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Bibliography and index of the geology of New Jersey

Agnes B. Grametbaur

On the syntax and semantics of mirativity

Teresa Torres Bustamante
In this dissertation, I examine mirative constructions in Spanish and Albanian, in which past tense morphology is used to convey speaker's surprise and does not seem to contribute its usual temporal meaning to the asserted proposition. I put forward an analysis that makes the following claims. First, mirative sentences are assertions that include a modal component. This modal component brings up the speaker's beliefs in a way that entails the opposite of what the assertion...

Heart rate variability and rhythmic influences in human endotoxemia

Jeremy D. Scheff
Inflammation is a critical component of the physiological response to stress. Ideally, the endpoint of inflammation is restoration of homeostasis. However, when anti-inflammatory processes fail to appropriately balance pro-inflammatory signals, inflammation can have deleterious effects. Clinically, this is problematic in diseases such as sepsis because therapies to control inflammation are limited. Rhythmic biological signals, ranging in time scale from very fast neural oscillations to very slow seasonal patterns, are ubiquitous in physiological systems, including those...

A Conspiracy Argument for Optimality Theory: Emakhuwa Dialectology

Farida Cassimjee & Charles W. Kisseberth
This paper [to be published in the proceedings of the University of Pennsylvania Colloquium in Linguistics for 1999] argues that while the “conspiracy argument” (originally developed in Kisseberth (19&0)) clearly supports the Optimality Theory model of phonology, it is not the case that conspiracies are just an attribute of the synchronic grammars of a single language. Conspiracy arguments can be replicated in a variety of phonological domains (acquisition, speech pathology, language change, dialectology). The present...

The unity and scope of knowledge

Carlotta Pavese
Orthodoxy has it that knowledge is bifurcated between di erent kinds of states and in particular that there are species of knowledge that cannot be reduced to knowledge of truths. Moreover, it is commonly alleged that knowledge of truths alone falls short of explaining a distinctive kind of human capacity: the human capacity for skillful actions. This dissertation challenges both these orthodoxies. In the fi rst chapter, "Know how and Gradability," I defend the unity...

Detecting signatures of natural selection in genetic data

Aatish Bhatia
I report on three studies where I identify signatures of natural selection in humans, and dissect the genetic architecture of complex phenotypic traits in yeast. In chapter 2, I discuss the results of a quantitative trait mapping study, where we showed that yeast growth can be characterized by multiple biologically-relevant growth parameters obtained by fitting yeast growth OD data to a sigmoid function. We identified quantita- tive trait loci (QTL) and gene-gene interactions driving variation...

Learning Phonological Grammars for Output-Driven Maps

Bruce Tesar
The challenge of simultaneously learning a lexicon of underlying forms and a constraint ranking has been addressed by several scholars in recent work (Apoussidou 2007, Jarosz 2006, Merchant 2008, Tesar 2006). In particular, the proposal of Merchant, the Contrast Pair and Ranking information algorithm (CPR), avoids having to explicitly enumerate all possible underlying forms for each morpheme (in contrast to Apoussidou and Jarosz), and also avoids having to explicitly enumerate all possible constraint rankings (in...

RU Pet Fostering?

Michelle Deyer, Brittany Crawford & Julie M. Fagan
A Rutgers Pet Fostering Program

Early algebra, investigating linear functions, series 6 of &, Museum problem, Clip 5 of 6: James modeling the Museum problem with rods

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In the fifth of six clips from an after-school enrichment session in an urban middle school, James, a &th grade boy completing a unit about linear functions, has finished his written solution for the Museum problem. When researcher Markus Hahkioniemi asks James if he could use the Cuisenaire rods to model this problem, James begins by building a "ladder" with two rungs and counts the rods as he had for the earlier Ladder problem. He...

“You can't go to war without song"

Omotayo Tolulope Jolaosho
This dissertation examines the role of performance in the constitution of activist community from the vantage point of the Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF), one of many social movements that emerged in the wake of South Africa’s democratic transition. The study begins with the premise that performance is integral to activism, constituting the very groundwork through which queries of justice occur. It updates historical scholarship on the complicated roles of anti-apartheid performances in South Africa, providing insight...

