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Wading into the Stream of Forensics Research: The View from the Editorial Office

James F. Klumpp
Commentary on the state of research in debate and forensics in 1990.

New Wine in Old Bottles: \"Films without Celluloid\" and Making the Most of the Spaces You've Got

Andrew Horbal
Slides for a presentation delivered at the Innovative Library Classroom conference in Radford, VA on May 12, 2015.

A Cohort Study of Entry Level Librarians and the Academic Job Search

Jason B. Reed, Alexander J. Carroll & Benjamin Jahre
Previous studies have examined the challenges faced by those seeking a professional position within academic libraries, as well as the skills and qualities preferred by Library and Information Science (LIS) employers. However, less attention has been paid to the common approaches, characteristics and experiences of first-time job seekers who successfully find employment within academic libraries. This paper presents the findings of a cohort study that investigated the academic job search process for entry level professionals....

Accurate computation of Galerkin double surface integrals in the 3-D boundary element method

Ross Adelman, Nail A. Gumerov & Ramani Duraiswami
Many boundary element integral equation kernels are based on the Green’s functions of the Laplace and Helmholtz equations in three dimensions. These include, for example, the Laplace, Helmholtz, elasticity, Stokes, and Maxwell equations. Integral equation formulations lead to more compact, but dense linear systems. These dense systems are often solved iteratively via Krylov subspace methods, which may be accelerated via the fast multipole method. There are advantages to Galerkin formulations for such integral equations, as...

WorldCat Local Usability at UMD

Alexander Carroll, Rebecca Goldfinger, Jaime Mears, Steven Quintilian & Madhu Singh
Describes the first iteration of the WorldCat Local Usability Study conducted by University Libraries during spring of 2015, including study design and preliminary results.

Copyright in the Film Studies Classroom

Andrew Horbal
Slides from a presentation given as part of a workshop called "Copyright and Video Production in the Film Studies Classroom" which was provided for faculty and graduate students in the Film Studies Program at the University of Maryland on February 20, 2015.

Leveraging Structure in Activity Recognition: Context and Spatiotemporal Dynamics

Sameh Khamis
Activity recognition is one of the fundamental problems of computer vision. An activity recognition system aims to identify the actions of humans from an image or a video. This problem has been historically approached in isolation, and typically as part of a multi-stage system, where tracking for instance is another part. However, recent work sheds light on how activity recognition is in fact entangled with other fundamental problems in the field. Tracking is one such...

Soot Oxidation in Hydrocarbon-free Flames

Haiqing Guo
There are high uncertainties in the existing models of soot oxidation rates. To ameliorate this, soot oxidation in flames was examined using a novel ternary flame system, advanced diagnostics, and a detailed examination of past studies. The ternary flame system comprises a coflowing propylene/air diffusion flame to generate a steady soot column that flows into a hydrogen ring flame. The soot is thereby oxidized in a region far separated from soot formation, which is unlike...


Candice Briece Doyle
The goal of this study was to investigate the relationship between reading comprehension strategy instruction (explicit or skills-based) in general education settings and third through fifth grade students' reading comprehension outcomes. In addition, I was interested in whether relationships between instruction and outcomes differed for students from English only (EO) and English language learner (ELL) backgrounds. To address these goals I conducted a secondary data analysis of 59 Reading/Language Arts classroom observation transcripts. These represented...

Capital and Culture: William Wilson Corcoran and the Making of Nineteenth-Century America

Mark Laurence Goldstein
Capital and Culture: William Wilson Corcoran and the Making of Nineteenth-Century America explores the fascinating life of one of the nation's earliest and most successful political insiders, financiers, philanthropists, and shapers of the emerging cultural elite. Corcoran helped establish and normalize many important components of modern American culture. He played a key role in stabilizing and merchandizing U.S. financial securities at home and abroad and was responsible for significant developments in public debt war finance....


Yi-Lin Huang
Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) have been demonstrated as great prospects for electrochemical conversion of fuels, providing both high efficiency and high power density. Understanding the fundamentals of the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) mechanisms is necessary to further improve cathode performance. Two different testing systems, gas phase isotopic oxygen exchange and electrical conductivity relaxation, were built to study the kinetics of cathode powders and bulk samples, respectively. A robust strategy was established to extract kinetic...

Sleep throughout the alcoholism recovery process: a mixed methods examination of individuals' experiences transitioning from an inpatient research facility providing rehabilitation treatment to the community

Alyssa Todaro Brooks
Despite research establishing the relationship between sleep disturbances and alcohol use, there is no clear understanding or model for what occurs once individuals who seek inpatient alcoholism treatment are discharged from rehabilitation facilities and attempt to integrate back into their homes and communities. This study used a mixed methods approach to assess individuals' perceptions of and experiences with sleep throughout the process of alcohol rehabilitation and to explore associations between sleep-related beliefs/behavior, sleep quality, and...

Asymptotic problems for stochastic partial differential equations

Michael Salins
Stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs) can be used to model systems in a wide variety of fields including physics, chemistry, and engineering. The main SPDEs of interest in this dissertation are the semilinear stochastic wave equations which model the movement of a material with constant mass density that is exposed to both determinstic and random forcing. Cerrai and Freidlin have shown that on fixed time intervals, as the mass density of the material approaches zero,...


