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Analysis of Alzheimer disease inpatients in the United States

Bader F. Alkhamees
Abstract Background: Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the commonest dementia, which has no recognized cure. It causes deterioration as it advances, and ultimately results in death. AD was primarily defined by German psychiatric specialist and neuropathologist, Alois Alzheimer. Frequently, AD Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed in persons above the age of 65 years, even though the less common early-onset of the disease can happen. It is anticipated that more than 3 million individuals aged 85 and more...

Mutuality and resilience in a sample of adults with histories of abuse

Carlos Fernando Pozzi-Montero
The present study explored the relationship between gender, race/ethnicity, mutuality and resilience in a sample of adults with histories of child abuse. Based on the theoretical framework proposed by relational-cultural theory, which argues that the main cause of human suffering is disconnection and disconnection can only be healed through new, growth-fostering connections characterized by mutuality, it was hypothesized that there is a significant difference in mutuality scores for different groups divided by gender and race/ethnicity....

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Predication of Nonlinear Heat Transfer in a Convective-Radiative Fin With Temperature-Dependent Properties by the Collocation Spectral Method

Yasong Sun, Jing Ma, Benwen Li & Zhixiong Guo
The applicability of the collocation spectral method (CSM) for solving nonlinear heat transfer problem is demonstrated in a convective-radiative fin with temperature-dependent properties. In this method, the fin temperature distribution is approximated by Lagrange interpolation polynomials at spectral collocation points. The differential form of the energy equation is transformed to a matrix form of algebraic equations. The computational convergence of the CSM approximately follows an exponential decaying law; and thus, it is a very simple...

Digital Colonization and Virtual Indigeneity: Indigenous Knowledge and Algorithm Bias

Melissa Gasparotto
A growing body of research examining the role of technology in indigenous knowledge production and distribution has helped define the new ways that communities are connecting to each other and organizing around the world. At the same time, social justice activist focus in the United States has turned to the underlying infrastructure of the internet and the ways in which it may in fact hinder these connections, not the least due to the amply documented...

Kennedi's Color Combination

Kennedi Paschal & Bernice Paschal
For Christmas my grandmother came over my house! She asked me if I wanted another quilt, of course I said, Yes! We couldn't decide what pattern I wanted so I made a collage of different pieces to put together.

Computational study of NADH interactions with voltage-dependent anion channel

Sai Shashank Chavali
The Voltage Dependent Anion Channel (VDAC) is a mitochondrial outer mem- brane protein that serves as a diffusion pore for ions like Ca2+,Cl-, small metabolites and nucleotides like ATP, ADP and NADH, thereby regulating metabolic and energetic flux across the outer mitochondrial membrane. Previous studies have indicated that Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in its reduced form (NADH) but not oxidized form (NAD+) minimizes conduction through VDAC. However, there is no available non-conducting structure of VDAC, and...

Repertoires of collaboration

Kirk Leach
Fueled in part by fiscal challenges and structural shifts at the state and federal level, nonprofit organizations are increasingly relying on cross sector community partnerships to address wicked policy problems in areas such as community development, neighborhood revitalization, and health and human services. Cross sector community partnerships (CSCPs) blur sectoral boundaries by integrating the activities and modus operandi of organizations from the public, private, and civil society sectors. The literature on cross sector community partnerships...

Grunt work

Derrick Miller
Grunt Work is a work of fiction that examines working-class struggles to find steady employment in the ever-changing landscape of Southern New Jersey, specifically in the aftermath of the Great Recession of the late 2000s. The protagonist, Rick, works odd jobs to earn a living after work through his brother Jimmy's construction business has become inconsistent. However, Rick has remained loyal to Jimmy's promises of finding more work to keep the business afloat, but Jimmy's...

Cantwell, John

John Cantwell

The changing landscape of JIBS authorship

John Cantwell, Anke Piepenbrink, Pallavi Shukla & Alexandra Vo
In this study, we examine the landscape of JIBS authorship over time to assess: (1) the accessibility of JIBS to new contributors, and (2) the diversity of authors contributing to JIBS. Our analysis of author data from 1972 to 2014 shows that JIBS is becoming more accessible, as indicated by the high and sustained proportion of first-time contributors to the journal. This is also evident from the recent decline in the share of authors with...

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\"Trying to Find the Middle Ground\": Drug Policy and Harm Reduction in Black Communities

Michael H. Eversman
U.S. federal drug policy has long emphasized criminalization and incarceration, and many negative policy outcomes have disproportionately impacted communities of color and Blacks in particular. The framework of harm reduction informs a range of alternative policy strategies from decriminalization to legalization, treating drugs more as a public health than a criminal justice issue. While Black communities are seen as opposing harm reduction with illicit drugs, Black leadership has recently supported ending the war on drugs....

Influences of host community characteristics on Borrelia burgdorferi infection prevalence in Blacklegged ticks

Holly B. Vuong, Grace S. Chiu, Peter E. Smouse, Dina M. Fonseca, Dustin Brisson, Peter J. Morin & Richard S. Ostfeld
Lyme disease is a major vector-borne bacterial disease in the USA. The disease is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, and transmitted among hosts and humans, primarily by blacklegged ticks (Ixodes scapularis). The ~25 B. burgdorferi genotypes, based on genotypic variation of their outer surface protein C (ospC), can be phenotypically separated as strains that primarily cause human diseases – human invasive strains (HIS) – or those that rarely do – and are non-randomly associated with host...

Complexity of Regular Functions

Eric Allender & Ian Mertz
We give complexity bounds for various classes of functions computed by cost register automata.

Broccoli, Anthony

Anthony Broccoli

Detailed work plan for phase I diagnostic-feasibility study of Etra Lake

This is a detailed work plan for a diagnostic-feasibility study of Etra Lake that includes an introduction, a project schedule, and a scope of work that details characteristics and data collected about the lake, a lake restoration plan, and plans for a final report to be submitted with the results of the study. The study was funded mainly under phase I of the EPA Clean Lakes Program.

Attis: 7-2

Robert Moevs

Attis: copy made March, 1977: 7-3

Robert Moevs

Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 in F major (op. 68); and Stravinsky: Petroushka: 7-4

Robert Moevs

Beethoven Piano Sonatas: 7-5

Robert Moevs

Milwaukee Piece: open rehearsal: CT-17

Robert Moevs

Moevs: Master CH Music: CT-19

Robert Moevs

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