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Across the Watershed, Winter 2006

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This is the quarterly publication of the Great Swamp Watershed Association (GSWA), a nonprofit watershed association working to protect the ecological, historic, and cultural integrity of the Great Swamp and its watershed. This newsletter, which is sent to the GSWA members, contains valuable news, updates and information on conservation issues across the 12,000-acre Great Swamp Watershed within Morris and Somerset Counties. Articles in this issue include: To Sewer Or Not To Sewer: That Is The...

Water Snapshot '98: An Earth Week Survey of the Delaware River Basin

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This document reports on the annual event in 1998 in which volunteers take part in monitoring the Delaware River basin waterways. The event is designed to create an awareness of local watersheds and the crucial role they play. Volunteers collect data which are merged together no matter the precision of the analytical method used or the expertise of the analyst. The results do not reflect exact science, but instead a record of the public's commitment...

Biotechnological Approaches to Detoxification of 2,3,7,8-Tretrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin (TCDD) Contaminated Soil, Final Report

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This report examines TCDD, an extremely toxic and persistent product of herbicide manufacture. Contamination by TCDD has caused the indefinite closing of several industrial and residential sites. In an effort to identify possible bioremediation approaches, the authors of this report analyzed levels of TCDD in soils. They spiked 10 g by dry weight soil samples with 6.5 ug (6.5 ppm. w/w) radiolabeled TCDD and monitored TCDD persistence by the periodic measurement of the 14-CO2 evolved...

Comparison of real-time instruments and gravimetric method when measuring particulate matter in a residential building

Zuocheng Wang, Leonardo Calderόn, Allison P. Patton, MaryAnn Sorensen Allacci, Jennifer Senick, Richard Wener, Clinton J. Andrews & Gediminas Mainelis

Airborne particulate matter in two multi-family green buildings: concentrations and effect of ventilation and occupant behavior

Allison P. Patton, Leonardo Calderόn, Youyou Xiong, Zuocheng Wang, Jennifer Senick, MaryAnn Sorensen Allacci, Deborah Plotnik, Richard Wener, Clinton J. Andrews, Uta Krogmann & Gediminas Mainelis

Catholic University of America Collection

Beth Mardutho Research Library: The Syriac Institute

Birding in the Garden State: How to Get Started

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This publication provides information on how to startbirding. It includes how to select binoculars and spotting scopes, as well as a general description about bird identification guides.

Lawn Care Pesticide Use in New Jersey: 2004 Survey

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The New Jersey Pesticide Control Program (NJPCP) began a series of pesticide use surveys in 1985. These surveys address pesticide use in the state of New Jersey for agriculture, golf courses, termite control, right-of-way, mosquito control, and lawn care. The lawn care survey is conducted every three years and targets pesticides used for lawn care purposes. This report focuses on the fifth survey completed in the lawn care series (2004).

The effects of working memory, inhibitory control, academic training, and professional experience on the translation of self-directed motion by English-Spanish translators, translation novices, and non-translator bilinguals

Patricia Gonzalez Darriba
This dissertation explores the translation of self-directed motion expressions (such as "The boat floated into the cave"/"La barca entró en la cueva flotando") from Spanish into English by bilinguals, novice translators, and professional translators from a psycholinguistic point of view. It provides a theoretical model, the SPaM Translation Model, that draws from Kroll and Stewart (1994) and Jackendoff (1997, 2009, 2011, 2015) to account for the under-representation of the English satellite-framed expression in translated texts...

Commissioner's Update, March - April 2003

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This newsletter, provided alongside a message from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Commissioner, aims to educate and inform New Jersey citizens on environmental issues. This edition focuses on smart growth and controlling sprawling urban development.

Anoxic events

Kathy Browne, Lauren Sahl, Rebecca Freeman, Gabriella Smalley, Carol White & Charles S. Lichtenwalner
This exercise is a case study that, if used in full, takes students through the entire learning cycle from invitation to reflection as applied to a dead zone on the Oregon continental shelf. Pieces of the exercise can be used as appropriate for the instructor goals.