Pequannock Township master plan revision study : final report

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It is the purpose of this report to present in summary form the results of studies leading to the preparaiion of the Master Plan Revision as well as the recommendations of this Plan. During the developntent of the Revised Plan, the 1950 Master Plan and Planning Board studies since that time were carefully reviewed and were used as guidelines in the preparation of the 1960 Plan. New planning studies necessary to reflect changing conditions and...

Didrachm - Sydenham 1 - Crawford 13/1

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According to Crawford, the coin may have been minted in Metapontum, a city located on the coast of southern Italy in Magna Graeca.

The mineral industry of New Jersey for 192&

Meredith Johnson
The statistics of the mineral industry of New Jersey for the calendar year 192& were collected by the State Department of Conservation and Development in cooperation with the United States Geological Survey and the U. S. Bureau of the Census.

The public library in an immigrant neighborhood

Ellen Marie Pozzi
This historical study of Italian immigrants’ information ecologies addresses the current lack of research on immigrants and libraries. The objective of this research is to develop a textured understanding of the information ecology of Italian immigrants, the exemplary group chosen for this study. The study is situated in Newark which was the site of immigrant settlement and vibrant immigrant information circuits during the last decade of the nineteenth and the first two decades of the...

Comparison of deflection and vibration limits for high performance steel bridges

Ryan J. Adams
Deflection limits are used in today’s highway bridge industry to indirectly limit the amount of vibration induced under normal operating loads. These limits were established based on subjective human responses to out-dated structure types, and have been found to have no correlation to a bridge’s actual vibration behavior or structural longevity. Bridge designers wishing to take advantage of High Performance Steel (HPS) materials are often unnecessarily forced to use heavier girder sections to meet these...

Early algebra, investigating linear functions, series & of &, Ariel's 8th grade interview, Clip 2 of 5: Ariel solving the Ladder problem

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In the second of five clips from a follow-up interview about his participation in Informal Mathematics Learning (IML), an after-school enrichment program, Ariel, an 8th grade student in an urban middle school, is asked to solve the Ladders problem, which he had worked on as a &th grader in IML. Researcher Cecilia Arias asks Ariel to read the first parts of the problem and Ariel quickly determines the number of rods necessary to build ladders...

The influence of complexity on the detection of contours

John Wilder
Detecting objects in visual scenes is an important function of the visual system. Studies of contour detection and contour integration have answered many questions about the human visual system, but the role of contour geometry is not well understood. This thesis considers the problem of contour detection as a Bayesian decision problem. I begin by describing a generative model for natural contours. Bayesian arguments predict that simple contours (high probability under the generative model) should...

The matrix sign function for solving surface wave problems in homogeneous and laterally periodic elastic half-spaces

Andrew N. Norris, A. L. Shuvalov & A. A. Kutsenko
The matrix sign function is shown to provide a simple and direct method to derive some fundamental results in the theory of surface waves in anisotropic materials. It is used to establish a shortcut to the basic formulas of the Barnett-Lothe integral formalism and to obtain an explicit solution of the algebraic matrix Riccati equation for the surface impedance. The matrix sign function allows the Barnett-Lothe formalism to be readily generalized for the problem of...

Deriving Pairedness in vP structure: Minimalist yet Optimal

Kyle Wade Grove & Michael Putnam
Minimalist accounts lack a natural theory of markedness, whereas Optimality-Theoretical accounts lack derivational procedure. We argue, then, that neither standard Minimalist nor standard Optimality-Theoretical frameworks enable straightforward, parsimonious accounts of what we call pairedness behavior, where a given language exhibits multiple forms occupying the same niche. We adopt a hybrid OT/MP account, first, to explain the unmarked/marked dichotomy of anticausatives in German, and, second, to explain why languages often exhibit direct and indirect causatives.

The Scarlet Letter, Rutgers College, 1888

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Student yearbook for Rutgers College.

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