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Miss Universe contest, 1958

2 images. Miss Universe contest, 16 July 1958. Beatriz Bolvarte -- 19 years (Miss Peru); Gladys Zender -- 18 years (Last year Miss Universe); Adalgisa Colombo -- 18 years (Miss Brazil).

Whittle testimonial luncheon, 1958

1 image. Whittle testimonial luncheon, 10 July 1958. A.J. Gock (YMCA board chairman); Harold F. Whittle (retiring YMCA president).; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Paegel. Date: 1958-07-10. Reporter: Waymire. Assignment: Whittle testimonial lunch. A.J. Gock (left), YMCA board chairman and chairman of the luncheon committee; Harold F. Whittle, retiring YMCA pres., with silver service gift".

Air cadets (High School), 1958

3 images. Air cadets (High School), 23 April 1958. Lieutenant Ronn Ranne; Lieutenant Colonel Ken Darmer; C.F.C. George Knowlton; Corporal Rod Orton; Bob Somers (instructs the class); students on the drill field.; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Miller. Date: 1958-04-23. Reporter: Kline. Assignment: Air cadets. Special Instructions: For Monday. 23/24: Lt. Ronn Ranne; Lt. Col. Ken. Farmer; C.F.C. Geo. Knowlton; Cpl. Rod Orton (with 1 & 4 starfighter). Students on drill field. Bob Somers (cq), 18,...

Rotary, 1958

1 image. Rotary, 15 April 1958. John Donk (program chairman); D.D. Moore (president of Rotary International); O.D.A. Oberg (guest speaker); Bjarne Larsen (district governor).; Caption slip reads: " Photographer: Glickman. Date: 1958-04-22. Assignment: Rotary. G115-116: L to R: John Donk, program chairman; D.D. Moore, Rep. Pres of Rotary international; O.D.A. Oberg, guest speaker; Bjarne Larsen, district gov.".

Pharmacists award dinner, 1958

1 image. Pharmacists award dinner, 23 April 1958. Leo F. Godley (outgoing president of the society); James Elieff (presented with award). (Handout).; Supplementary material reads: " Unduplicated art, Los Angeles Examiner (story previously sent), April 23, 1958. At award dinner of American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, tonight (Wednesday) at Statler Hotel, Los Angeles, Leo F. Godley, out-going president of the Society, left, presents James Elieff, Veterans Administration Center, Los Angeles, with certificate for share of...

Musial arrival, 1958

1 image. Musial arrival, 24 April 1958. Stan Musial; Muriel Murphy (stewardess). (Handout).; Supplementary material reads: "M.J. O'brien, American Airlines, Public Relations, 524 W. 6th ST., Los Angeles CALIF. Stan "The man" Musial Arrived in town tonight via American Airlines from St. Louis. American Airlines stewardess Muriel Murphy couldn't resist asking Stan for his autograph".

County hospital children visit Griffith Park Zoo, 1958

1 image. County hospital children visit Griffith Park Zoo, 24 April 1958. "Miss Dewline" Polar Bear; Doctor Wesley A. Young (Zoo supervisor).; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Monteverde. Date: 1958-04-24. Reporter: Waymire. Assignment: County hospital kids at zoo. Wheelchair patients watch Miss Dewline (polar bear) being fed by Dr. Wesley A. Young, zoo supervisor. Kids watching Andy, the chimpanzee, clowning. Mike Wendt, chief animal keeper answers questions about the gibbons".

Orphanage Guild at Dodgers luncheon -- Biltmore Hotel, 1958

4 images. Orphanage Guild at Dodgers luncheon -- Biltmore Hotel, 18 April 1958. Mrs. Reese Milner; Joe E. Brown; Mrs. John Rauen; Mrs. David Hearst. (Printed for daily for Carter Ludlow). (Sleeve reads: S-12333); Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Lapp. Date: 1958-04-18. Assignment: Orphanage Guild Dodger luncheon. Society. 49/50/51/52: Mrs. Reese Milner. Joe E. Brown. Mrs. John Rauen. Mrs. David Hearst".; Supplementary material reads: "Photo Assignment for Friday April 18 at 11 a.m. Rush Rush Rush...

