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Street in Khovo, Maputo, Mozambique, [s.d.]

Photograph of a street in Khovo. On the right, the clinic of the Swiss Mission.; Photographie d'une rue à Khovo. Sur la droite, le dispensaire de la Mission Romande.

[Daniel Couve, Director of the PEMS on a tour in Togo]

Rachel Dogimont
[Daniel Couve, Director of the PEMS on a tour in Togo] ; Daniel Couve sitting under a tree. Behind him, a gathering.

A life among giants

C. Judson Blanchard

Everyday life of Peace Corps Korea volunteers, South Korea

A photograph of everyday life of Peace Corps Korea volunteers during their service in South Korea.

The childrens' school at Yangjiang, China,1934

O'Melia, Fr.
This is a photograph of "the Yeungkong [now Yangjiang] school children, the adults are visitors and clergy."

Christopher Street West (CSW) pride parade in Los Angeles, 1974

Bud McGinnis
Christopher Street West (CSW) pride parade in Los Angeles. 1974.

Physics of particle trapping in ultrarelativistic plasma wakes

Erdem Oz
Unrestricted The accelerator at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is the world's largest linear accelerator. The electron beam produced here is unique; it is an ultra-relativistic, 28.5 GeV, and ultra-intense (rms bunch length and spot size (~ 10-50 microns) electron beam. Its radial field is so intense that it can field ionize and create a plasma as it traverses a neutral gas. It also creates a very large amplitude (10s of GV/m) plasma wave. When...

Martin Bolhower posing with a smiling Buddha in Kyoto

Martin J. Bolhower
The Martin J. Bolhower Collection consists of photographs from the family of a Marine who served as an official field photographer during the Korean War.

Riebe residence, hallway, Carmel Valley, Calif., after 1990?

Koenig, Pierre Francis, 1925-2004, Architect
Interior photograph of the hallway, residence of Cynthia and Fred Riebe (previously the Johnson residence, built 1990, renovated and addition 1990)), 54 La Rancheria, Carmel Valley, California, after 1990?

Photophysiological parameters for CO2 and N2 fixation in trichodesmium spp. in natural populations and culture nutrient limitation experiments

Juliette Anne Finzi
Unrestricted Trichodesmium is a globally significant cyanobacterium that plays an important role in marine carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycling. Accordingly, global ecosystem have begun to incorporate the critical role of diazotrophs, and Trichodesmium specifically. Most commonly, this is done by incorporating the photophysiological parameters Pmax (the rate at which production is maximal) and alpha; (the linear relationship between production and light at low irradiance), which are derived from production vs. irradiance (P-E) curves. Results...

The town of Kayintschu.

Maier, Joh. Martin (Mr)

Civic Center, El Cajon, Calif., 1976

Thom, Wayne, 1933-
Exterior photograph of City Hall, Civic Center, 200 Civic Center Way, El Cajon, California, 1976 November.

Kelsey residence, Indian Wells, Calif., 2006

Thom, Wayne, 1933-
Interior photograph of the residence of John and Catherine Kelsey, 74337 Desert Arroyo Trail, The Reserve, Indian Wells, California, 2006 April.

Caruthers (Reed) residence, Boulder, Colo., 2007

Thom, Wayne, 1933-
Interior photograph of the residence (owned by Caruthers) occupied by Presley and Patricia Reed, 375 Bellevue Drive, Boulder, Colorado, 2007 June.

Exterior view of a trailer, 1942

Schindler, R. M. (Rudolph M.), 1887-1953 & Julius Shulman
Photograph of an exterior view of a trailer, 1942. An automobile trailer is shown in the image with an entrance door in the middle. The trailer is attached to Julius Shulman’s 1939 Oldsmobile. A handwritten note on the back of the print reads “Note my 1939 Oldsmobile rear end!”. The structure was designed by architect Rudolph M. Schindler.

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