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The effect of secondary ice production parameterization on the simulation of a cold frontal rainband

Sylvia C. Sullivan, Christian Barthlott, Jonathan Crosier, Ilya Zhukov, Athanasios Nenes & Corinna Hoose
Secondary ice production via processes like rime splintering, frozen droplet shattering, and breakup upon ice hydrometeor collision have been proposed to explain discrepancies between in-cloud ice crystal and ice-nucleating particle numbers. To understand the impact of this additional ice crystal generation on surface precipitation, we present one of the first studies to implement frozen droplet shattering and ice–ice collisional breakup parameterizations in a mesoscale model. We simulate a cold frontal rainband from the Aerosol Properties,...

Random Laguerre Tessellations

Claudia Lautensack


Claudia Bangert

Research on the methods for the mass production of multi-scale organs-on-chips

A. D. Lantada, W. Pfleging, H. Besser, M. Guttmann, M. Wissmann, K. Plewa, P. Smyrek, V. Piotter & J. P. García-Ruíz
The success of labs- and organs-on-chips as transformative technologies in the biomedical arena relies on our capacity of solving some current challenges related to their design, modeling, manufacturability, and usability. Among present needs for the industrial scalability and impact promotion of these bio-devices, their sustainable mass production constitutes a breakthrough for reaching the desired level of repeatability in systematic testing procedures based on labs- and organs-on-chips. The use of adequate biomaterials for cell-culture processes and...

Auf dem Weg zum industrietauglichen Evolutionären Algorithmus

W. Jakob

Experiments on second- and third-harmonic generation from magnetic metamaterials

M. W. Klein, M Wegener, N. Feth & S. Linden

10: Werkstoffkunde 1, Vorlesung, WS 2018/19, 27.11.2018

10 | 0:00:00 Start 0:00:38 Legierungslehre: Phasengesetz von Gibbs 0:08:06 Phasendiagramme 0:18:14 Abkühlung einer reinen Komponente A 0:36:38 50 % A und 50% B 0:52:08 vollkommende Löslichkeit in flüssigen und festen Zustand 1:22:03 Begrenzte Löslichkeit im festen und flüssigen Zustand

Implementation of Ultra-Low Frequency Non-Linear Raman Spectroscopy with the Gun Laser at FLUTE

S. Funkner, E. Bründermann, M. J. Nasse, G. Niehues, T. Schmelzer, J. L. Steinmann, M. Yan, A.-S. Müller & M. Tani

13: Softwaretechnik II, Vorlesung, WS 2018/19, 28.11.2018

13 | 0:00:00 Start 0:00:23 Overview 0:01:15 Architectural Patterns and Styles 0:02:20 Reuse Terminology 0:07:53 Architectural Patterns 0:09:49 Pattern Example 0:11:46 Architectural styles Examples 0:15:43 Style Example 0:17:38 Layered Architecture 0:29:03 Domain Layer vs. Domain Model 0:30:44 Exercise 4 Simple Java Swing Application 0:36:23 Separation of Concerns 0:41:10 Arch. Pattern: Model View Controller (MVC) 0:43:57 Model View Controller Continued 0:46:54 Architectural applications of MVC 0:48:19 The User Interface Layer 0:50:47 Application Layer 0:52:39 ModellingAlternatives 0:53:47...

12: Softwaretechnik II, Vorlesung, WS 2018/19, 27.11.2018

12 | 0:00:00 Start 0:02:27 Course topics and overview 0:09:13 Software Architecture 0:14:11 Architectural Design Decisions 0:25:55 Architectural Design 0:29:43 Foundations and Terminology 0:34:50 Structures, Views, and View Points 0:39:33 Views and View Points Examples 0:44:12 View Points in Palladio 0:47:34 A structural View 0:52:09 Advantages of an explicit Architecture 1:00:13 Architecture and System Characteristics 1:04:10 Agile Architecture 1:07:30 Recording Architecture Decisions 1:10:01 Factors influencing the Architecture 1:15:35 Influential Factor: Quality Requirements 1:24:03 Reuse of...

Importance of atmospheric aging in reactivity of mineral dust aerosol: a case study of heterogeneous reaction of gaseous hydrogen peroxide on processed mineral particles

Y. Zhao, Z. M. Chen, X. L. Shen & D. Huang
Atmospheric aging and processing appears to alter physical and chemical properties of mineral dust aerosol and thus its role as reactive surface in the troposphere. Yet, previous studies in the atmosphere have mainly focused on the clean surfaces of mineral dust aerosol, and the reactivity of aged mineral aerosol toward atmospheric trace gases is still poorly recognized. This work presents the first laboratory investigation of heterogeneous reactions of gaseous hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂), an important atmospheric...

Uniformly accurate oscillatory integrators for the Klein–Gordon–Zakharov system from low- to high-plasma frequency regimes

Simon Baumstark & Katharina Schratz
We present a novel class of oscillatory integrators for the Klein-Gordon-Zakharov system which are uniformly accurate with respect to the plasma frequency c. Convergence holds from the slowly-varying low-plasma up to the highly oscillatory high-plasma frequency regimes without any step size restriction and, especially, uniformly in c. The introduced schemes are moreover asymptotic consistent and approximates the solutions of the corresponding Zakharov limit system in the high-plasma frequency limit (c $\rightarrow$ $\infty$). We in particular...

