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Unresolved problems in the theory of integrable systems

Vladimir Zakharov
In spite of enormous success of the theory of integrable systems, at least three important problems are not resolved yet or are resolved only partly. They are the following: 1. The IST in the case of arbitrary bounded initial data. 2. The statistical description of the systems integrable by the IST. Albeit, the development of the theory of integrable turbulence. 3. Integrability of the deep water equations. These three problems will be discussed in the...

Australian Election Study, 1990

Ian McAllister, Roger Jones, Elim Papadakis & David Gow
The Australian Election Study 1990 is the second in the series initiated in 1987, and builds on the data collected earlier in the 1967 and 1979 Australian Political Attitudes Surveys. The series provides a long-term perspective on stability and change in the political attitudes and behaviour of the Australian electorate, and investigates the changing social bases of Australian politics as the economy and society modernise and change character. In addition to these long-term perspectives it...

Therapists’ experiences in their work with sex offenders and people with pedophilia: A literature review

Maria Hardeberg Bach & Carolin Demuth
This article presents a review of the literature that pertains to the experiences of therapists who work directly with child sex offenders and/or people with pedophilia. We draw together results from studies that attempted to identify how therapists experience such work and how they were personally impacted by it. Usually, such studies are embedded within one of the following theoretical frameworks: Secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, vicarious traumatization and burnout. Most literature on the topic...

Data for: Demand for law and the security of property rights: The case of Post-soviet Russia

Jordan Gans-Morse
This is an Annotation for Transparent Inquiry (ATI) data project. The annotated article can be viewed on the publisher's website. Data Generation “Demand for Law and the Security of Property Rights: The Case of Russia” employs a mixed-methods approach, utilizing formal modeling, quantitative analysis, and qualitative analysis. Sampling for the quantitative data – an original survey of Russian firms – is discussed in Section 2 of the Online Appendix. The qualitative analysis is based on...

Julio Rueda (La Bouza). Cuerpo humano = Corpo humano = Human body

Álvarez Pérez, Xosé Afonso (Coord.)
Entrevista a Julio Rueda en La Bouza. El informante nombra diversas partes del cuerpo humano y explica algunas relaciones de parentesco

Modulating Territories, Penetrating Boundaries

MarkDavid Hosale & Chris Kievid
Drawing boundaries, defining territories: these are terms one could use to describe the activity of an architect. Architects can create constraints through the use of designed elements that help determine the flow of movement, perception, and usage of space. Boundaries imply the absence of flow, territories control the freedom of movement, and both imply a predetermined constraint. Conventionally a territory is conceived of as being fairly static, or at least moving slowly, on a historical...

ISSP1992: Social Inequality II

Philip Gendall
The second of 20 years of successful surveys for the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) in New Zealand, run by Professor Philip Gendall in the Department of Marketing at Massey University. A verbose rundown on topics covered follows.Judgement on social justice and social differences in the country. Social prestige of respondents and selected occupations. Most important prerequisites for personal success in society (scale); attitude to the welfare state and social differences (scale); chances to increase...

Ensemble QSAR Modeling to Predict Multispecies Fish Toxicity Points of Departure

Thomas Sheffield & Richard Judson
Presentation to the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) annual meeting Nov 2018

PISA 2015 Field Trial - Core 6, Context: Teacher Qualifications and Professional Knowledge

Susanne Kuger, Nina Jude & Eckhard Klieme
Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2015 Field Trial – Core 6, Context

MouseLight Neuron Browser - Collection

Jayaram Chandrashekar
A vast neural tracing effort by a team of Janelia scientists has upped the number of fully-traced neurons in the mouse brain by a factor of 10. Researchers can now download and browse the data in three dimensions.
Inside the mouse brain, individual neurons zigzag across hemispheres, embroider branching patterns and, researchers have now discovered, can even spool out spindly fibers up to 45 centimeters long.
Scientists can see and explore these wandering neural traces in...


Empowering women and growing food — Sudan Women in Khashm Algebra Refugee Village near Kassala, Sudan were once not allowed to work, grow food, or leave their homes, but are now managing their own vegetable gardens to grow food for their families and villages. Through partnerships on the ground, scientists at the Agriculture Research Cooperation (ARC) in Sudan trained by the Joint FAO/IAEA Division have helped to set up drip irrigation watering systems optimized with...

Elizabeth City State University: Elizabeth City, North Carolina (Data)

T. Stoffel & A. Andreas
The Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Solar Radiation Monitoring Network operated from July 1985 through December 1996. Funded by DOE, the six-station network provided 5-minute averaged measurements of direct normal, global, and diffuse horizontal solar irradiance. The data were processed at NREL to improve the assessment of the solar radiation resources in the southeastern United States. Historical HBCU data available online include quality assessed 5-min data, monthly reports, and plots. In January 1997 the...

Nauru Island Effect Detection Data Set

Chuck Long
During Nauru99 it was noted that the island was producing small clouds that advected over the ARM site. The Nauru Island Effect Study was run for 1.5 years and the methodology developed to detect the occurrence. Nauru ACRF downwelling SW, wind direction, and air temperature data are used, along with downwelling SW data from Licor radiometers located on the southern end of the island near the airport landing strip. A statistical analysis and comparison of...

Multimodal multiperson interaction with infants aged 9 to 15 months

Penelope Brown, S. Gaskins, E. Lieven, T. Striano & U. Liszkowski

Vol. 17 No 1

Paul Woldstedt & Martin Schwarzbach
Yearbook of German Quaternary Association

An assessment of animal repellents in the management of vehicle-macropod collisions in New South Wales

Craig Gibson
Collisions between animals and motor vehicles are frequent and often result in animal mortality. In Australia, macropods are regular victims of these collisions. This has serious implications for animal welfare and conservation as well as aesthetics and tourism. Collisions with large animals and secondary collisions caused by the presence of animals on road easements, can lead to serious personal injury and property damage. A range of mitigative measures to prevent animal-vehicle collisions exists, but no...

WCRP and WWRP THORPEX YOTC (Year of Tropical Convection) Project, Single Parameter 6-Hourly Surface Analysis and Surface Forecast Time Series, Transformed to a Regular 1600 by 800 (N400) Gaussian Grid

European Centre For Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
The realistic representation of tropical convection in our global atmospheric models is a long-standing grand challenge for numerical weather forecasts and global climate predictions. Our lack of fundamental knowledge and practical capabilities in this area leaves us disadvantaged in modeling and predicting prominent phenomena of the tropical atmosphere such as the ITCZ, ENSO, TBO, monsoons and their active or break periods, the MJO, subtropical stratus decks, near-surface ocean properties, easterly waves, tropical cyclones, bulk budgets...

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