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Stormwater runoff and drainage facilities report no.6 (final)

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Many of the County's approximately 250 major pipes and culverts draining various drainage areas will be inadequate when the drainage areas are developed for residential, commercial and industrial uses.Fortunately, under the 1969 amendment to the County & Regional Planning Act, developers must pay a proportionate share of any new facility that will be required as a result of development. This report, using the "Rational Method" of runoff calculation, allows the County to quickly estimate the...

Committee meeting of the Assembly Legislative Oversight Committee, continuation of the review of the status of the cleanup of the CPS/Madison industrial site and discussion of Department of Environmental Protection policy with regard to industrial cleanups: Held February 28, 1985, Room 346, State House Annex, Trenton, New Jersey

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Transcript of committee meeting of the Assembly Legislative Oversight Committee on the continuation of the review of the status of the cleanup of the CPS/Madison industrial site and discussion of Department of Environmental Protection policy with regard to industrial cleanups: Held:February 28, 1985Room 346State House AnnexTrenton, New Jersey

"This is not the soldier you know": treason trials and the unmaking of Turkey’s military

Senem Kaptan
My dissertation project is an ethnographic examination of the controversial civilian trials of military officers accused of treason and coup plotting in contemporary Turkey. Since 2008, hundreds of officers of the Turkish Armed Forces have been on trial in multiple cases with allegations ranging from forming a terrorist organization within the state to leaking of state secrets for purposes of military espionage and plotting a coup to overthrow the government. Controversial from beginning to end,...

Video based Activity Recognition in a Trauma Center

Ishani Chakraborty & Ahmed Elgammal
We present a feasibility study of automated, vision-based detection and recognition of trauma procedures in a medical emergency room. Given a ceiling-mounted camera view of the trauma room, our goal is to track and transcribe the activities performed during resuscitation of a patient, the time instances of their initiation and their temporal durations. We represent activities through complex spatiotemporal relationships between image features based on scene dynamics, patient localization, clinicians’ hand motions and medical devices....

Compiler-Directed Dynamic Frequency and Voltage Scheduling

Chung-Hsing Hsu, Ulrich Kremer & Michael Hsiao
Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling has been identified as one of the most effective ways to reduce power dissipation. This paper discusses a compilation strategy that identifies opportunities for dynamic voltage and frequency scaling of the CPU without significant increase in overall program execution time. The paper introduces a simple, yet effective performance model to determine an efficient CPU slow-down factor for memory bound loop computations. Simulation results of a superscalar target architecture and a...

High water line along St. Mary Street in Burlington

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A map of the high water line along Saint Mary Street in Burlington Township

Map showing pierhead and bulkhead line on Absecon Bay partly in the Township of Galloway and partly in the Township of Egg Harbor - County of Atlantic

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Map showing pierhead and bulkhead line on Absecon Bay partly in the Township of Galloway and partly in the Township of Egg Harbor - County of Atlantic. Board of Commerce and Navigation Map No. 210.

Map showing the location of lands in the Town of Harrison, Hudson County, N.J.

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Map showing the location of lands in the town of Harrison, Hudson County, N.J. for the title to which the Town of Harrison makes application to the Riparian Commissioners. Map covers area from Sussex Street to Cumberland Street in the town of Harrison. Map shows a layout of the town of Harrison and includes the Passaic River.

Delaware River Basin Commission: Annual report 1966

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This is the fourth annual report of the Delaware River Basin Commission, the interstate-federal agency established in 1961 under the Delaware River Basin Compact to guide the regional planning, development and management of the valley's water resources.

Plan of Governor's, Kennedy's and Brown's Island with Paulus and Red Hook together with part of the Bay and Soundings, shewing the position they bear to each other and to New York

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Map shows Kennedy's (Bedlows), Notten (Governor's), and Brown's Island, as well as Paulus Hook, Red Hook, the Bay of New York, East River, and North River.

How to recycle at your marina! in New Jersey

Linda Doherty & Paul Kraml
Informative book on recycling and waste management for marina operators.

Lead education - is it working? The effectiveness of the safe water drinking act

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Lead in drinking water is a significant environmental health risk, contributing to lowerIQ, short attention span and learning disabilities. U.S. EPA estimates the medical costs aloneat $4.5 billion a year. States like New Jersey, with older housing, bear the greatest risk; andchildren under six are most vulnerable to lasting harm. Yet exposure to lead in drinking watercan be avoided by comparatively simple actions by households and water providers.Recognizing this opportunity for substantial cost-effective risk reduction,...

