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Humbert Rising: The Nature and Function of the Two Parts in Lolita

Jeffery A. Triggs
Vladimir Nabokov was never one to miss an opportunity of balance, and Lolita is full of balances, repetitions, and oppositions. This is as true of the novel’s larger structure as it is of minutiae. The balance in a name like Humbert Humbert is reflected in the balance of the two parts of the book. In fact, the two parts of the book are vigorous opposites in structure and in tone, and this opposition sustains much...

Lessons from Nevada for Atlantic City: A report on the environmental impacts of casino development in Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Las Vegas

Nevada's experience in locating and designing hotel-casinos and coping with the environmental impacts of casinos and related development offers insights for decision-makers responsible for guiding the proper growth and revitalization of the Atlantic City region, in response to the 1976 constitutional referendum authorizing casino gambling in Atlantic City. In part, Nevada offers vivid examples of what New Jersey should avoid in terms of adverse environmental impacts attributable to the rapid growth caused by casino development....

Alterations in the accumulation patterns of seed storage proteins enhance the nutritive value of maize kernels

Jose Ramon Planta
The phenotypic plasticity of the zeins, the major seed storage proteins in maize, allows for manipulation of the quality of amino acids to enhance the nutritive value of maize kernels. As the primary sink of nitrogen (N) and sulfur (S) for the germinating seedling and not as a repository of specific amino acids, it can tolerate significant alterations in its amino acid composition. Using transgenic approaches to improve the essential amino acid (EAA) content of...

Canoeing in New Jersey

This publication will endeavor to provide information relative to canoe trails throughout the state of New Jersey as well as the location of canoe rental and livery services. There are many small streams, ponds and lakes in the state that are suitable for canoeing that will not be included in this report. The trails that have been selected may be considered the major water trails in the state. Information relative to other canoeing areas may...

The water resources of Somerset County

It is imperative that Somerset County, along with her neighboringcounties comprising the Watershed, evaluate their positionwithin the Watershed and determine their basic water demandswhich will be vital to servicing the needs and interests of theircitizens for the purpose of intelligently participating in thedevelopment of the water resources within their areas.This is what the Somerset County Planning Board set out toaccomplish. It is the purpose of this Report to survey and evaluatethe County's water resources, determine...

Audit of marina impacts resulting from activities onthe estuarine environment along the New Jersey coast

Impacts of marinas on the water column, sediments, and hard clams (Mercenaria mercenria) were investigated at three estuarine locations. The locations represented a range of tidal flushing characteristics. The degree of marina impact was found to be inversely related to the degree of tidal flushing at the marina location. At the moderately flushed and poorly flushed locations, the marinas were found to have a significant effect on the levels of total coliform and fecal coliform...

Preparation of elemental stewardship abstracts for 21 endangered plant species

This document contains abstracts for twenty-one endangered plant species, accompanied by data disks (One disk is missing).

The moral justification of cronyism

Steven Jones
The present study examined the differences between Blacks and Whites’ perception of cronyism on the part of others. I also attempted to determine whether Whites and Blacks alike viewed cronyism as a means by which racial disparities are perpetuated in society. In that event, I expected participants to judge cronyism on the part of others as more normative when beneficiaries were White, as opposed to Black, regardless of race (Hypothesis 1). In fact, only Black...

Application of ice nucleation proteins to improve process efficiency of freezing technologies with altered ice morphology

Jue Jin
This research aimed at applying ice nucleation proteins (INPs) in freezing technologies to improve the efficiency of both freeze concentration and freeze drying processes, with further understanding of the related mechanism of ice morphology using a novel imaging technique (X-ray Computed Tomography). The application of INPs to freeze concentration process showed significant improvement of process efficiency in a desalination model. With the addition of INPs, an estimation of approximately 50% of the energy cost could...

