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Radiosonde PS79/32684 during POLARSTERN cruise ANT-XXVIII/2 on 2011-12-13 06:32h

Gert König-Langlo
Height of tropopause 9143 m, precipitable water content 0.6359 cm

Radiosonde PS45/16272 during POLARSTERN cruise ARK-XIII/3 on 1997-09-20 09:56h

Gert König-Langlo
Height of tropopause 8528 m, precipitable water content 0.8179 cm

Tree-ring width of Quercus species from historical object sample 6683B/09A, France, Daubeuf-la-Campagne

Erhard Preßler
Species: Quercus species; No of rings: 88; first year: 1638; tree-death year: 1726; Pith: not applicable; Heartwood: absent; Sapwood: absent; Number of sapwood rings: 0; Last ring under bark: absent

(Supplementary Table 2) Results of the benthic foraminifera census performed on sediment core GeoB16320-2, Campeche cold-water coral Province (Mexico)

Lelia Matos, Claudia Wienberg, Jürgen Titschack, Gerhard Schmiedl, Norbert Frank, Fatima F Abrantes, Marina Ribeiro Cunha & Dierk Hebbeln

Short-term spectral analysis of ODP Hole 114-704B, supplement to: Mwenifumbo, C J; Blangy, J P (1991): Short-Term spectral analysis of downhole logging measurements from Site 704. In: Ciesielski, PF; Kristoffersen, Y; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 114, 577-585

C J Mwenifumbo & J P Blangy
Short-term spectral analysis was carried out on geochemical logging data from ODP Site 704. The FFT was used to compute the amplitude spectra of short-term overlapping segments to produce depth-period-amplitude spectrograms of the logging data. The spectrograms provided a means of evaluating the significance of the observed periodic components. The periodic components that were consistently present and prominent across a given record interval were considered to be significant. Changes in the spectrogram characteristics seem to...

(Table 3) Concentration of Au, Pd, and Pt in the interstitial waters of ODP Leg 125 samples, supplement to: Parkinson, Ian J; Hall, G E M; Pearce, Julian A (1992): Palladium, platinum, and gold distribution in serpentinite seamounts in the Mariana and Izu-Bonin Forearcs: evidence from Leg 125 fluids and serpentinites. In: Fryer, P; Pearce, JA; Stokking, LB; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 125, 507-518

Ian J Parkinson, G E M Hall & Julian A Pearce
Palladium, platinum, and gold were analyzed for 20 interstitial water samples from Leg 125. No Pd or Pt was detected in fluids from serpentinite muds from Conical Seamount in the Mariana forearc, indicating that low-temperature seawater-peridotite interaction does not mobilize these elements into the serpentinizing fluids to levels above 0.10 parts per billion (ppb) in solution. However, Au may be mobilized in high pH solutions. In contrast, fluids from vitric-rich clays on the flanks of...

Biomass of megafauna collected by Agassiz trawl during POLARSTERN cruise PS80 (ARK-XXVII/3, IceArc)

Elena Rybakova, Antonina Kremenetskaia, Andrey Vedenin, Antje Boetius & Andrey V Gebruk
During the cruise ARK-XXVII/3 sampling of the megafauna was conducted by the Agassiz trawl (AGT) at seven stations. Agassiz trawls were taken along transects after the photographic survey by OFOS when the ice conditions were appropriate to obtain specimens to verify taxonomic identifications based on images. Also using the retrieved AGT samples wet biomass was estimated for each transect. Trawl samples were washed through a sieve with 1 mm mesh size, sorted and preserved in...

Radiosonde measurements from station Tamanrasset (2009-01)

Mohamed Mimouni
Start location: Tamanrasset; Distance from radiation site: 10 km

Aerosol measurements during POSEIDON cruise POS399

Alex R Baker & Hermann Werner Bange
Quality code: BDL - below detection limit, NQE - Analyte not quantitatively extracted from filter matrixAir volume used to calculate the below presented detection limit for each species is 1400 m**3. Where data are identified as BDL, the concentration given is 75% of the detection limit calculated using the actual air volume for each sample.

