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Vegetation and fuels data collected in 2010 and 2011 from historical emergency stabilization & rehabilitation seedings (1990 ? 2003) on BLM lands within the Great Basin

David A. Pyke, David Pilliod, Matthew L. Brooks, James Grace & Jeanne C. Chambers

Coastal Storm Modeling System: CoSMoS. Southern California 1.0, projected flooding hazards

Patrick L. Barnard

Simplified Boundary of Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture,2013

Jason A Coombs &

CMIP5 Global Climate Change Viewer


California Basin Characterization Model: A Dataset of Historical and Future Hydrologic Response to Climate Change

Lorraine Flint

Unimpaired daily flows in the Russian River basin 1915-2014

Lorraine Flint

High-resolution geophysical and sample data collected in Moultonborough Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire in 2005, USGS Field Activity 2005-004-FA

Jane F. Denny, William W. Danforth, Charles R. Worley & Barry J. Irwin
In freshwater bodies of New Hampshire, the most problematic aquatic invasive plant species is Myriophyllum heterophyllum or variable leaf water-milfoil. Once established, variable leaf water-milfoil forms dense beds that can alter the limnologic characteristics of a waterbody, impacting natural lacustrine communities and their habitats. Variable leaf water-milfoil infestations also disrupt recreational uses of waterbodies and have negatively affected swimming, boating, fishing, and property values in and around several lakes and ponds in New Hampshire. In...

Geospatial Fabric Attribute Tables for PRMS Geographic/Geometric Parameters (Preliminary)

Roland J. Viger

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