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A Social Networking Research Environment for Scientific Data Sharing: The D4Science Offering

Massimiliano Assante & et al
Modern science calls for innovative practices to facilitate research collaborations that span institutions, disciplines, and countries. Scientists and practitioners are called to produce enhanced forms of scientific communication thus to make it possible for others to identify errors, to support, reject or refine theories and to reuse data for further understanding and knowledge. This scenario can benefit a lot from Internet-based services aiming at providing individual users having at their disposal scarce resources with interaction-oriented...


A. M. Abdullaeva, L. P. Blinkova & Yu. D. Pakhomov
In this review data on hazardous influence of nonculturable cells of pathogens on humans and animals, of contamination of foodstuffs is presented and also attention is stressed on properties of such cells and their effect through foodstuffs on humans and animals. Main hypothesis of formation and resuscitation of viable but nonculturable cells are elucidated. Factors that influence shifting bacteria to nonculturability and their conversion into active state are discussed. The conclusion is drawn about biohazard...

Tanulásban akadályozott gyermekek kognitív fejlesztésének lehetőségei

Orbán Réka
Különleges Bánásmód, vol. 1. issue 2. ISSN 2498-5368

Effects of deforestation on mutualistic interactions of ants with plants and hemipterans in tropical rainforest of Borneo

Hiroshi O. Tanaka, Seiki Yamane, Tohru Nakashizuka, Kuniyasu Momose & Takao Itioka
We examined the effects of slash-and-burn deforestation on the properties of the ant-associated mutualistic interactions with plants and hemipterans in and around a lowland tropical rainforest in Borneo. We compared the frequency of occurrence and composition of the involved species among primary and secondary forest plots of different stand ages (time since last slash-and-burn event). For ants attending both extrafloral nectaries (EFNs) and hemipterans, for trees bearing EFNs, and for trees with hemipteranattending ants, the...

COSMO Technical Report No. 23: The COSMO Priority Project 'Conservative Dynamical Core' Final Report

M. Baldauf, O. Fuhrer, M. J. Kurowski, G. de Morsier, M. Müllner, Z. P. Piotrowski, B. Rosa, P. L. Vitagliano, D. Wójcik & M. Ziemianski
The Technical Reports are intended mainly for internal use within the COSMO group (COSMO = Consortium for Small Scale Modeling), but also to inform other groups on model changes and research activities. The purpose of the Technical Reports is 1. to document scientific research activities, 2. to document technical changes to the model system, 3. to give an overview on new components of the model system.

<> works of Edward Rose: a bibliography

Andrew P. Carlin

Abfallwirtschaft 1989

Thema: Abfallwirtschaft


Zentralinstitut Für Die Kassenärztliche Versorgung In Deutschland (Zi)

EnGeoMAP - A geological mapping tool applied to the EnMAP mission

Christian Rogass, Karl Segl, Christian Mielke, Yvonne Fuchs & Hermann Kaufmann
Hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy offers a broad range of spatial applications that are primarily based on the foregoing identification of surface cover materials. In this context, the future hyperspectral sensor EnMAP will provide a new standard of highly qualitative imaging spectroscopy data from space that enables spatiotemporal monitoring of surface materials. The high SNR of EnMAP offers the possibility to differentiate and to identify minerals that are showing characteristic absorption features as a 30 m x...

"Creative workspace: Talk vs. Action - A qualitative study on the substantive and symbolic roles and effects of creative workspaces in modern organizations"

Gaja Amigoni
In recent decades, workspace design, as an enabling factor for creativity and innovation, has become the focus of organizational efforts in many firms and among practitioners who are showing a growing interest in the design of creative work environments. This research developed from the observation that firms can design creative workspaces to foster everyday creativity in work-related settings (action – substantive role) and/or to strengthen the company´s corporate image in order to appear as creative...

Dichtermut i Blödigkeit – dwa wiersze Friedricha Hölderlina w interpretacji Waltera Benjamina

Beatrice Hanssen

Terremoto del 22 agosto 2005 costa laziale

Andrea Tertulliani, Angelo Massucci & Antonio Rossi
Macroseismic field survey for the 22 August 2005 earthquake, Anzio, performed by the QUEST team


Ремезов А.В., Новоселов С.В., Торро В.О. & Кузнецов Е.В.
В условиях волатильности мирового энергетического рынка и топливно-энергетического баланса роль угля как одного из ведущих энергоносителей будет постоянно укрепляться, что определит тенденцию к повышению добычи для угледобывающих компаний. Это невозможно без решения ряда проблем, связанных с изменениями существующих технологий по подземной добыче угля, которые требуют тесной связи науки и производства для организации и проведения междисциплинарных исследований. Наиболее эффективными с экономической точки зрения организационно-техническими мероприятиями для этого являются: увеличение длины очистного забоя и сокращение времени, затрачиваемого...