Meteorological observations during El Rey cruise from La Habana to La Coruña started at 1782-01-27

Ricardo García-Herrera, Gunther P Können, Dennis A Wheeler, Maria del Rosario Prieto, Philip D Jones & Frits B Koek

Tree-ring measurements of Pinus sylvestris (Scotch pine) from sample DENEPISY-141

Fritz Hans Schweingruber & Belinda Feiertag
Species PISY; No of rings 111; Begin 1882; End 1992

Carbonates and bulk sediment geochemistry of ODP Hole 155-934A

Roger D Flood, David J W Piper & Shipboard Scientific Party
Data derive from coulometer, CHNS analyzer, and pyrolysis oven (rock eval)

Tree-ring width of Abies alba (Miller) from historical object sample HOF12671-1

Jutta Hofmann
Species ABAL; No of rings 61; Begin 1466; End 1526

Sidescan sonar survey (300 / 600 kHz) during R/V Heincke cruise HE415 in the German Bight with link to raw data files

Svenja Papenmeier & H Christian Hass
Sidescan sonar data were collected during R/V Heincke cruise HE415 with a towed multi pulse Edgetech 4200-MP. Data recording was executed along 96 parallel profiles in North Sea within German EEZ. The survey speed was 6-7 knots and the swath set to 460 m to obtain a resolution of ~1 m along track. The track distance is 400 m. In total 1,150 km² were area-wide mapped. The interpreted sediment distribution map of this data area...

Biomarker and temperature and sea ice proxy data for TEX86 calibration in sediment core B997-316, supplement to: Harning, David J; Andrews, John T; Belt, Simon T; Cabedo-Sanz, Patricia; Geirsdóttir, Áslaug; Dildar, Nadia; Miller, Gifford H; Sepúlveda, Julio (2019): Sea Ice Control on Winter Subsurface Temperatures of the North Iceland Shelf During the Little Ice Age: A TEX86 Calibration Case Study. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 34(6), 1006-1021

David J Harning, John T Andrews, Simon T Belt, Patricia Cabedo-Sanz, Áslaug Geirsdóttir, Nadia Dildar, Gifford H Miller & Julio Sepúlveda
Holocene paleoceanographic reconstructions along the North Iceland Shelf have employed a variety of sea surface temperature and sea ice proxies. However, these surface proxies tend to have a seasonal bias toward spring/summer and thus only provide a discrete snapshot of surface conditions during one season. Furthermore, sea surface temperature proxies can be influenced by additional confounding variables resulting in markedly different Holocene temperature reconstructions. Here, we expand Iceland's marine paleoclimate toolkit with TEX86 L: a...

Clear Liquid Optical Lens Species Identification, supplement to: Jones, Robyn E; Griffin, Ross A; Rees, Sam C; Unsworth, Richard K F (in press): Improving visual biodiversity assessments of motile fauna in turbid aquatic environments. Limnology and Oceanography-Methods

Robyn E Jones
Here we describe and test the addition of a clear liquid optical chamber (CLOC) to a BRUV system to improve underwater visibility when observing motile fauna in turbid waters. The CLOC method was trialled with respect to the ability of the system to identify taxa to species level in both controlled laboratory and field conditions across gradients of underwater visibility.

(Fig. 2e) Grain size distribution of the Omok-Sampling-Site

Max Oke Kluger, Stefan Kreiter, Vicki G Moon, Rolando P Orense, Phillipa R Mills & Tobias Mörz

(Fig. 7) Angle of internal friction–plasticity index relationship for halloysite-rich tephra and sedimentary clays of the Omok-Sampling-Site

Max Oke Kluger, Stefan Kreiter, Vicki G Moon, Rolando P Orense, Phillipa R Mills & Tobias Mörz

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