Dantean Journeys: The Motif of Meeting the Dead in Modern Poetry

Jeffery A. Triggs
It seems almost odd that a poet as remote, historically, linguistically, and philosophically, as Dante should maintain so pervasive an influence on modern poetry in English, by which we may comprehend the work of romantic, modernist, and contemporary poets. And yet it is easily demonstrable that Dante, a poet with medieval religious beliefs, an elaborately allegorical method, and an Italian system of versification difficult to transpose into English, has been an intimate and profound influence...

Large Group Portrait, Monmouth County, N.J.

Pach Brothers Photographers

Map showing pierhead line and bulkhead line on Newark Bay in the City of Bayonne in the County of Hudson

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Map showing pierhead line and bulkhead line on Newark Bay in the City of Bayonne in the County of Hudson. Board of Commerce and Navigation Map No. 217.

Joint statement of the governing bodies of the New Jersey Farm Bureau and the New Jersey State Grange

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Joint statement of the governing bodies of the New Jersey Farm Bureau and the New Jersey State Grange to the delegates of the forthcoming Constitutional Convention and to the public.

Ellis Island 1857 U.S. Coast Survey Low Water Line

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Map shows the 1857 low water line and pier wall and 1995 survey.

Infinite limits of finite-dimensional permutation structures, and their automorphism groups

Samuel Walker Braunfeld
In the course of classifying the homogeneous permutations, Cameron introduced the viewpoint of permutations as structures in a language of two linear orders [7], and this structural viewpoint is taken up here. The majority of this thesis is concerned with Cameron's problem of classifying the homogeneous structures in a language of finitely many linear orders, which we call finite-dimensional permutation structures. Towards this problem, we present a construction that we conjecture produces all such structures....

3rd Street to 2nd Street in Hoboken, N.J.

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Map depicts the properties of the Hoboken Land and Improvement Company, the Camden & Amboy R.R. Co., and the North German Lloyd S.S. Co., between 2nd and 3rd Streets in Hoboken.

Estimating the human health risks associated with exposures to harmful constituents emitted from electronic cigarettes

Yeongkwon Son
The use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) has been rapidly increased because e-cigarettes are believed to be less harmful to health than conventional cigarettes. In the past five years, a few human and rodent in vivo and in vitro studies have suggested adverse health effects associated with e-cigarette vaping. However, the emission of chemicals and particles from e-cigarettes is still not well understood under “real-world” vaping conditions. This study evaluated the impacts of “real-world” e-cigarette battery...

Prescriptive authority for New Jersey psychologists

Brendan Graziano
As an increasing number of state legislatures consider granting prescriptive authority to qualified psychologists (RxP), it is important for the field of professional psychology to examine our own professional community’s opinions and attitudes toward this policy area (McGrath, 2010). In addition to examining attitudes and beliefs about RxP, this study examines: (a) if exposure to RxP-related information influences one’s opinion toward RxP; (b) how psychology graduate students and psychologists utilize information related to RxP; (c)...

The Muslim 'Veil' Post-9/11: Rethinking Women's Rights and Leadership

Sahar F. Aziz
In the post-9/11 era, Muslim women donning a headscarf in the United States find themselves trapped at the intersection of bias against Islam, the racialized Muslim, and women. In contrast to their male counterparts, they often face unique forms of discrimination not adequately addressed by Muslim civil rights advocacy organizations, women’s rights organizations, or civil liberties advocates. From the outset, it is worth emphasizing that there is no singular, unitary “Muslim woman” that can represent...

A sequential cognitive diagnosis model for graded response

Wenchao Ma
Cognitive diagnosis models (CDMs) have received increasing attention in recent years. The goal of CDMs is to classify examinees into different latent classes with unique attribute patterns indicating mastery or nonmastery on a set of skills or attributes of interest. Although a large number of CDMs can be found in the literature, most of them are developed for dichotomous response data. This dissertation proposes a general cognitive diagnosis model for a special type of polytomously...

NJDEP Monitoring and Research in the Barnegat Estuary, Human and Ecological Health

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Presentation slides on NJDEP monitoring and research in the Barnegat Bay. Presented by Bob Connell at the Barnegat Bay Stakeholder Meeting.

Preparing pre-service teachers for English language learners with a community-based service learning project

Tuba Arabaci Atlamaz
Despite considerable number of English language learners (ELLs) in mainstream classrooms, very few of the teachers are adequately trained to work with ELLs (Hutchinson, 2013). This disparity leads to many problems such as ELLs struggle with the demands of academic life in mainstream classrooms due to their teachers' lack of knowledge, skills, and positive disposition towards ELLs. Hence, mainstream teachers' awareness of ELLs' experiences, knowledge, and skills is critical. One important action for increasing the...

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