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Tree-ring width of Abies alba (Miller) from historical object sample HOF10449-14

Jutta Hofmann
Species ABAL; No of rings 81; Begin 1432; End 1512

Water temperature XBT profiles from cruise PHKG96 (SCQC)

UOT WOCE Upper Ocean Thermal
For definition of quality flags see hdl:10013/epic.31518.d001

Documentation of sediment core GeoB10063-6

Dierk Hebbeln

Daily sea level from coastal tide gauge station Naha in 1983 (Research quality database)

WSL WOCE Sea Level

Paleontological investigation on diatoms of ODP Hole 152-919A

Nalân Koç, Hans Christian Larsen, Andrew D Saunders & Shipboard Scientific Party

South China Sea water column dissolved nutrients and particulate organic matter from March 2015

Joanna J Waniek, Siegfried Krüger, Jenny Jeschek, Lars Kreuzer & David Kaiser
In March 2015, transects of CTD casts were run on the Chinese RV Haiyang 4 in the northern South China Sea parallel and perpendicular to the coastline and the shelf break. During casts, go-flo bottles were used to collect water samples from the surface to bottom depth. Water samples were analyzed for dissolved nutrients (NO2, NO3, PO4, NH4, SiO4) and particulate organic matter (SPM, POC, PN, CHLa, d13C). Salinity and temperature were recorded by CTD....

Black Sea water column dissolved nutrients and dissolved and particulate organic matter from winter 2013, Maria S. Merian cruise MSM33, supplement to: Kaiser, David; Konovalov, Sergey K; Schulz-Bull, Detlef; Waniek, Joanna J (2017): Organic matter along longitudinal and vertical gradients in the Black Sea. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 129, 22-31

David Kaiser, Sergey K Konovalov, Helge W Arz, Maren Voss, Siegfried Krüger, Falk Pollehne, Jenny Jeschek & Joanna J Waniek
Dissolved nutrients (NO3, NO3, NH4, PO4, Si, H2S) and dissolved and particulate oganic matter (DOC, TDN, CHLa, SPM, POC, PN, d13C) were measured on bottle samples obtained during CTD casts along transects in the NE, central and NW Black Sea during RV Maria S. Merian cruise MSM33 in November and December 2013. Dissolved oxygen and salinity and temperature data for the bottla samples were added to the dataset. Metadata are UTC of the start time...

Dipicolinic acid concentration in sediment samples, supplement to: Wörmer, Lars; Hoshino, Tatsuhiko; Bowles, Marshall W; Viehweger, Bernhard; Adhikari, Rishi Ram; Xiao, Nan; Uramoto, Goichiro; Könneke, Martin; Lazar, Cassandre S; Morono, Yuki; Inagaki, Fumio; Hinrichs, Kai-Uwe (2019): Microbial dormancy in the marine subsurface: Global endospore abundance and response to burial. Science Advances, 5(2), eaav1024

Lars Wörmer, Tatsuhiko Hoshino, Marshall W Bowles, Bernhard Viehweger, Rishi Ram Adhikari, Nan Xiao, Goichiro Uramoto, Martin Könneke, Cassandre S Lazar, Yuki Morono, Fumio Inagaki & Kai-Uwe Hinrichs
Marine sediments host an unexpectedly large microbial biosphere, suggesting unique microbial mechanisms for surviving burial and slow metabolic turnover. Although dormancy is generally considered an important survival strategy, its specific role in subsurface sediments remains unclear. We quantified dormant bacterial endospores in 331 marine sediment samples from diverse depositional types and geographical origins. The abundance of endospores relative to vegetative cells increased with burial depth and endospores became dominant below 25 m, with an estimated...

Partial gene catalog of deep samples (4000m) from a Global Metagenomics Expedition (Malaspina 2010), supplement to: Bergauer, Kristin; Fernandez-Guerra, Antonio; Garcia, Juan A. L.; Sprenger, Antoinette; Stepanauskas, Ramunas; Pachiadaki, Maria G; Jensen, Ole N.; Herndl, Gerhard J (2018): Organic matter processing by microbial communities throughout the Atlantic water column as revealed by metaproteomics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(3), E400-E408

Silvia Gonzales-Acinas, Pablo Sánchez, Guillem Salazar, Miguel Francisco Cornejo, Ramiro Logares, Marta Sebastian, Shinichi Sunagawa, Juan M González, Pascal Hingamp, Hiroyuki Ogata, Stephane Pesant, Peer Bork, Jeroen Raes, Matthew Sullivan, Carlos Pedrós-Alió, D Vasqué, Ramón Massana, Carlos M Duarte & Josep M Gasol
The phylogenetic composition of the heterotrophic microbial community is depth stratified in the oceanic water column down to abyssopelagic layers. In the layers below the euphotic zone, it has been suggested that heterotrophic microbes rely largely on solubilized particulate organic matter as a carbon and energy source rather than on dissolved organic matter. To decipher whether changes in the phylogenetic composition with depth are reflected in changes in the bacterial and archaeal transporter proteins, we...