Tanya Geiger
HIV is a potentially fatal and highly stigmatized disease such that diagnosis with the disease is often met with high anxiety. Many people who test positive for HIV may not receive sufficient linkage to HIV care or do not remain engaged in continuous HIV medical care once they have entered care. While a considerable amount of research exists on referral, access, personal characteristics, and mental illness barriers associated with engagement in HIV medical care, far...

Modeling of Gas Turbine - Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems for Combined Propulsion and Power on Aircraft

Daniel Francis Waters
This dissertation investigates the use of gas turbine (GT) engine integrated solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) to reduce fuel burn in aircraft with large electrical loads like sensor-laden unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). The concept offers a number of advantages: the GT absorbs many SOFC balance of plant functions (supplying fuel, air, and heat to the fuel cell) thereby reducing the number of components in the system; the GT supplies fuel and pressurized air that significantly...

Information and environmental policy

Casey John Wichman
Within this manuscript, I present three distinct essays linked by the commonality of how information is utilized in decision-making and its effect on environmental policy. In the first essay, I evaluate the price to which consumers respond under complicated billing structures. I exploit a natural experiment to estimate a causal effect of price for residential water customers during the introduction of increasing block rates for a North Carolina utility. Perceived price is identified through a...


Yanru Zhang
Travel time effectively measures freeway traffic conditions. Easy access to this information provides the potential to alleviate traffic congestion and to increase the reliability in road networks. Accurate travel time information through Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) can provide guidance for travelers' decisions on departure time, route, and mode choice, and reduce travelers' stress and anxiety. In addition, travel time information can be used to present the current or future traffic state in a network...

Student Success through Libraries: A Mixed-Methods Model for Assessing and Demonstrating Library Value

Jamie Edwards

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Enrichment and Differentiation through Functionalized Biomaterials

Kimberly Marie Ferlin
The use of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for tissue engineering and cell-based therapies has great potential. MSCs are an adult stem cell population capable of undergoing multilineage differentiation into several key tissue types including bone, fat, and cartilage. However, despite key research and clinical advances, these therapies are still largely in the developmental phases. MSCs are typically isolated from the bone marrow using a multi-step process involving density centrifugation and adherence of the mononuclear fraction...

Effects of a Simulated Dicamba Misapplication on Non-tolerant Soybeans (Glycine max)

Matthew Morris
Approval is pending for the registration of dicamba tolerant (DT) soybeans [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]. The use of dicamba on DT soybeans and other DT crops will increase. Risks associated with dicamba applications include off-target movement to sensitive crops. The objective of this study was to evaluate misapplication of dicamba on non-DT soybeans. Greenhouse and field studies examined a rate titration (0.004 to 0.5 lb ai a-1) of dicamba on non-DT soybeans (V3 stage -...

Genotypic Diversity of Common Phytophthora Species in Maryland Nurseries and Characterization of Fungicide Efficacy

Justine Beaulieu
The genetic diversity of P. plurivora, P. cinnamomi, P. pini, P. multivora, and P. citrophthora, five of the most common species found in Maryland ornamental nurseries and mid-Atlantic forests, was characterized using amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP). Representative isolates of genotypic clusters were then screened against five fungicides commonly used to manage Phytophthora. Three to six populations were identified for each species investigated with P. plurivora being the most diverse and P. cinnamomi the least....

The Relationship Between Self-Monitoring and Successful Ingratiation

Mark B. Johnson
According to self-monitoring theory, high self-monitors should be more skilled at self-presentation than low self-monitors. Research has shown that high self-monitors do possess skills ostensibly related to self-presentation, but there is no empirical evidence that they are any better at achieving self-presentation goals. Conversely, the selfpresentation literature has identified self-presentation strategies that do facilitate achieving interpersonal goals. One component of self-presentation skill, therefore, may involve knowing what strategy to use in achieving self-presentation success. This...

Rethinking Playgrounds: A Design Investigation of Playscape Theory

Jonathan Gemmell
This thesis studies how playscapes and nature play offer alternatives to traditional playground designs by encouraging multiple facets of childhood development. Playscapes promote play spaces that integrate physical, mental, and educational features. Harnessing the malleability of the natural landscape provides clear developmental advantages that surpass traditional structure-based playground design and provide opportunities for building environmental literacy. After combining research with feedback taken from site users, a design will be proposed for the exterior of Riverdale...

Analysis of Gamma-Band Auditory Responses in Schizophrenia

Benjamin Bryan Walsh
Schizophrenia is a debilitating mental illness that affects 1% of the general population. One characteristic symptom is auditory hallucinations, which is experienced by almost all patients sometime in their lifetime. To investigate differences in auditory response in general, 50 schizophrenic patients and 50 age and sex-matched healthy controls were presented with auditory click trains at 40 Hz. Responses are recorded using electroencephalography (EEG). Magnitude and phase of responses at 40 Hz are computed using Gabor...

Dynamic Force Measurement Capabilities for Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Testing

Arianne Xaviera Collopy
The object of this research is to characterize a new hybrid force measurement methodology using a piezoelectric balance in parallel with a conventional strain gauge balance, with the goal of enabling wide frequency range measurements for use in hypersonic ground test facilities. This technology, developed in collaboration with the Hypervelocity Wind Tunnel 9 at AEDC in White Oak, Maryland, is expected to provide accurate static and dynamic force and moment measurements on conventional test articles,...

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