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Anatomy of an ancient subduction channel in the depth range of its seismogenic coupling zone - insights from field studies in the Swiss Alps and Southern Chile

Bachmann Raik
The here presented study contributes to the understanding of convergent plate boundaries in the depth range of their former seismogenic zone aiming at testinginferences and hypotheses of the various kinematic and mechanical concepts presented for the seismogenic zone. Therefore, we use the complete exposure of this part of a former plate interface in the European Alps, one of the best-studied mountain belts that has resulted from successive subduction, accretion and collision, where we analyzed a...

A long-term model for non-tidal atmospheric and oceanic mass redistributions and its implications on LAGEOS-derived solutions of Earth's oblateness

Flechtner Frank, Thomas Maik & König Rolf
The dynamic oblateness of the Earth, in terms of the J2 or C20 coefficient of theEarth´s geo-potential has been derived by analysis of LAGEOS Satellite LaserRanging (SLR) data. Although recent analyses of GRACE (Gravity Recovery andClimate Experiment) mission data of monthly C20 values since 2002 have shown hightemporal correlations with LAGEOS results, significant differences still remain. As it iscommon practice in GRACE data processing to remove a priori the short-term nontidalatmospheric and oceanic induced variations...

Core-mantle coupling: Part I: Electromagnetic coupling torques

Hagedoorn Jan & Greiner-Mai Hans
In this report, we will present the complete derivation of analytical expressions of the EM coupling torque in dependence on the parameters of the fields contributing to it. For this, we choose a special set of spherically harmonic (SH) base functions and present all major steps of the derivation. Our report will be (i) closer to a lecture note than to a scientific paper and should give all readers the possibility to follow the derivations...

Ground-based GPS altimetry with the L1 OpenGPS receiver using carrier phase-delay observations of reflected GPS signals

Helm Achim
This study presents methods and field experiments for ground-based GPS altimetry. Although Coarse/Acquisition Code (C/A-code) based methods are introduced, the main part of this work addresses the use of carrier phase-delay observations of the reflected GPS signal and focuses on specular reflection. [...] This study approves the feasibility of ground-based GPS altimetry with the OpenGPS receiver and with only one low-gain and wide field-of-view RHCP antenna using L1 carrier phase-delay observations of reflected GPS signals....

Global modeling of the effect of strong lateral viscosity variations on dynamic geoid and mantle flow velocities

Rogozhina Irina
This study is aimed at a development of numerical method to model the dynamic geoid and the surface plate velocities induced by global mantle flow with the effect of strong lateral viscosity variations (LVV) in conjunction with the effects of selfgravitationand mantle compressibility. I employ the technique, which comprises the combination of the spherical harmonic method, the direct Godunov method used for solving the Stokes and Poisson equations in spherical harmonics with arbitrary boundary conditions,...

Core-mantle coupling: Part II: Topographic coupling torques

Greiner-Mai Hans & Hagedoorn Jan
For the motivation behind our investigations, we refer to the introduction of the first part of our report, Hagedoorn & Geiner-Mai (2008). In this part, we will (i) give an analytical description of the topographic surface of the core-mantle boundary (CMB) and derive an approximation for its normal unit vector containing information about the CMB topography, and (ii) derive an expression for the topographic torqueas a function of the topographic height, h, and the velocity...

The Changing Geomagnetic Field from the ionosphere to the core-mantle boundary

Mozzoni David
In this study two aspects of the geomagnetic field have been investigated. The first partfocuses on perturbations of the external field, as seen by the CHAMP satellite and predicted by the Thermosphere-Ionosphere Electrodynamic General Circulation Model, for the purpose of helping to separate out ionospheric sources from the ambient geomagnetic field using a physics based approach. Part two looks at variations of the internal field through an examination of the South Atlantic Anomaly.

Der Einfluss der kontinentalen Wasserspeicherung auf das Rotationsverhalten der Erde

Hengst Rico
Neben der Analyse von Modellen der Atmosphäre und des Ozeans bezüglich der Erdrotationsschwankungen liegt der Schwerpunkt dieser Arbeit in der Untersuchung von vier hydrologischen Modellen, die die kontinentale Wasserspeicherung simulieren.Im Kontext der kontinentalen Massenverlagerungen werden die hydrologischen Modelle und die hinsichtlich atmosphärisch-ozeanischer Einflüsse reduzierten Schwerefeldbeobachtungen der GRACE-Mission verglichen, wobei sich die Untersuchung nicht auf den globalen Massenumsatz beschränkt, sondern zusätzlich um regionale Analysen erweitert ist.

