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Caruthers (Reed) residence, Boulder, Colo., 2007

Thom, Wayne, 1933-
Interior photograph of the residence (owned by Caruthers) occupied by Presley and Patricia Reed, 375 Bellevue Drive, Boulder, Colorado, 2007 June.

Missionary Schanz's house, Mamba, Tanzania, ca. 1901-1910

Schanz?, 1876-1963
"Haus von Missionar Schanz in Mamba von Südosten aus" ("Missionary Schanz's house in Mamba from southeast"). A large european-style house with a porch. Part of the roof is made of corrugated iron, the other part is thatched. On the right, in front of a door, an African woman and a European child.; Johannes Schanz (1876-1963) was a priest. He worked for the Leipzig Mission in Moshi and Memba from 1901-1910.

Cleaning rice (phot[ograph] from Dr. W. Bernoulli).

Bernoulli, W. (Mr)
Stamped: "Museum der Basler Mission Basel, Missionsstrasse 21."

Swimming, 1958

Rustan [Photographer]
7 images. Swimming, 17 June 1958. Paula Jean Myers; Gary Tobian. "Sports". (Sleeve reads: SP 12370).; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Rustan. Date: 1958-06-17. Assignment: Diving. Action. 48/32/24/27/28/91: Paula Jean Myers, Gary Tobian; 'running half gayner(?) layout'. 47: Gary back dive pike position; 'half gayner(?) layout'".; Supplementary material reads: "Al Franken, WE 18404; International Swim Meet. A much anticipated Olympic Games rematch is taking shape between the world's two greatest 1500 meter freestyle swimmers -- Murray...

Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, letter, 1912-10-29, to Hamlin Garland

Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel, 1879-1931
Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, 603 South 5th Street, Springfield, Illinois, USA, letter, 1912 October 29, to Hamlin Garland. "At last I feel that I am somewhere near to justifying your hope of me." -- first line.

Westwood One, Los Angeles, Calif., 1988

Thom, Wayne, 1933-
Exterior photograph of Westwood One, 10990 Wilshire Boulevard, Westwood, Los Angeles, California, 1988 January.

Property alongside Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood, 1912

Photograph of property alongside Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood, 1912. A small boy with bare feet in a jacket and wide-brimmed hat sits on one of two hitching posts off the side of the unpaved road at left, with his hands folded in his lap. Short-growing vegetation and what appear to be poplar trees fill the dusty ground to the right of the photo, behind which a house and windmill can be seen.

The use of cognitive task analysis for identifying the critical information omitted when experts describe surgical procedures

Eko Natividad Canillas
Unrestricted Evidence in research suggests experts omit 70% of procedural steps when describing a surgical procedure. Additionally, prior knowledge of a procedure may have an affect on the percentage of information omitted when describing a procedure. To examine this, the current study used CTA methods to conduct semi-structured interviews with six subject matter experts describing a central venous catheter (CVC) placement procedure. Quantitative methods were used to analyze data regarding the amount of information omitted...

Decorated bedroom for exhibition, Fuzhou, Fujian, China, ca.1911-1913

Ralph G. Gold
"Foochow Y.M.C.A. Better Homes Exhibition. New style bedroom. Lighter, cleaner, cheaper. Prepared by Hwa Nan College girls." [now Fuzhou] A bedroom decorated in white Western style furniture. There is a bed with a canopy, a screen, dresser, vanity, desk, and table with a baby basket on it.

Basotho hut, South Africa, [s.d.]

"Basotohütte in Nordtransvaal" ("Basotho hut in Northern Transvaal"). Photograph of a round hut with a pointed thatched roof.

Society; Kappa Sigma Star and Cresent Ball, 1951

5 images. Society; Kappa Sigma Star and Cresent Ball, April 8, 1951. Joan Burnham; Bill Skilling; Art Walker; Marilyn Burn; Jim Thomas; Ida Mae Finegan; Ken Worthey; Margie Wilson; Sue Finch; Nick Mrakich; Jeff Meisser; Jeannine Kellogg.; More descriptive information with originals.

Lieutenant General Joseph May Swing reviews troops (Fort MacArthur), 1951

2 images. Lieutenant General Joseph May Swing reviews troops (Fort MacArthur), 1951. Lieutenant General Joseph May Swing; Lieutenant H.W. Murry (Color Guard Commander).; Supplementary material reads: "Gershon. City desk. Illus. Nos. 18 and 19: Lieutenant General Joseph May Swing passes colors during his first inspection of troops at Fort MacArthur since relieving General Albert Wedemeyer as Commanding General, Sixth Army. With his is Lieutenant H. W. Murry (correct), commanding the color guard".

Reuben Borough in a backyard, circa 1928

Photograph of Reuben W. Borough wearing a bathing suit and holding a pair of sunglasses as he stands in a backyard. The location and date of the photo are unknown. Borough was a political activitist and one of the founders of the Progressive Party.

The Aspen readings , 1966

The Aspen readings , 1966.

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