Society -- Bel-Air Country Club women, 1958

5 images. Society -- Bel-Air Country Club women, 12 April 1958. Mrs. Sanford Ladd; Mrs. E. Boyd Thompson; Mrs. Andrew J. Hurley; Mrs. Allan F. Kerr. (Negatives and contacts to Carter Ludlow). (Sleeve reads: S-12333).; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Gaze. Date: 1958-04-11. Reporter: Society. Assignment: Bel-Air Country Club women. Special Instructions: Contacts Monday. #55-56: L to R -- Mrs. Sanford Ladd; Mrs. E. Boyd Thompson; Mrs. Andrew J. Hurley; Mrs. Allan F. Kerr. #69-70: Mrs....

World honeymoon in 24-foot sloop, 1958

2 images. World honeymoon in 24-foot sloop, 22 April 1958. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hamilton (Commander Royal Navy Reserve); 24-foot sloop "Salmo".; Supplementary material reads: "Gerson. City desk. Illus. Daily. World honeymoon in 24-ft sloop. No 10 -- Peter Hamilton, Commander Royal Navy (Reserve) and bride of 18 months, Jill, of Glasgow, Scotland, shown on board 24-foot sloop Salmo they sailed into Los Angeles on honeymoon from Montreal, Canada, via Caribbean, Panama, South Seas, in...

University of California Los Angeles to air raid drills, 1958

8 images. University of California Los Angeles to air raid drills, 25 April 1958. Verne G. Davidson; Raymond B. Allen (Chancellor); General views of students who oppose air raid drills.; Caption slip reads: " Photographer: Gaze. Date: 1958-04-25. Reporter: Gaze. Assignment: UCLA raid drill protest. #66: (I believe -- at any rate it shows). UCLA Chancellor Raymond B. Allen at left, addressing crowd and standing at right behind him, wearing glasses and holding a book...

Westervelt inquest, 1958

3 images. Westervelt inquest, 23 April 1958. Janet Jean Bowers -- 18 years (witness); James William Frankenberry (exonerated).; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Wilson. Date: 04-23. Assignment: Inquest -- Westervelt. 21/56/22: Janet Jean Bowers, 18, pregnant gal. 55/65: Foreground -- Miss Janet Jean Bowers, who drove wounded bandit, Robert W. Westervelt for aid & liquor store owner, James William Frankenberry, who shot Westervelt".

United Republican Finance Committee, 1958

1 image. United Republican Finance Committee, 24 April 1958. Robert H. Finch (Republican County Chairman); George Sevelle; Edward R. Valentine; George Beavers. (Handout).

Dinah Shore presented with plaque, 1958

1 image. Dinah Shore presented with plaque, 26 April 1958. Dinah Shore (with plaque by Harlequin of Masquers Club); Harry Joe Brown. (Handout).; Caption slip reads: " Photographer: NBC handout. Date: 1958-04-26. Reporter: Processed by Wesselmann. Assignment: Dinah Shore is being presented with plaque by Harlequin of the Masquers Club, Harry Joe Brown".

Arrivals, 1958

1 image. Arrivals, 13 July 1958. Jeanmarie Petit; Roland Petit. (Ballet stars). (Handout).

Universe parade (Long Beach), 1958

7 images. Universe parade (Long Beach), 20 July 1958. General views, etc.

Miss Universe contest (Miss United States semi-finalist), 1958

Emery &
15 images. Miss Universe contest (Miss United States semi-finalist), 23 July 1958. Judith Carlson (Alabama); Donna Kay Brooks (California); Marcia Valibus (Florida); Diane Austin (Georgia); June Pinckney (Illinois); Eurlyne Howell (Louisiana); Sharon Tietjen (Montana); Dee Kjeldgaard (Nebraska); Firginia Fox (New York); Patricia Moss (South Carolina); Helen Youngquist (South Dakota); Martha Boales (Tennessee); Linda Daugherty (Texas); Sandra Pugh (Utah); Rose Marie Nielsen (Washington).; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Emery. Date: 1957-07-23. Assignment: 15 USA finalists Miss U....