A rare mimic of malignancy: papillary endosalpingiosis

Hecca Y. Cox, Albert Alhatem, Lauren Barlog & Debra S. Heller
Endosalpingiosis is the presence of ectopic Müllerian-type epithelium resembling Fallopian tube epithelium. It usually appears as small glandular inclusions in various peritoneal sites or lymph nodes. Rarely, it is papillary in configuration, and lack of familiarity with this entity could lead to overinterpretation as a malignancy. We recently encountered a case of papillary endosalpingiosis found incidentally at laparotomy for ectopic pregnancy. Awareness of this entity is important, as it may be a diagnostic challenge.

Engineering the shikimate pathway for biosynthesis of molecules with pharmaceutical activities in E. coli

Ming Jiang & Haoran Zhang
Engineering the shikimate pathway is a primary approach for biosynthesis of various aromatic compounds, many of which are involved in formation of important compounds with pharmaceutical values. The development of metabolic engineering allows for high-efficiency production of desired molecules derived from the shikimate pathway using engineered microbes as biosynthetic factories. This review summarizes successful and generally applicable strategies for engineering this important pathway in the context of the model bacterium E. coli for biosynthesis of...

Dorothy Gillespie papers, box 11 folder 37 (Sculpture, 1980s)

Dorothy Gillespie
Dorothy Gillespie was an artist, a feminist activist, and a philanthropist. Her artwork, except for a few early paintings and several happenings in the 1960s, was entirely abstract. Gillespie was influenced by Abstract Expressionism, Happenings, Pop Art, and Feminism. In the 1970s, she became involved in the Women’s Interart Center, New York Professional Women Artists, and the feminist art movement. She organized exhibitions, created a collection of women’s art, compiled statistics, and took part in...

Employment accessibility and rising seas

Robert B. Noland, Sicheng Wang, Scott Kulp & Benjamin H. Strauss
Recent projections suggest worst-case scenarios of more than six ft (1.8 m) of global mean sea-level rise by end of century, progressively making coastal flood events more frequent and more severe. The impact on transportation systems along coastal regions is likely to be substantial. An analysis of impacts for Atlantic and Cape May counties in southern New Jersey is conducted. The impact on accessibility to employment is analyzed using a dataset of sea-level increases merged...

Kirkpatrick Chapel, Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. J.

New Brunswick Free Public Library
Color postcard of Kirkpatrick Chapel, located at George and Somerset Streets, postmarked April 8, 1911.When the Sophia Astley Kirkpatrick Memorial Chapel was constructed in 1873, its young architect, Henry Janeway Hardenbergh just then starting a most distinguished career, designed it to accommodate both the Chapel and the Library of the College. The builing served as the main library of Rutgers College from ca.1880 until approximately 1904 when Voorhees Hall was built. The chapel was built...

The targum (1878:Oct.)

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Some University historians indicate that the Targum was first published as an annual in 1867, but of this we have no extant evidence. In January 1869, the Targum as we now know it, made its appearance as a monthly paper that concerned itself with student “literary contributions” and college news as well as serving as a vehicle for bringing news to alumni and the general public. The newspaper, which originally was for sale, varied in...

Essays on the metaphysics of quantum mechanics

Keming Chen
What is the proper metaphysics of quantum mechanics? In this dissertation, I approach the question from three different but related angles. First, I suggest that the quantum state can be understood intrinsically as relations holding among regions in ordinary space-time, from which we can recover the wave function uniquely up to an equivalence class (by representation and uniqueness theorems). The intrinsic account eliminates certain conventional elements (e.g. overall phase) in the representation of the quantum...

Power from the fingertips: writing alone and working together in the 2008 candlelight protests

Eunkyung Song
This dissertation examines how online communication shapes protests with a case study of the 2008 Candlelight Protests that took place in South Korea. To investigate how protest claims and repertoires are developed initially and transformed over time, I propose a departure from individual-oriented approaches that overly emphasize individuality and network-oriented approaches that treat online communication as a static conduit of messages. Instead, I stress both the interactive and dynamic process of online communication, which I...

Decomposition of principal series representations and Clebsch-Gordan coefficients

Zhuohui Zhang
In this thesis, following a similar procedure developed by Buttcane and Miller in "Weights, raising and lowering operators, and K-types for automorphic forms on SL(3,R)" for SL(3,R), the (g,K)-module structures of the minimal principal series of real reductive Lie groups SU(2,1) and Sp(4,R) are described explicitly by realizing the representations in the space of K-finite functions on U(2). Moreover, by combining combinatorial techniques and contour integrations, this thesis introduces a method of calculating intertwining operators...

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