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Lynn A., letters (1964)

Lynn A.
Lynn A., forms, notes (1964)

Blanche M. Baker, letters (1959)

Blanche M. Baker, letter from S. (1959)

Janet B., letters (1955/1964)

Janet B., Scotti Williams, William Lambert & W. Dorr Legg
Janet B., forms, letters mentioning Irene, postcards; responses from Scotti Williams and William Lambert (W. Dorr Legg) (1955/1964)

Daved A., letters (1954/1960)

Daved A.
Daved A., envelopes, forms, letter, postcard (1954/1960)

Blanche M. Baker, letters (1959)

James F. & Don Slater
Blanche M. Baker, essay from James F.; and note from Don Slater (1959)

Blanche M. Baker, letters (1959)

Blanche M. Baker
Blanche M. Baker, letter to Don Slater (1959)

Cardinal O'Connor; Stop this man

ACT UP Los Angeles (Organization)
The upper half of the picket sign contains a black, white, and pink image of Cardinal John O'Connor; pink text on black background.

Venice A., letters (1958)

Venice A.
Venice A., card, letter, note (1958)

Dayle A., letters (1958)

Dayle A.
Dayle A., letter (1958)

Bruce B., letters (1964)

Bruce B.
Bruce B., letter (1964)

Donald B., letters (1962)

Donald B.
Donald B., letter (1962)

Michael Kearns

ACT UP Los Angeles (Organization)
Image is a black and white drawing of Michael Kearns over a pink triangle. This is one of a series of signs that were carried by ACT UP members in the Long Beach and Los Angeles pride parades in 1989.

Richard A., letters (1963/1960)

Richard A.
Richard A., envelopes, forms, letters (1963/1960)

Stuart B., letters (1964)

Stuart B.
Stuart B., letter (1964)

Sam B., letters (1955/1963)

Sam B. & Scotti Williams
Sam B., cards, forms, note by Scotti Williams (1955/1963)

Walter B., letters (1969/1972)

Walter B. & W. Dorr Legg
Walter B., forms, letters on a variety of topics, including militant New York lesbians, Friends of ONE, Phoenix, Arizona, deviate sexual acts laws, "Corruption of Morals, Sodomy and the Constitution"; also includes response from W. Dorr Legg (1969/1972)

Charles B., letters (1964)

Charles B.
Charles B., letter (1964)

I am alive today because of animal research

ACT UP Los Angeles (Organization)
Picket sign with red text on white background.

William B., letters (1963/1964)

William B.
William B., letters (1963/1964)

William F. Baker, letters (1960)

William F. Baker
Letter from Bill Baker to William Lambert (W. Dorr Legg) (1960)

ONE, Inc. annual report (1974)

ONE, Inc. annual report (1974)

We want federal employment based upon revelant criteria

Black, red, and green text on white background. This picket sign comes from a series of gay and lesbian rights demonstrations held in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia between 1965 and 1969, organized by Frank Kameny and Barbara Gittings, among others.

Bill B., letters (1963)

Bill B.
Bill B., form, letter (1963)

Gianfranco B., letters (1964)

Gianfranco B.
Gianfranco B., letter (1964)

James B., letters (1971)

James B.
James B., card (1971)

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