[Miss] Universe contest, 1958

2 images. [Miss] Universe contest, 24 July 1958. Tomoko Moritake (Miss Japan chosen Miss Friendship).; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Gray. Date: 07-24. Reporter: Sid Bernstein. Assignment: Miss Universe. 81/82: Miss Friendship, Tomoko Moritake, 20, Miss Japan (holds trophy)".

Miss Universe contest, 1958

3 images. Miss Universe contest (after), 25 July 1958. Gladys Zender (Miss USA of 1958); Captain William Thornberry; Eurlyne Howell (Miss USA of 1959); Adalgisa Colombo (Miss Brazil); Marlies Jungbehrens (Germany); Bob Oliver; Mrs. Lillian Howell (Mother of Miss USA); Officer Robert Gill; Marilyn Howell -- 13 years (sister of Miss USA).; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Gray. Reporter: Kay. Assignment: Stage director stand in for Zender who did not show for rehearsal this A.M. 41/42/101/102:...

Universe girls at Universal Studios, 1958

2 images. Universe girls at Universal Studios, 21 July 1958. Linda Ann Daugherty (Miss Texas); Beverly Sue Wright (Miss Missouri); Martha Boales (Miss Tennessee); Patricia Ann Moss (South Carolina); Tomoko Moritake (Miss Japan); Hugh O'Brien.; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Snow. Reporter: Adler. Assignment: Miss U. 23/24: l to r -- Texas; Missouri; Hugh O'Brien; Tenn.; So. Carolina; Japan. 51/52: l to r -- Miss Tenn.; So. Carolina; Japan".

Indian girl at White Memorial Hospital, 1958

1 image. Indian girl at White Memorial Hospital, 28 April 1958. Roberta Quail -- 5 years (Indian); Nurse Lois Johnson.; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Olmo. Date: 1958-04-28. Reporter: Adler. Assignment: Indian girl. Special instructions: Wed. 57/58: L to R -- Nurse Lois Johnson with Roberta Quail, 5, Apachi Indian, at White Memorial Hospital".

One birthday family, 1958

1 image. One birthday family, 20 April 1958. Mrs. Erna Perkins -- 30 years; Nancy Kay Perkins (baby born on mother's birthday); Winifred Magamine (nurse) celebrating her 24th birthday.; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Mitchell. Date: 1958-04-20. Reporter: Brown. Assignment: one -- birthday family. 105/106/150: L/R Mrs. Erna Perkins, 30, holding newborn Nancy Kay; nurse Winifred Magamine, celebrating 24th birthday".

Medical Doctor's press conference (Los Angeles County Medical Association), 1958

3 images. Medical Doctor's press conference (Los Angeles County Medical Association), 27 April 1958. Doctor Frank R. Lemon; Doctor Ernest L. Wynder; Doctor William S. New; Doctor William A. Altemeier; Doctor Albert S. Clark.; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Rustan. Date: 1958-04-27. Reporter: White. Assignment: M.D.'s press conf., Ambassador. 7/8: L to R -- Dr. Wm. A. Altemeier, Cincinnati; & Dr. Albert S. Clark, San Francisco. 37/38: Dr. William S. New, Capt. M.C. U.S.N., San Diego....

Hayden custody case, 1958

2 images. Hayden custody case, 4 December 1958. Sterling Hayden; Attorney Phyllis Cooper; Attorney Grant Cooper; Betty Ann Hayden; Attorney Marvin M. Mitchelson.; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Mitchell. Date: 1958-12-04. Reporter: Pony Garner. Assignment: Hayden custody case. 7: Actor Sterling Hayden. 8: L to R -- Attorney Phyllis Cooper; Attorney Grant Cooper; Actor Sterling Hayden. 40/41: L to R -- Betty Ann Hayden; Attorney Marvin M. Mitchelson".

Medical convention, 1958

1 image. Medical convention, 28 April 1958. Doctor Paul J. Moses.; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Rustan. Date: 1958-04-28. Assignment: Medics -- lead. Special instructions: Now. 41/42: Dr. Paul J. Moses, S.F., 'Singing Voice'".

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