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Carbon Exchange Data - Cypress Swamp Sampling Location (Greater Everglades)

Barclay Shoemaker
This file is an Excel file containing data for the Cypress Swamp sampling location. It includes the following data sheets: -raw_weather - raw data for wind direction, wind gust, incoming solar radiation, soil heat flux, net radiation, air temperature, relative humidity, temperature of air, water and soil, and volumetric water content. -work_weather - mean 30-minute mean calculation for data in raw_weather. This averaging syncs time for weather and eddy covariance data. Wind speed correction for...

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The Multistate Aquatic Resources Information System (MARIS) - System Level Metadata

Core Science Analytics U.S. Geological Survey


Joe J. Smith

U.S. Geological Survey Gap Analysis Program

Core Science Analytics U.S. Geological Survey

Multistate Aquatic Resources Information System (MARIS)

Core Science Analytics U.S. Geological Survey

Avian Point Transect Survey Data, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, 2012

Lance B. McNew & Colleen M. Handel
This data product contains avian point transect survey data and habitat data collected on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska USA during 21 May ? 10 June, 2012. We conducted replicated 10-min surveys at 111 points located along 9 transects occurring over gradients of physical and biotic habitat conditions and recorded observations of individual birds identified to species. Survey points, or sites, were located approximately 500 m apart and observations of birds were limited to a maximum...

Wave and Orbital Velocity Model Data for the California Continental Shelf

Li H. Erikson, Curt D. Storlazzi & Nadine E. Golden
The oceanographic processes that disturb the continental shelf include the actions of surface waves, internal waves, and currents (tidal, density, wave-driven, wind-driven, and geostrophic). Because the North Pacific Ocean can generate extremely large surface waves that yield relatively high near-bed wave orbital velocities, wave-generated near-bed currents are often considered to be the dominant mechanism for seabed disturbances along the California coast (Sherwood and others, 1994; Storlazzi and Jaffe, 2002; Storlazzi and others, 2003). In this...

Vegetation and fuels data collected in 2010 and 2011 from historical emergency stabilization & rehabilitation seedings (1990 ? 2003) on BLM lands within the Great Basin

David A. Pyke, David Pilliod, Matthew L. Brooks, James Grace & Jeanne C. Chambers

Coastal Storm Modeling System: CoSMoS. Southern California 1.0, projected flooding hazards

Patrick L. Barnard

Simplified Boundary of Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture,2013

Jason A Coombs &

National Waterfall Layer linked to NHDPlusV2



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