RAxML version 8: a tool for phylogenetic analysis and post-analysis of large phylogenies

A. Stamatakis
Motivation: Phylogenies are increasingly used in all fields of medical and biological research. Moreover, because of the next-generation sequencing revolution, datasets used for conducting phylogenetic analyses grow at an unprecedented pace. RAxML (Randomized Axelerated Maximum Likelihood) is a popular program for phylogenetic analyses of large datasets under maximum likelihood. Since the last RAxML paper in 2006, it has been continuously maintained and extended to accommodate the increasingly growing input datasets and to serve the needs...

Observation of a new boson at a mass of 125 GeV with the CMS experiment at the LHC

S. Chatrchyan, V. Khachatryan, A.M. Sirunyan, A. Tumasyan, W. Adam, E. Aguilo, T. Bergauer, M. Dragicevic, J. Erö, C. Fabjan, M. Friedl, R. Frühwirth, V.M. Ghete, J. Hammer, M. Hoch, N. Hörmann, J. Hrubec, M. Jeitler, W. Kiesenhofer, V. Knünz, M. Krammer, I. Krätschmer, D. Liko, W. Majerotto, I. Mikulec … & D. Wenman

Festschrift zur 150-Jahr-Feier des Geodätischen Instituts (1868 - 2018)

In der Festschrift zur 150-Jahr-Feier des Geodätischen Instituts Karlsruhe (GIK) wird eine historische Übersicht über die Entwicklung des GIK gegeben. Aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse werden präsentiert sowie Innovationen aufgezeigt.

11: Grundlagen der Fahrzeugtechnik 1, Vorlesung, WS 2018/19, 29.11.2018

11 | 0:00:00 Start 0:00:15 Indizierter Wirkungsgrad 0:10:21 Mechnische Verluste 0:34:25 Spezifischer Kraftstoffverbrauch und effektive Leistung 1:05:40 Schadstoffe 1:15:50 Verteilung der Schadstoffe 1:17:57 EU-Richtlinien

Improved unitarity constraints in Two-Higgs-Doublet-Models

Mark D. Goodsell & Florian Staub

12: Automotive Engineering 1, Vorlesung, WS 2018/19, 30.11.2018

12 | 0:00:00 Start 0:01:31 Emission limits for the fleet of new passenger cars of EU registered car manufacturers 0:03:18 WLTP Cycle replaces NEDC in September 2017 0:04:52 Real Driving Emissions (RDE) 0:06:03 Driving Cycles = Basis for emission evaluation 0:08:24 CO2 Emission limits 0:12:02 Polluant concentration and engine characteristic values for gasoline engine 0:20:54 Polluant concentration for diesel engine in dependence on air ratio 0:26:15 Exhaust gas Polluants for different combustion methods 0:36:03 Stratified...

14: Grundbegriffe der Informatik, Vorlesung und Übung, WS 2018/19, 30.11.2018

14 | 0:00:00 Start 0:00:05 Ableitungsbaum 0:00:42 Wohlgeformte/ korrekte Klammerausdrücke 0:01:46 Arithmetische Ausdrücke 0:01:49 Ableitungsbaum 0:04:14 Wohlgeformte/ korrekte Klammerausdrücke 0:05:23 Arithmetische Ausdrücke 0:07:13 Syntax aussagenlogischer Formeln 0:08:55 Was ist wichtig 0:10:24 Wo sind wir? 0:11:37 Produkt von Relationen 0:17:45 Reflexiv-transitive Hülle einer Relation 0:22:01 Eigenschaften der reflexiv-transitiven Hülle 0:31:35 Was ist wichtig 0:32:22 Wo sind wir? 0:33:12 Eine Grenze kontextfreier Grammatiken 0:42:53 Übung 7: kontextfreie Grammatiken 0:43:23 Kontextfreie Grammatiken 0:47:49 Ableitungen 0:50:26 Ableitungsbaum 0:54:28 Warum...

High Repetition Rate, Single-Shot Electro-Optical Monitoring of Longitudinal Electron Bunch Dynamics Using the Linear Array Detector KALYPSO

Gudrun Niehues, Edmund Blomley, Miriam Brosi, Erik Bründermann, Michele Caselle, Stefan Funkner, Michael J. Nasse, Lorenzo Rota, Patrik Schönfeldt, Marcel Schuh, Marc Weber, Anke-Susanne Müller & Nicole Hiller

Ignition by Capacitance Sparks and Non-Thermal Plasmas

Johann-Robert Kummer, Stefan Essmann, Detlev Markus, Holger Grosshans & Ulrich Maas
Für die Optimierung von Verbrennungsmotoren ist das Verständnis der Zündung von brennbaren Gemischen durch elektrische Entladungen von entscheidender Bedeutung. Ein kombinierter experimentell-numerischer Ansatz wird verwendet, um tiefere Einblicke in die physikalisch-chemischen Prozesse während der Zündung durch thermische und nicht-thermische Plasmen zu erhalten. Bei beiden Anwendungsbeispielen wurden Energien im Bereich der mindestens zur Zündung notwendigen Energie untersucht. Die zeitliche Entwicklung des Plasmakerns und der Stoßwelle mittels einer Schlieren-Methode zusammen mit numerischen Simulationen wurde verwendet, um die...

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