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Competence, Performance, and the Locality of Quantifier Raising: Evidence from 4-Year-Old Children

Kristen Syrett & Jeffrey Lidz
We revisit the purported locality constraint on Quantifier Raising (QR) by investigating children’s and adults’ interpretation of antecedent contained-deletion (ACD) sentences, where the interpretation depends on the landing site targeted by QR out of an embedded clause. When ACD is embedded in a nonfinite clause, 4-year-old children and adults access both the embedded and the matrix interpretations. When ACD is embedded in a finite clause, and the matrix interpretation is generally believed to be ungrammatical,...

Development, validity, and reliability of home opportunities for physical activity (HOP) questionnaire for households with young children

Carolyn Cheng
Childhood obesity continues to have long-term health implications for millions of children in the United States. Physical activity is a key component to preventing obesity. Based on the Social Learning Theory and the concept of reciprocal determinism, behavior and environment interact with each other simultaneously and reciprocally. Thus, early identification of physical activity opportunities in and around the home is important to promote physical activity behaviors in young children. Few questionnaires exist that assess the...

Trait emotional intelligence and burnout in school psychologists

Kerri Smith
The role of the school psychologist is one that requires both emotional and physical energy in order to meet the demands of working with an array of children, teachers, administrators, parents, and other personnel. Such a demanding career can lead to high stress and burnout. The current study focuses on how emotional intelligence (EI), or the ability to understand, reason with, and manage feelings, impacts the likelihood of burnout among school psychologists. Two hypotheses were...

Gould Costume Party, Lakewood, N.J.

Pach Brothers Photographers
Caption for similar image in Moss and Schnitzpahn (1997): "A costume party given at Georgian Court by George Jay Gould (in formal Scottish attire, lower right) seems to be less than an exciting affair. The guests were attended to by a dozen servants." (p. 81)

American soldiers and Italian women

Francesca Ruvolo
By 1943, the effects of war had taken its toll on Naples as the city lay in ruins and its people were starving. They were described by soldiers as returning to the Dark Ages; hungry and craving for miracles and cures. What set Italy apart from other occupied areas was its dual occupation: by the Allies in the south and the Germans in the north. More specifically, Naples was the largest resting camp for Allied...

Unilateral partial nephrectomy with warm ischemia results in acute Hypoxia inducible factor 1-alpha (HIF-1α) and toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) overexpression in a porcine model

Zhiyong Zhang, Beatrice Haimovich, Tyler Lu, Billie Fyfe-Kirschner & Ephrem O. Olweny
Purpose: Ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) during partial nephrectomy (PN) contributes to acute kidney injury (AKI), which is inaccurately assessed using existent clinical markers of renal function. We evaluated I/R-related changes in expression in hypoxia inducible factor 1α (HIF-1α) and toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4), within kidney tissue and peripheral blood leukocytes (PBL) in a porcine model of PN.Materials and Methods: Three adult pigs each underwent unilateral renal hilar cross clamping for 180 min followed by a 15 min...

Finite element characterization of soft tissue viscoelastic parameters in acoustic radiation force imaging within the region of excitation

Xiaodong Zhao
Biomechanical imaging techniques based on acoustic radiation force (ARF) have been developed to characterize the viscoelasticity of soft tissue by measuring the motion induced with ARF noninvasively. The unknown stress distribution in the region of excitation (ROE) limits an accurate inverse characterization of soft tissue viscoelasticity. Thus, many assumptions have been made for both qualitative and quantitative ARF imaging within the ROE. In this thesis, the finite element method is applied to study the dynamic...

Reconciling Past Changes in Earth Rotation with 20th Century Global Sea-Level Rise: Resolving Munk’s Enigma

Jerry X. Mitrovica, Carling C. Hay, Eric Morrow, Robert E. Kopp, Mathieu Dumberry & Sabine Stanley
In 2002, W. H. Munk defined an important enigma of 20th century global mean sea-level (GMSL) rise that has yet to be resolved. First, he listed three canonical observations related to Earth rotation – (1) the slowing of the Earth’s rotation rate over the last three millennia inferred from ancient eclipse observations, and changes in (2) the amplitude and (3) orientation of the Earth’s rotation vector over the last century estimated from geodetic and astronomic...

