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Body Matched Antennas for Microwave Medical Applications

Xuyang Li

Veech Groups and Translation Coverings

Myriam Finster

Millimeter-Precision Laser Rangefinder Using a Low-Cost Photon Counter

Andreas Eisele
In this book we successfully demonstrate a millimeter-precision laser rangefinder using a low-cost photon counter. An application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) comprises timing circuitry and single-photon avalanche diodes (SPADs) as the photodetectors. For the timing circuitry, a novel binning architecture for sampling the received signal is proposed which mitigates non-idealities that are inherent to a system with SPADs and timing circuitry in one chip.

Personalised body counter calibration using anthropometric parameters

Stefan Pölz

RECAA - Werkzeugunterstützung in der Anforderungserhebung

Sven J. Körner

Entwicklung und Optimierung des Diffusionsschweißens von ODS Legierungen

Wiebke Sittel
Die Anforderungen an Strukturmaterialien in Generation IV Kernreaktoren steigen durch die Bestrebungen effiziente und umweltverträgliche Reaktoren zu bauen. Oxiddispersionsverfestigte (ODS) Stähle weisen sowohl eine ausgezeichnete Hochtemperaturfestigkeit als auch Bestrahlungsbeständigkeit auf. In dieser Arbeit wird ein Modell zur Vorhersage optimaler Schweißparameter des Festkörperschweißverfahrens Diffusionsschweißen entwickelt und durch eine experimentelle Evaluation optimiert.

Optimisation of hysteretic losses in high-temperature superconducting wires

Philipp Krüger

Dynamiksimulation in der Computergraphik

Jan Bender

Radar Forward Operator for Verification of Cloud Resolving Simulations within the COSMO Model

Dorit Jerger
In this work, various simulation methods of the effective radar reflectivity factor and its attenuation by atmospheric particles from the variables of the COSMO model have been implemented within a so-called radar forward operator, and its output was compared to measurements from the German radar network. To perform a statistically reliable model verification, contoured frequency by altitude diagrams (CFADs) were used and refined.

Determining Cycle Times for Packing in Distribution Centres

Judith Weiblen

Mass Layoffs: When and How Do They Affect Customer Satisfaction?

Johannes Habel & Martin Klarmann

Converting Opinion Seekers in Opinion Givers in the Tourism Industry: Building Trust is Critical!

Gilles N'Goala & Caroline Morrongiello
With the Web 2.0, the interpersonal influence now includes its extension in cyberspace with electronic word of mouth. Thus, consumers become producers of information and create content. However, companies face difficulties in making them 'partial employees' who will actively participate in co-creating value, in content production and in promoting their products on the web. From a literature review and a qualitative study, we identify eight possible antecedents of consumer participation and customer engagement towards a...

e-Voicing an Opinion on a Brand -- A Research Agenda

Claire Roederer & Marc Filser

Three Perspectives for Making Loyalty Programs More Effective

Lena Steinhoff & Robert W. Palmatier
Loyalty programs are an ubiquitous instrument of customer relationship management. However, many loyalty programs perform poorly, which ultimately results in their abolition. Among both marketing managers and researchers, reasons for loyalty program failure are far from clear. The aim of this research is to enhance our understanding of loyalty program effectiveness. We propose a broadened framework for analyzing loyalty program performance which relies on three perspectives: a customer portfolio perspective, a reward elements perspective, and...

Benchmarking Eventually Consistent Distributed Storage Systems

David Bermbach

Konzeption von Verfahren zur kamerabasierten Analyse und Optimierung von Drehrohrofenprozessen

Patrick Waibel

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