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Kern county, 1992

Emergency operations survey worksheets completed by law enforcement officials in Kern County pertaining to their agencies' involvement in providing mutual aid during the riots, 1992. PART OF SERIES: Materials in the series address the policies, procedures, and operations of the Los Angeles and Pasadena Fire Departments during emergency situations. Included are manuals and handbooks related to emergency planning, minutes fom several Los Angeles Board of Fire Commissioners' meetings, and incident logs maintained by the Los...

ONE, Inc. meeting minutes (1990)

ONE, Inc. minutes for the academic council meetings (1990)

Morija Normal school, group of pupils

Morija Normal school, group of pupils ; Group of pupils in front of the school buildings. ; Use of document : Photograph published in "Le livre d'or de la mission au Lessouto, SMEP, 1912", p. 345, with the legend : "It's manual labor hour"

Murray, Why save the children, 1993-03-14 10 am

Murray, Cecil "Chip", 1929-, Speaker
Why save the children, a sermon given by Cecil "Chip" Murray at First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles (FAME) (First AME Church), 2270 South Harvard Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA, on 1993 March 14 10 am.

Khristiaskiy vestnik = [Christian herald], vol. 25 [sic, i.e. 26], whole no. 273 (1962 June)

The Christian Herald was an informational organ of the Union of Pentecostal churches of "Assemblies of God" in South America. The journal was founded in August 1937 at the founding meeting of the Slavic Pentecostal churches of South America. Believers from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil were present at the meeting. The purpose of the journal was to "carry unity and communication of the Spirit to the midst of believers in full Gospel". The journal...

Synthesis, characterization and application of chemical tools for investigating the role of O-GlcNAc modification in the development and survival of mammalian cells

Anna Rose Batt
Functional diversity of transcribed proteins is exponentially expanded with the addition of post-translational modifications (PTMs). Understanding and characterizing the effect of these modifications on protein function and cellular health is important for developing tools for targeting their function or disfunction in cellular health and disease. Due to their post-translational and, in some cases, dynamic nature of these structural alterations, traditional structural techniques can be unreliable and difficult to reproduce. Specifically, O-GlcNAcylation describes the addition of...


Susan Hanley

Tower under construction, Korea

Susan Hanley

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