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Guidelines for Measuring and Reporting Environmental Parameters for Experiments in Greenhouses

Arend-Jan Both, Laurence Benjamin, J. Franklin, Geoff Holroyd, Lynton D. Incoll, Mark G. Lefsrud & Graham Pitkin
The importance of appropriate, accurate measurement and reporting of environmental parameters in plant sciences is a significant aspect of quality assurance for all researchers and their research. There is a clear need for ensuring research across the world can be compared, understood and where necessary replicated by fellow researchers. A common set of guidelines to educate, assist and encourage comparativeness is of great importance. On the other hand, the level of effort and attention to...

Distributions and reactivities of phenolic antioxidants in various aggregation systems

Qing Gu
Selecting the best antioxidant, AO, for a particular food application is still a major problem in food science because AO e ciencies are determined by a variety of factors. One major di culty in establishing a scale of AO e ciencies has been the lack of reliable methods for determining AO distributions between the di erent regions of aggregated systems, which arises from the physical impossibility of separating the interfacial region from the aqueous or...

Examination of major tea catechins on GLUT4 translocation in L6 skeletal muscle cells

Nicole Hamlin
Obesity and its manifested pathophysiological effects (insulin-resistance, metabolic disease, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.) are reaching epidemic proportions in the developed world. Roughly one-third of adults twenty years and over are considered overweight or obese, therefore interventional approaches have been of interest in the scientific community. Besides its palatable popularity, tea brewed from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis has become increasingly popular due to its possible effects on human health in alleviating...

Intergenerational geographies of race and gender

Adam Maxlind Hantel
“Intergenerational Geographies of Race and Gender: Tracing the Confluence of Afro-Caribbean and Feminist Thought Beyond the Word of Man,” proposes a theory of humanism that grapples with contemporary patriarchy, racism, and colonialism. First, following the work of Sylvia Wynter and Frantz Fanon, it develops methodological tools for mapping experiments in collective life currently unintelligible to conventional understandings of the human. Second, it argues that Caribbean philosophy answers Wynter’s challenge to think the human in its...

Design, synthesis, and characterization of bioactive amphiphiles for therapeutic applications

Allison Marie Faig
Amphiphilic molecules are comprised of hydrophobic and hydrophilic domains. These molecules possess diverse chemical structures, which govern their physicochemical and biological properties, and these properties dictate amphiphiles’ use in various applications. This dissertation focuses on the design, synthesis, and characterization of amphiphiles for biomedical applications. Amphiphilic macromolecules (AMs), comprised of an acylated sugar backbone conjugated to a hydrophilic poly(ethylene glycol), were investigated as atherosclerosis treatments. Atherosclerosis is characterized by the accumulation and macrophage-mediated uptake of...

An unexpected journey

Jeremy Adam Feinberg
In recent decades, anuran amphibians have suffered unprecedented declines throughout many parts of the world. In the eastern United States, one example of an enigmatic extirpation has emerged over recent decades in which leopard frogs disappeared from parts of New York City, Long Island, and surrounding mainland areas in New York and Connecticut. I conducted research into the causes of this extirpation and focused specifically on Long Island where the southern leopard frog, Rana (Lithobates)...

High frequency trading, hidden orders and market quality in equities

Cheng Gao
The first essay studies the roles of trading speed and hidden orders in limit order markets. We develop a model where liquidity suppliers differ in speed of revising their limit orders and have an option of hiding their orders. The model predicts that fast liquidity suppliers bear lower adverse selection risk and therefore submit orders with narrower bid-ask spreads. Slow liquidity suppliers may overcome their speed disadvantage by using hidden orders. We also provide empirical...

Similarity detection techniques for mobile platform artifacts

Amruta Gokhale
There has been a tremendous increase in availability and use of mobile apps in recent years. Two dominant mobile platform providers, Apple and Google, have over 1.4 million applications (apps) each in their app markets as of May 2015. Such huge number of available apps gives rise to problems in managing app repositories. Also, a peculiar set of challenges is faced by the large community of mobile app developers. This dissertation describes novel solutions to...

Rotary actuators based on pneumatically-driven elastomeric structures

Xiangyu Gong
This thesis describes a unique mechanism – a soft rotary actuator – based on peristaltic motion and large strain of inflatable elastomeric materials, which consists of an inflatable stator paired with a rotor. Timed inflation and deflation of the air-filled bladders in the stators enable controllable rotational speed of the rotor (~18 RPM). With two configurations (Type 1 and Type 2), this rotary actuator is capable of having either an internal rotor for winch- or...

Rehabilitation & Movement Sciences

The State University Of New Jersey Rutgers

The influence of different diagnostic imaging and interventional repair techniques on mortality rate in aortic aneurysm patients

Abdullah Othman Alamoudi
Among the several factors related to high mortality, imaging methods and intervention procedures could be important. American College of Radiologists (ACR) prescribed some appropriateness guidelines for diagnostic imaging. Not complying with them fully or partially may also be a mortality factor. The present study was undertaken to investigate these aspects. NIS data for the period of 2008-2012 using ICD-9 codes were obtained for 6 types of aneurysms- intact and ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA), Thoracic...