University Librarian

Jane Otto

Privatized youth sports

Glenn J. Cassidy
A change is happening in the world of youth sports (Ripley, 2013; Longman, 2015; Fitzgerald 2013; Bowen & Hitt, 2013). Privatized youth sport teams, also known as club teams, have grown in number, size, and influence. Increasingly, high school age athletes are being forced to choose between their school team and their club team. While popular news outlets have reported on this change (Ripley, 2013; Fitzgerald, 2013), there has been no academic review of this...

Golf courses in New Jersey

One of the functions of the State Bureau of Parks and Recreation is to give assistance in the organization of recreation commissions, programs and activities. Consultant services and technical advice are rendered in response to formal requests. This pamphlet, titled "Golf Courses in New Jersey", has been prepared and compiled to stimulate interest in the recreation movement.

Cycle Route 43 (Text)

Golf courses in New Jersey

Since the first golf course opened in Morris County in 1880, golfing has grown to become the most popular seasonal recreational activity in New Jersey today. The more than 211 beautifully landscaped and expansive courses show residents and visitors alike why New Jersey is the Garden State. Major tournaments in the Professional Golfers Association Tour now take place at many of these fine courses located throughout the State. This publication has been compiled as a...

Denarius - Sydenham 719 - Crawford 369/1

Denarius - Sydenham 720 - Crawford 370/1b

Badian's note on this object describes the reverse action as the rider with shield 'pushing enemy off his horse w. spear'.

Denarius - Sydenham 728 - Crawford 352/1a

Badian's note on this object identifies the obverse bust only as a 'young god'.

Denarius - Sydenham 729 - Crawford 352/1b

Badian's note on this object describes the bust on the obverse only as 'Male head r. with various attributes'.

Denarius - Sydenham 729 - Crawford 352/1b

Badian's note identifies the bust on the obverse only as a 'god', and reads a thyrsus on the neck; Crawford makes no mention of the thyrsus for this type.

As - Sydenham 716 - Crawford 346/3

Crawford identifies the iconography on the reverse as making reference to ship sheds of Ostia; the column and statue of victory may refer to a monument to the victory of C. Marcus Rutilius (an earlier theory that it refers to the sack of Ostia by Marian Gaius Censorius in 87 is excluded by Crawford's estimate of date of issue).

Improving smartphone permission access disclosures

Huiqing Fu
Modern day smartphones have access to unprecedented levels of user privacy data. Naturally, privacy concerns and protection from security breaches, create consider- able challenges to designers as well as increase the responsibility of end-users. To address these challenges, this work focuses on 1) how to effectively supply feedback to users about their private data access on their phones and 2) how to help users make informative decisions based on this feedback. Supplying effective run-time dis-...

Lower miocene (ca. 20-18 Ma) New Jersey sequence stratigraphy

Gabriel Gallegos
Using a sequence stratigraphic framework, I investigated lower Miocene Kirkwood Formation sequences Kw1a and Kw1b in onshore New Jersey coastal plain coreholes and their relationship to their coeval offshore sequences m5.8 and m5.7, respectively, on the New Jersey continental shelf. I used corehole and gamma log data from Ocean Drilling Program Leg 150X Cape May and Leg 174AX Ocean View sites to evaluate the anatomy of sequences Kw1a and Kw1b by identifying gamma log stacking...

Denarius - Sydenham 557 - Crawford 303/1

Crawford says the moneyer is presumably Manius Aquillius, consul of 101. Crawford and Sydenham identify Luna on the reverse but Badian identifies Diana.

Robustness in ad hoc networks

Ying Liu
Investigating the resilience of wireless network is critical since a network is susceptible to many types disturbances, ranging from natural (e.g. wind, building, hill, mobility) to adversarial (e.g. jamming, eavesdropping, denial of service). The notion of network resilience describes a network's ability to recover its structure should damages occur when one or more terminals are shut down or whenever sensitive information is compromised due to impersonating adversaries. This thesis addresses the following three problems related...

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