How topography induces reproductive asynchrony and alters gypsy moth invasion dynamics

Jonathan A. Walter, Marcia S. Meixler, Thomas Mueller, William F. Fagan, Patrick C. Tobin & Kyle J. Haynes
1. Reproductive asynchrony, a temporal mismatch in reproductive maturation between an individual and potential mates, may contribute to mate-finding failure and Allee effects that influence the establishment and spread of invasive species. Variation in elevation is likely to promote variability in maturation times for species with temperature-dependent development, but it is not known how strongly this influences reproductive asynchrony or the population growth of invasive species.2. We examined whether spatial variation in reproductive asynchrony, due...

Intracavity optogalvanic spectroscopy applied to radiocarbon detection

Junming Liu
Radiocarbon is extremely useful for archeological dating as well as for clinical, laboratory and atmospheric tracer applications. In this thesis, we report a new physical description of the ICOGS system process of radiocarbon optogalvanic signal extraction and analysis. To be specific, we first describe the fundamental theory of the Optogalvanic effect. Based on a set of 4-energy level rate equations for N2 buffer gas and a set of 2-energy level for CO2 sample gas, we...

National gallery of modern what

Advait Ubhayakar
The fallout of India’s 2014 General Elections — the largest in human history — connects and changes three young artists forever. We follow Hagga, a a smooth-talking radio-jockey and self-described ‘voice monkey’ on the run from the shadowy Election Commission. The following excerpt contains nine chapters of the novel's first section — National — narrated by Hagga, along with one set-piece from 'Internet Hindus' who espouse their larger cause. As the story unfolds, we follow...

Letter from Mrs. Ann Kipp of the Jr. Woman's Club to the Friends of the Roseland Library April 7, 1966

Roseland Free Public Library
Letter from Mrs. Ann Kipp of the Jr. Woman's Club to the Friends of the Roseland Library April 7, 1966 giving a donation from the Roseland Woman's Club to Friends of the Roseland Library.

Comparison of two models in differentially private distributed learning

Liyang Xie
Designing medical systems that can automatically diagnose patient's conditions from test data can greatly improve healthcare systems. With the help of machine learning tools and differential privacy consideration, this system can be made more efficient and powerful. Empirical risk minimization is a common and useful technique with which we can obtain a good approximation of globally optimal classifier and thus give good statistical classification result. Firstly we introduce three models for medical data learning and...

Mathematical model and simulation study on the motion of suspended particles in 3D deterministic lateral displacement

Tianya Yin
Deterministic lateral displacement (DLD) is a size-based separation technique in microfluidic devices: as a suspension flows through a periodic array of posts, particles of different size migrate in different directions. In previous DLD systems, particles were confined to move in a plane perpendicular to the array of posts. Here, we present a 3D separation model in which the particles are driven by a constant force that not only has components in the plane perpendicular to...

Press Release Announcing the Resurgence of the Friends Group in 1989

Roseland Free Public Library
Press Release Announcing the Resurgence of the Friends Group in 1989 dated December 1, 1989. The Friends were active through the construction of the New Library to September 1988 when the group fell dorment again until it was reorganized in September 11, 1989.

Power, politics, and participation

Ashley Elizabeth Nickels
This research focused on the ways in which municipal takeovers reshape local democracy, not only by suspending representative government, but disrupting the existing order and creating opportunities and incentives that shift power in the local political system. The primary question that guided this research was: how, through its implementation, does municipal takeover policy reshape local democracy? Drawing from a constructivist-institutionalist framework, I found that the tools and strategies designed by the state to fix a...

Letter from Joseph M. Shotz District Director of US Treasury Department IRS to the Friends of the RoselandLibrary January 31, 1967

Roseland Free Public Library
Letter from Joseph M. Shotz District Director of US Treasury Department IRS to the Friends of the Roseland dated January 31, 1967 stating that the IRS has determind that the Friends of the Roseland Library was exempt from Federal Income Tax. (see Federal Tax Exemption Application)

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