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Datenbank zum vereinheitlichten Erdbebenkatalog für Zentral-, Nord- und Nordwesteuropa (CENEC) - aktualisiert und erweitert für das letzte Jahrtausend

G. Grünthal, R. Wahlström & D. Stromeyer
New databases motivate improvements and extensions of the catalogue by Grünthal and Wahlström (J Seismol 7:507–531, 2003a) – G&W03 – of earthquakes in central, northern, and northwestern Europe with Mw ≥ 3.50. Data from over 30 regional catalogues, the International Seismological Centre and U.S. National Earthquake Information Center bulletins for the NE Atlantic Ocean, and many special studies were analysed, largely along the lines of the previous study. Non-tectonic, non-seismic, and non-existing as well as duplicate events...

Inter-technique combination based on homogeneous normal equation systems including station coordinates, earth orientation and troposphere parameters

Thaller Daniela
[...] Studies regarding the theory of this correlation and how to handle it when estimating sub-daily polar motion together with nutation are included in the thesis.Furthermore, it is demonstrated that the common estimation of the terrestrial reference frame and EOPs can be employed to identify a mismatch between the local tie values and the estimated coordinate differences at co-located sites. Thus, the EOPs offer another independent evaluation of the LT values, as mentioned already above...

Seismic Sources and Source Parameters

Bormann Peter, Baumbach Michael, Bock Günther, Grosser Helmut, Choy George L. & Boatwright John

The upper atmospheric fountain effect in the polar cusp region

Marker [Rentz] Stefanie
[...] According to the results of this thesis the following mechanism is suggested tocause the cusp-related density anomaly: The energy input by the solar wind, ascharacterised by the merging electric field, provides the power for Joule heating ofpreferably neutral molecules. Soft particle precipitation in the cusp simultaneouslyenhances the altitude of maximal Pedersen conductivity, thus lifting up the heatedlayer in the cusp. The cusp-related density anomaly is then caused by local compositionchanges in the upper atmosphere...

Open Access : Positionen, Prozesse, Perspektiven

AG Open Access Allianz Der Deutschen Wissenschaftsorganisationen

Site Selection, Preparation and Installationof Seismic Stations

Trnkoczy Amadej, Bormann Peter, Hanka Winfried, Holcomb L. Gary & Nigbor Robert L.

Seismic Networks

Trnkoczy Amadej, Havskov Jens & Ottemöller Lars

The paleostress history of the Central European Basin System

Sippel Judith
As part of this thesis, a new strategy for the inversion of stress states from fault-slip data is introduced (Chapter 2). This new approach is applied to data sampled from outcrops along the southern margin of the CEBS (Chapter 4) and from outcrops in the Oslo Graben area (Chapter 5). The results derived from these study areas deliver new insights into the evolution of paleostress fields that controlled the development of the entire CEBS.

Definition of functionals of the geopotential and their calculation from spherical harmonic models : theory and formulas used by the calculation service of the International Centre for Global Earth Models (ICGEM), http://icgem.gfz-potsdam.de

Barthelmes Franz
The intention of this article is to present the definitions of different functionals of the Earth's gravity field and possibilities for their approximative calculation from a mathematical representation of the outer potential. [...]More or less, what is compiled here is well-known in physical geodesy but distributed over a lot of articles and books which are not cited here. In the first instance this text is targeted at non-geodesists and it should be "stand-alone readable".

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