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Nauka i religiya = Science and religion, 1990, no. 6 (1990 June)

Nauka i religiya, 1990, no. 6 (1990 Iun') = Science and religion, 1990, no. 6 (1990 June). Наука и религия, 1990, № 6 (1990 Июнь).

Back to school -- Saint Francis De Sales, Sherman Oaks, 1951

Glickman [Photographer]
7 images. Back to school -- Saint Francis De Sales, Sherman Oaks, 17 September 1951. John Kuzma -- 12 years; Father James O'Mahoney; Classes in session; Gregg Goossen; Madam St. Kenneth; Michael Matara.; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Glickman. Date: 1951-09-17. Assignment: Back to School, St. Francis De Sales, Sherman Oaks. 3: sitting among piled school and catching up on his studies even before school begins is John Kuzma age 12 of Sherman Oaks. 4: Welcoming...

Nayer girls from Malabar.

Annotation translation: "Dhalikettukallianam II. Women present as guests."; Annotation: "Dhalikettukallianam II. Frauen, als Gäste anwesend."; Note: Cf. QC-30.012.0093.; Note translation: Cf. QC-30.012.0093.

Archer Milton Huntington, letter, 1921-10-21, to Hamilton Garland

Huntington, Archer Milton, 1870-1955
Archer Milton Huntington, 1083 5th Avenue, New York, New York, USA, letter, 1921 October 21, to Hamilton Garland (The American Academy of Arts and Letters), 15 West 81st Street, New York, New York, USA. "Do not think of resigning; we cannot do without you." -- first line.

Norton residence, Crested Butte, Colo., 2008

Thom, Wayne, 1933-
Interior photograph of the residence of John and Robin Norton, 1294 County Road 740 (1294 Cement Creek Road), Crested Butte, Colorado, 2008 October.

Systematic observation sheet 106, 1967

Laud Humphreys
Systematic observation sheet 106 (1967-07-02) of gay men in a public restroom for Humphrey's research publication Tearoom Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public Spaces.

"Pre-vue" title, Southern California, 1936

Dick Whittington Studio
Photograph of "Pre-vue" title, Southern California, 1936. "4-113; 1936; Renee Brassiere Co.; 'Prevue' [sic] title; 6-11x14; Colored."-- on envelope.

Bank of America Data Center, Los Angeles, Calif., 1979

Thom, Wayne, 1933-
Exterior photograph of the Bank of America Data Center, 100 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, California, 1979 January.

Petr Nikolaevich Durnovo, 1845-1915

Petr Nikolaevich Durnovo, 1845-1915. Russian statesman and security chief. Born 1845 in Moscow. Died 24.IX (11.IX, O.S.) 1915 in Petrograd. 1883 became Director of the Russian Police after serving in the military; 1893 dismissed from post as director due to a scandal involving a conflict with the Spanish Ambassador; 1900 Durnovo returned to serve as Assistant Minister of the Interior; October 23, 1905 became acting Minister of the Interior in place of Aleksandr Bulygin; April...

California Technical Institute, 1951

6 images. California Technical Institute, 11 October 1951. Gene Muehlberger; Hal Woody; Walter Pilant.

The notion of topic-comment constructions and the meaning of the Korean topic marker '-(n)un'

Won Kyung Na
The structuring of a sentence into a topic and a comment part is a universal and distinctive phenomenon well known to linguists for centuries. Topic-Comment constructions essentially produce an asymmetry of constituents in a sentence. Karifka (2006) notes that ""The Topic refers to something established already, while the Comment adds information to the denotation of the topic"" (p. 1). Topic-Comment constructions appear through particular syntactic structures in many languages such as the as for constructions...

Daily Trojan, Vol. 168, No. 19, September 21, 2009

Daily Trojan, Vol. 168, No. 19, September 21, 2009.

Carbondale Fire Department Headquarters, Carbondale, Colo., 2007

Thom, Wayne, 1933-
Interior photograph of the Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District Headquarters Building, 301 Meadowood Drive, Carbondale, Colorado, 2007 June.

Adobe ranch home and outbuilding in Fallbrook, 1870-1880

Photograph of an adobe ranch home and outbuilding in Fallbrook, 1870-1880. The L-shaped rancher is visible to the right, the spackle having come away from most of its exterior, exposing brick. To the left, the one-story outbuilding can be seen. Numerous mountain ridges can be seen in the distance, along with treetops.

Piece of bent steel, Blackor Co., Southern California, 1930

Dick Whittington Studio
Photograph of piece of bent steel, Blackor Co., Southern California, 1930. "Subject: piece of bent steel; Agency: McCarty Co.; Client: Blackor Co.; Original Print Order: 1; Size: 11x14, 5x7; Finish: gl[ossy]; Year: 1930; Job: 2-27-184" -- on envelope front. "Name: Joe; 1 Original Photograph - At Studio: 11x14; Special Lighting or Background: 2.25; Extra Charges: #4995" -- on envelope back.

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