Innovative technique for global control of layered and wave structures in the atmosphere and ionosphere by use of the CHAMP and FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC GPS radio occultation data base : final report 2007

Pavelyev A. G., Wickert Jens, Schmidt Torsten, Gubenko V. N., Matyugov S. S., Pavelyev A. A. & Anufriev V. A.
The report contains a description of main results obtained within the researchcontract between IRE RAS and GFZ Potsdam and results of investigation during periodNovember-December 2007 – the third stage of the contract. The objectives ofinvestigation included (1) elaboration and verification of an innovative phaseacceleration-refraction attenuation technique to locate layered and wave structures inthe ionosphere and atmosphere; (2) elaborating of a new technique for identification ofwave origin of temperature and density fluctuations and determination of the...

Proceedings of the DENDROSYMPOSIUM 2007 : May 3rd - 6th 2007, Riga, Latvia

Elferts Didzis, Brumelis Guntis, Gärtner Holger, Helle Gerhard & Schleser Gerhard
This volume contains extended abstracts from talks and posters presented at the sixthTRACE (Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology) conference, held in Riga(Latvia) May 3rd – 6th, 2007.

Modellierung der allgemeinen ozeanischen Dynamik zur Korrektur und Interpretation von Satellitendaten

Dobslaw Henryk
Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es, ein baroklines, global definiertes Ozeanmodell so für den operationellen Betrieb vorzubereiten, dass kurzperiodische Massen- und Meereshöhenvariationen mit geringer zeitlicher Verzögerung simuliert werden können. Dabei sind insbesondere die Anforderungen der GRACE-Prozessierung an die Modelldaten zu berücksichtigen und gleichzeitig die Verwendbarkeit der Simulationsergebnisse für die Korrektur von Altimeterbeobachtungen vorzubereiten. Weiterhin sind die simulierten Daten zur Verifikation der GRACE-Massenanomalien über den Ozeanen heranzuziehen, um Abschätzungen über die Qualität der monatlichen Schwerefelder treffen zu...

Scale-related strain evolution at convergent margins and effects due to parameter changes - insights from nature and experiment

Schemmann Kerstin
The aim of this dissertation is to quantify scaling relations of strain accumulation in nature on various temporal and spatial scales, in order to characterize the underlying deformation mechanisms [...]Apart from the introduction (Chapter 1), the dissertation is divided into eight further chapters: a review of the common deformation frameworks, scaling relations and their dependence on parameter changes (Chapter 2); a description of the applied methods (Chapter 3); a description of the tectonic setting of...

Different styles of deformation of the fore-arc wedge along the Chilean convergent margin : insights from 3D numerical experiments

Kellner Antje
This thesis aims to understand these changes and reasons behind by analyzing thestyles of deformation of the western margin of South America, in particular the surfaceexpression of deformation, along the Chilean convergent margin. To understand theparameters controlling the style of deformation in the chosen areas I applied 3D transient numerical modeling. This thesis represents the first real 3D study analyzing deformation caused by oblique convergence associated with a realistic composite rheology.

Seismic and sub-seismic deformation on different scales in the NW German Basin

Lohr Tina
The main objective of this study is the quantification and qualification of strain over a broad scale range, including its distribution, magnitude, and accumulation history during basin evolution.These objectives are important contributions to the questions of stress transfer and deformation processes in the Southern Permian Basin.

Microfacies and isotope analyses of the varved Piànico lake sediment profile for high-resolution reconstruction of interglacial climate dynamics

Mangili Clara
Understanding the climate system and the natural processes that lead to its changes is fundamental when trying to evaluate and assess the human influence on climate variability. Human activities characterised most of the Holocene time period, so that palaeoclimate sequences of the last 8,000 years recorded both climate change and human impact. In order to study natural climate variability, we have to investigate past interglacial climate records, when human impact was none.Amongst many palaeoclimate archives,...

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