Mortality rate from incidental bycatch dataset in support of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) Descriptor 1 (D01C01, 2018 Reporting)

Royal Belgian Institute For Natural Sciences (RBINS), Directorate Natural Environment (OD Nature), Management Unit Of The North Sea Mathematical Models (MUMM), Royal Belgian Institute For Natural Sciences (RBINS), Directorate Natural Environment (OD Nature), Belgian Marine Data Centre (BMDC), Royal Belgian Institute For Natural Sciences (RBINS), Directorate Natural Environment (OD Nature) & Royal Belgian Institute For Natural Sciences (RBINS), Directorate Natural Environment (OD Nature), Marine Ecology And Management (MARECO)
This dataset is part of the 2018 Belgian submission for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) linked to descriptor 1, criterion 1. Stranded porpoises often show traces of incidental catch in fishing nets (bycatch), a major cause of death for this cetacean in the North Sea. Based on the number of stranded animals showing traces of bycatch, it can be estimated that up to a few dozen porpoises are caught per year. For extrapolation of...

University of Reading Empirical Climate Model Version 1.0: Decadal Prediction Experiment

Emma Suckling & Ed Hawkins

Avaliação da concentração de radão nas águas minerais naturais nos estabelecimentos termais Portugueses

Ana Sofia Silva & Maria de Lurdes Dinis

Single-cell NDIR-based measurements of atmospheric C02 mole fractions measured at Ameriflux towers, 2006 - 2016

N.L. Miles, S.J. Richardson, B.J. Haupt, K.J. Davis, B. Stephens & A. Watt
Data collected via relatively low-cost, high-precision CO2 mixing ratio measurement systems, developed in collaboration with NCAR-ATD, are reported here. These data were collected to support inverse analyses of the terrestrial carbon balance at regional to continental scales. The systems use LICOR-820 non-dispersive infrared analyzers rather than the more expensive, but lower noise LICOR-6262 or LICOR-7000, since fast time response is not required for this application and the noise of the LICOR-820 can be reduced sufficiently...

Keresd a kémiát!

Gábor Lente, Boglárka Takács & Kristóf Keglevich
In: Középiskolai Kémiai Lapok (KöKéL) vol. 46. issue 1. ISSN 0139-3715 (print), 2498-5198 (online)


Redazione Krypton
Sulla scia delle considerazioni formulate da Marx, nei Manoscritti economico-filosofici, in base alle quali il denaro sarebbe il potere universale in grado di ridurre la rappresentazione a realtà e la realtà a semplice rappresentazione, il quarto numero di Krypton si propone di analizzare, nella prospettiva interdisciplinare che caratterizza la rivista, il rapporto tra denaro, potere e rappresentazioni sociali.

Kilifi HDSS INDEPTH Core Dataset 2002-2012 (Release 2016)

Tom Williams & INDEPTH Network

Une hématémèse de grande abondance révélant une fistule prothétodigestive après chirurgie pour maladie de Behçet

Rim Karray, Hèla Ben Jmaà, Olfa Chakroun, Aiman Dammak, Iheb Souissi, Mabrouk Bahloul, Noureddine Rekkik & Imed Frikha

Open access dataset for "Verifying Parallel Dataflow Transformations with Model Checking and its Application to FPGAs"

Robert James Stewart
This article has been accepted to the Elsevier Journal of Systems Architecture.

Direct Observation of Early Stages of Growth of Multilayered DNA-templated Au-Pd-Au Core-Shell Nanoparticles in Liquid Phase - File set

Nabraj Bhattarai & Tanya Prozorov
The files in this dataset contain raw scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) images and the video files recorded from the screen of the STEM during the dynamic data acquisition, along with the Supplementary Materials Information.
Gatan files have a DM3 file extension and TIA files have EMI/SER file extensions. To view and process bright field TEM images, the Reader can use a Gatan free offline software called Gatan Microscopy Suite® software (GMS, Gatan Microscopy Suite®...

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