyzed and existing and future community development problems, resulting from this analysis, have been outlined in the Summary of each chapter.Part II deals with the specific Master Plan Proposals. It consists of four main sections; (1} the Future Land Use or Zoning Plan, (2) Street...

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