Utilization of health information technology systems in quality improvement methodologies at healthcare organizations in the United States

Raed H. AlHazme
Quality improvement in healthcare has been one of the key challenges in the United States for decades now. To overcome those challenge, healthcare organizations have employed many of the common Quality Improvement Methodologies (QIMs). Those methodologies and others have been some of the most effective tools for quality improvement in many other industries, including manufacturing and supply chain. However, it is unclear as to how QIMs are utilized in healthcare settings and if the QIM...

A modified technology acceptance model (TAM) for implementation of privacy in health information systems in Saudi Arabia

Sulaiman S. Almutairi
This study developed a modified technology acceptance model (TAM) based of the actual adoption of the privacy of health information that suggested that external factors of culture and awareness of health information privacy predicted internal factors of privacy, including confidentiality, accountability, and regulations and policies. The study was concerned with the effects of culture and the nature of privacy, as well as the ways in which people’s sensitive information is accessed and maintained by healthcare...

Impact of socio-demographic factors on comorbidity burden in diabetes mellitus patients

Sheelu Bhatnagar
BACKGROUND — Racial/ethnic and Gender disparities in healthcare quality have been documented, but knowledge of discrepancy in diabetic comorbidities, prevalence, awareness and impact of sociodemographic factors among diabetic cohort remains incomplete, which may reflect direct effects of comorbidities and, medical care quality. Diabetes mellitus (DM) epidemic is relentless and a common metabolic disorder with major public health impact due to its detrimental consequences causing severe end-organ damage as retinopathy, nephropathy, cardiovascular, neurological and many more...

The impact of health information technology on inpatient medical errors in US hospitals

Nadia Ramey
Background In today’s complex and high risk healthcare environment the race to implement health information technology (health IT) in the care delivery system is becoming more prevalent in United States hospitals but the science to support its safe and effective use is contradictory at best. Since the 1999 Institute of Medicine Report, To Err is Human, Building a Safer Health System; there has been an increasingly intensive focus on the prevention of medical errors and...

A86, Discovering equivalent fractions and introducing fraction notation (classroom view), Grade 4, October 4, 1993, raw footage

Carolyn Alexander Maher
Researcher Maher began the session by discussing the relative size of fractions within different models. Using the analogy of two different sized dioramas of children in a fishing boat, the class agreed that the proportions within each model need to be the same, but that the parts of the models cannot be interchanged. Then, the class worked in partners on the problem: Which is larger, one half or two thirds, and by how much? Meredith,...

Nonlinear shear wave interaction at a frictional interface: Energy dissipation and generation of harmonics

Andrew N. Norris, A. Meziane & A. L. Shuvalov
Analytical and numerical modelling of the nonlinear interaction of shear wave with a frictional interface is presented. The system studied is composed of two homogeneous and isotropic elastic solids, brought into frictional contact by remote normal compression. A shear wave, either time harmonic or a narrow band pulse, is incident normal to the interface and propagates through the contact. Two friction laws are considered and their influence on interface behavior is investigated : Coulomb's law...

Continuing the Conversation: Questions about the Framework

Megan E. Dempsey, Heather Dalal, Lynee R. Dokus, Leslin H. Charles & Davida Scharf
This essay raises questions about the future of information literacy in higher education, given the prevalence of the Information Literacy Competency Standards in the library profession for the past 15 years, and the heated debate that took place regarding whether the Framework for Information Literacy and the Standards could harmoniously co-exist. We do not have answers to these questions, but we offer our perspectives on how the Standards have served academic librarians in the past...

High-Fructose Corn Syrup: Health and Economic Effects

Lynn Ma, Eliza Ahmed & Julie M. Fagan
Educating Students of the Difference between HFCS and Sugar and Providing An Alternative To Regular Pepsi In Rutgers Vending Machines

Qin, Mingming

Mingming Qin

Lorusso, Nicholas

Nicholas Lorusso

Personal BioBlitz: A New Way to Encourage Biodiversity Discovery and Knowledge in K-99 Education and Outreach

Nicholas B. Pollock, Natalie Howe, Ivelisse Irizarry, Nicholas Lorusso, Ariel Kruger, Kurtis Himmler & Lena Struwe
Broad and detailed knowledge about common species in everyday life has decreased among the public. Even biology researchers may be largely unaware of our everyday biodiversity. To counter such 'species blindness' and create long-term excitement and learning about the biodiversity we see every day, we arranged 76-day BioBlitzes at Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA) in 2014 and 2015 where participants identified and listed all species they discovered. The result was 7270/11748 observations from 30/78 participants...

Source amplitudes for active exterior cloaking

Andrew N. Norris, Feruza A. Amirkulova & William J. Parnell
The active cloak comprises a discrete set of multipole sources that destructively interfere with an incident time harmonic scalar wave to produce zero total field over a finite spatial region. For a given number of sources and their positions in two dimensions it is shown that the multipole amplitudes can be expressed as infinite sums of the coefficients of the incident wave decomposed into regular Bessel functions. The field generated by the active sources vanishes...

Fourth Amendment Rights for Nonresident Aliens

Alec D. Walen
The U.S. National Security Agency has nearly unlimited authority to spy upon citizens of foreign countries while they are outside the United States. It goes almost without saying that such targeting of U.S. citizens, without any hint of individualized suspicion either of criminal wrongdoing or of being a threat to national security, would be constitutionally prohibited under the Fourth Amendment. However, the dominant view in the American legal community is that there is nothing constitutionally...

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