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Malagasy men eating outside, in Madagascar

Malagasy men eating outside.

Man and woman

L. Haven Miller
Man and woman

The Regular Teacher Inventory

Mary Colleen Edgren

The promise of the Father, 1966, no. 10

Pentecostal theology and spirituality Theologie und Spiritualität der Pfingstbewegung

Anglican missionaries in Shandong, China, ca.1880-1890

Possibly Alfred Jones Unknown
"Bishop Scott. Mr. Greenwood" Four missionaries in long clerical garb are posed in front of a building.; The group includes Bishop Charles Perry Scott and Miles Greenwood, Anglican missionaries who began work in Yantai in 1877.

A group portrait of students, Do-Neva school

A group portrait of students of Do-Neva school ; Comment : Legend of the photographer : Those who have just left us - second group

Inauguration of the School for Brahmin Girls, with Miss Jacob.

Stamped: "Museum der Basler Mission, Basel, Missionsstrasse 21."

William himself, Southern California, 1931

Dick Whittington Studio
2 photographic portraits of William, Southern California, 1931. "Subject: William himself; Client: Whittington William; Re-order: 2 ea[ch]; Size: 5x7; Finish: dull; Year: 1931; Job: 1-15-191" -- on envelope front. "Operator's Report (Name): Henry" -- on envelope back.

Norwegian-American missionaries, Madagascar, ca.1902

On the wall a cross and thes words: "Fiadanana Ambonin' Ny Tany!" ("Peace on earth!"). Seven women and four men missionaries. Sitting nr.two from left: Emmerentze (Emma) Hermana Dahl was a missionary in Madagascar from 1889-1895 and for NLC - Norwegian Lutheran Church in America, South east Madagascar 1901-1906.

Konglip sinbo = The united Korean, no. 70 (1908 Feb. 19)

Konglip sinbo [Kongnip sinbo] = The united Korean = 共立新報 = 공립신보, no. 70 (1908 February 19). Weekly.

Two men of Chinese origin greet each other at Cameron House, Family Day, Chinatown, San Francisco, California, 2002

Jerry Berndt
Black and white photograph: Two men of Chinese origin greet each other at Cameron House, Family Day, Chinatown, San Francisco, California, 3 p.m., September 14, 2002. The men are wearing suits and ties, and are shaking hands. In the background is a portion of a mural, indistinct, and a half dozen people, also indistinct.

Sworn in to practice before Federal courts, 1958

H. [Photographer]
1 image. Sworn in to practice before Federal courts, 7 January 1958. Judge Harry C. Westover; Judge Leon R. Yankwich; Harry E. Westover (being sworn in).; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: H. Date: 1958-01-07. Reporter: Greenlees?. Assignment: Sworn in to practice before federal courts. 1/2: L to R -- Judge Harry C. Westover; Judge Leon R. Yankwich; and Harry E. Westover being sworn in".

Architectural drawing of the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration, 1956

J.E. Stanton, William F. Stockwell, Williams, Paul R., 1894-1980, Adrian Wilson & Austin, Field & Fry [Architect]
Photograph of an architectural drawing of the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration. "Pictorial Southwest. Page: 11; Date: 1-2-57" -- stamped on verso. Verso dated, "June 24, 1956"; Compares to EXM-P-S-LOS-ANG-CIT-BUI-793

Allan Hancock Pacific expeditions, v. 8, index

Index to vol. 8, parts 1-5.

Caldwell dinner, 1953

Mitchell [Photographer]
0 image. Caldwell dinner, 14 April 1953. William A. Worton; Bernard Caldwell (Deputy Chief); William Parker (Police Chief).; "[There were no negatives found inside the sleeve or envelope]"

Report of murder investigation, 1836

The son of Manuel Requena reported a dead body found along the Arroyo Seco. A party was send to investigate, but the body was too decomposed to identify. Neither the body nor a suspect were identified and the case was closed.; Original Spanish document: pages 133-136. English translation: pages 117-118.

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