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Gases, in particular helium, as nuclear reactor coolant

E. Bubelis

Update of the QUENCH programme

M. Steinbrück, J. Stuckert & M. Große

Background Reduction Methods and Vacuum Technology at the KATRIN Spectrometers

Stefan Görhardt
The goal of KATRIN is to measure the absolute mass of the electron-antineutrino with a sensitivity of 200 meV by analyzing the shape of the tritium-beta-decay energy spectrum. To minimize the background due to residual gas ionization, a pressure in the lower 10E-11 mbar region is required. This work focuses on the applied vacuum technology. In addition a system of LN2 cooled baffles was designed that eliminates radon-induced background, which is essential for a neutrino...

The dielectric breakdown limit of silicone dielectric elastomer actuators

Davide Gatti, Henry Haus, Marc Matysek, Bettina Frohnapfel, Cameron Tropea & Helmut F. Schlaak

Scale-Wavelength Decomposition of Hyperspectral Signals - Use for Mineral Classification & Quantification

Christoph Ehrler
An approach for material identification & soil constituent quantification based on a generalized multi-scale derivative analysis of hyperspectral signals is presented. It employs the continuous wavelet transform to project input spectra onto a scale-wavelength space. This allows investigating the spectra at selectable level of detail while normalizing/separating disturbances. Benefits & challenges of this decomposition for mineral classification & quantification will be shown for a mining site.

QCD-Scale f(R) Theories: Local and Cosmological Constraints

Hamzeh Alavirad
In this Thesis we investigate the phenomenology of two QCD-scale modified gravity models. The first f(R) modified gravity model is the square-root modified model , which is motivated by q-theory. The second f(R) model which is investigated in this Thesis is a modified gravity model that is relevant in the high-curvature regime, motivated by the form of the one-loop effective action arising from gluons in curved spacetime.

Behavior-based Control for Service Robots inspired by Human Motion Patterns : a Robotic Shopping Assistant

Michael Göller
Es wurde, unter Verwendung menschenähnlicher Bewegungsmuster und eines verhaltensbasierten Ansatzes, eine Steuerung für mobile Serviceroboter entwickelt, die Aufgabenplanung, globale und lokale Navigation in dynamischen Umgebungen, sowie die gemeinsame Aufgabenausführung mit einem Benutzer umfasst. Das Verhaltensnetzwerk besteht aus Modulen mit voneinander unabhängigen Aufgaben. Das komplexe Gesamtverhalten des Systems ergibt sich durch die Vereinigung der Einzelverhalten ('Emergenz').

Resolution-Controlled Conductivity Discretization in Electrical Impedance Tomography

Robert Winkler & Andreas Rieder
We develop a general convergence analysis for a class of inexact Newton-type regularizations for stably solving nonlinear ill-posed problems. Each of the methods under consideration consists of two components: the outer Newton iteration and an inner regularization scheme which, applied to the linearized system, provides the update. In this paper we give a novel and unified convergence analysis which is not confined to a specific inner regularization scheme but applies to a multitude of schemes...

Endocytosis of Fgf8 is a double-stage process and regulates spreading and signaling

C. Rengarajan, A. Matzke, L. Reiner, V. Orian-Rousseau & S. Scholpp

Building Information Modeling (BIM) for existing buildings - literature review and future needs

Rebekka Volk, Julian Stengel & Frank Schultmann

Epistemic Reasoning in OWL 2 DL

Anees Ul Mehdi
We extend the description logic SROIQ (OWL 2 DL) with the epistemic operator K and argue that unintended effects occur when imposing the semantics traditionally employed. Consequently, we identify the most expressive DL for which the traditional approach can still be adapted. For the epistemic extension of SROIQ and alike expressive DLs, we suggest a revised semantics that behaves more intuitively in these cases and coincides with the traditional semantics on less expressive DLs.

Differences between cotranscriptional and free riboswitch folding

B. Lutz, M. Faber, A. Verma, S. Klumpp & A. Schug

ZAK Newsletter. Nr. 32, SS 2014

KIT Karlsruhe Zentrum Für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft Und Studium Generale

Proximity-induced superconductivity in single-layer and bilayer graphene

Julien Bordaz
In this work, the properties of proximity-induced superconductivity in graphene and bilayer graphene are investigated. We report the realisation and study of a dual-gated bilayer graphene sheet connected with superconducting electrodes. Our measurements at 7 mK show that the induced supercurrent vanishes around the charge neutrality point and that the amplitude of the critical current as well as the normal-state resistance can be tuned by the displacement field induced by the two gates.

Zur Bindung siliziumorganischer Verbindungen an mineralischen Grenzflächen

Jens Glowacky
The open pore structure of cementitious materials makes it possible to absorb aqueous solutions. In practice cementitious materials are proteced by water repellent treatments to reduce significantly the damage processes of harmful ions. The chemical and mineralogical interactions between the water-repellent treatment and the mineral interface are little studied so far. In this work the system of mineral interface and silane is systematically guided from the model level to realistic conditions.

Eine flexible Klasse von local time stepping Verfahren

Abdullah Demirel
In dieser Dissertation werden numerische Zeitintegratoren für partielle Differentialgleichungen behandelt. Primär geht es um Integratoren für partielle Differentialgleichungen auf Gebieten, deren räumliche Diskretisierung eine lokale Verfeinerung erfordert. Untersucht werden die hiermit verbundenen Schwierigkeiten. Die Konstruktion, die Analyse und die Implementierung geeigneter Integratoren werden ebenfalls vorgestellt.

Aspects of Higgs Physics and New Physics at the LHC

Ramona Gröber
This thesis deals with Higgs physics and related issues in the Standard Model (SM) and beyond. In the first part, theoretical predictions for Higgs pair production in the SM are given. The second part covers supersymmetry. In the framework of the MSSM, decays of a light squark are computed. Higgs mass corrections are calculated in the NMSSM. In the third part, phenomenological aspects of fermionic resonances in Composite Higgs Models are investigated.

Human Pose Estimation with Supervoxels

Alexander Schick
This thesis investigates how segmentation as a preprocessing step can reduce both the search space as well as complexity of human pose estimation in the context of smart environments. A 3D reconstruction is computed with a voxel carving algorithm. Based on a superpixel algorithm, these voxels are segmented into supervoxels that are then applied to pictorial structures in 3D to efficiently estimate the human pose. Both static and dynamic gesture recognition applications were developed.

Studies on Irradiated Silicon Sensors for the CMS Tracker at the HL-LHC = Studien an bestrahlten Siliziumsensoren für den CMS Spurdetektor am HL-LHC

Andreas Nürnberg
For the high luminosity phase of the LHC at CERN, the strip tracker of the CMS Experiment will be replaced due to higher demands on track density, track trigger and radiation damage. To study these aspects, more than 40 different silicon sensors were irradiated. Besides lab measurements, tests in an electron beam and Lorentz angle measurements were performed. A simulation model, which is capable to predict the charge distribution after a particle hit has been...

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