Time series of ice nuclei concentration at Cape Verde (2009-2013)

André Welti, Konrad Müller, Zoë L Fleming & Frank Stratmann

Aufeis (naleds) of the North-East of Russia: GIS catalogue for the Indigirka River basin, supplement to: Makarieva, Olga; Shikhov, Andrey; Nesterova, Nataliia; Ostashov, Andrey (2019): Historical and recent aufeis in the Indigirka River basin (Russia). Earth System Science Data, 11(1), 409-420

Olga Makarieva, Andrey Shikhov, Andrey Ostashov & Nataliia Nesterova
The GIS database contains the data of aufeis (naleds) in the Indigirka River basin (Russia) from historical and nowadays sources, and complete ArcGIS 10.1/10.2 and Qgis 3* projects to view and analyze the data. All data and projects have WGS 1984 coordinate system (without projection). ArcGIS and Qgis projects contain two layers, such as Aufeis_kadastr (historical aufeis data collection, point objects) and Aufeis_Landsat (satellite-derived aufeis data collection, polygon objects).Historical data collection is created based on...

Time series of ice nuclei concentration at Cape Verde (2016) measured with continuous flow diffusion chamber (SPIN)

André Welti, Konrad Müller, Zoë L Fleming & Frank Stratmann

Moisture and density measured on ODP Hole 110-674A

Alain Mascle, J Casey Moore & Shipboard Scientific Party
Method A: wet-bulk volume measured with special volume sampler; method B: wet-bulk volume measured by gas pycnometry; method C: dry volume measured by gas pycnometry

Magnetic properties and sortable silt data from marine sedimentsfrom the Gardar drift and the Charlie-Gibbs fracture zone as tracers for bottom current dynamic, supplement to: Kissel, Catherine; Van Toer, Aurélie; Laj, Carlo E; Cortijo, Elsa; Michel, Elisabeth (2013): Variations in the strength of the North Atlantic bottom water during Holocene. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 369-370, 248-259

Catherine Kissel
Magnetic properties coupled with sortable silt are investigated for Holocene marine sedimentary sequences located in the subpolar North Altantic, in the Charlie– Gibbs fracture zone (53°N) and in central (57°N) and southern Gardar drift (59°N). All the cores are located at water depths bathed by the Iceland–Scotland Overflow Water, mixed at the southernmost locality with southern sourced water masses. The goal of the multi-proxy study is the changes in the dynamics and the properties of...

Core summary for IODP Hole 340-U1394B

Anne Le Friant, Osamu Ishizuka, Nicole A Stroncik & Expedition 340 Scientists

Simulation results of modelling flow over typical bedforms

Alice Lefebvre, Andries J Paarlberg & Christian Winter

Microplankton abundance at Station SEPT-1997-GN36199704605MSB04 in the euphotic zone of the Aegean Sea in September 1997. Part 1 - diatoms

Olympia Gotsis-Skretas, Kalliopi Pagou, Lydia Ignatiades & Stella Psarra
Microplankton species composition analysis was performed according to the inverted microscope method of Utermoehl. Samples for identification and enumeration of larger phytoplankton cells (>5µm) were preserved in alkaline Lugol solution. Utermoehl, H., 1958. Zur Vervollkommung der quantitativen Phytoplankton-Methodik. Mitt. Int. Ver. Theor. Angew. Limnol., 9:1-38.

Meteorological synoptical observations from station Ishigakijima (2014-02)

Matsumi Takano

Nd isotope composition of fossil fish teeth of ODP Hole 119-738B, supplement to: Scher, Howie D; Delaney, Margaret Lois (2010): Breaking the glass ceiling for high resolution Nd isotope records in early Cenozoic paleoceanography. Chemical Geology, 269(3-4), 329-338

Howie D Scher & Margaret Lois Delaney
We report an optimized method for extracting neodymium (Nd) from fossil fish teeth with a single-stage column (125 µl stem volume; LN Resin, Eichrom Industries, Darien Illinois) for isotopic analysis by multi-collector inductively coupled mass spectrometry (MC-ICMPS). Three reference materials (basalt: BCR-2, BHVO-2; phosphate: fossil bone composite) and splits of fossil fish teeth samples previously processed with existing two-stage column methods were processed using the single-stage column method. 143Nd/144Nd values of reference materials agree within...

Density and water content of sediment core GeoB1520-2

Peter J Müller

Sedimentology of core IOW211670-4

Algimantas Grigelis

Hourly delayed mode sea level from coastal tide gauge station Crescent_City in 1952

WSL WOCE Sea Level

Tree-ring width of Picea abies (Karsten) from historical object sample HOF12103-6

Jutta Hofmann
Species PCAB; No of rings 65; Begin 1743; End 1807

Meteorological observations during Vliegende Faam cruise from to Elmina started at 1757-01-29

Ricardo García-Herrera, Gunther P Können, Dennis A Wheeler, Maria del Rosario Prieto, Philip D Jones & Frits B Koek

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