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SMEs; Virtual research and development (R&D) teams and new product development: A literature review

Nader Ale Ebrahim
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are indeed the engines of global economic growth. Their continued growth is a major subject for the economy and employment of any country. Towards that end, virtual research and development (R&D) could be a viable option to sustain and ease the operations of SMEs. However, literature shows there has not been a great deal of research into the diverse characteristic of virtual R&D teams in SMEs. This article provides a...

The Effectiveness of Virtual R&D Teams in SMEs: Experiences of Malaysian SMEs

Nader Ale Ebrahim
The number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), especially those involved with research and development (R&D) programs and employed virtual teams to create the greatest competitive advantage from limited labor are increasing. Global and localized virtual R&D teams are believed to have high potential for the growth of SMEs. Due to the fast-growing complexity of new products coupled with new emerging opportunities of virtual teams, a collaborative approach is believed to be the future trend....

Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Iran: An Empirical Study Using Structural Equation Modelling

Nader Ale Ebrahim
This paper examines the determinants of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Iran by applying the structural equation modelling (SEM). Using the annual time series data for the 1991-2006 period, two models were developed. In the first model the correlation between 12 determining factors and FDI in Iran were analyzed and in the second model the 12 factors were fit into five categories of determinants namely: Business, Economic, Infrastructural, Oil and Science and Technology and the...

Does it Matter Which Citation Tool is Used to Compare the h-index of a Group of Highly Cited Researchers?

Nader Ale Ebrahim, Hadi Farhadi, Hadi Salehi, Melor Md Yunus , Arezoo Aghaei Chadegani, Maryam Farhadi & Masood Fooladi

Does Criticisms Overcome the Praises of Journal Impact Factor?

Nader Ale Ebrahim, Masood Fooladi, Hadi Salehi, Melor Md Yunus , Maryam Farhadi, Arezoo Aghaei Chadegani, Hadi Farhadi & Nader Ale Ebrahim

A Comparison between Two Main Academic Literature Collections: Web of Science and Scopus Databases

Nader Ale Ebrahim, Arezoo Aghaei Chadegani, Hadi Salehi, Melor Md Yunus , Hadi Farhadi, Masood Fooladi, Maryam Farhadi & Nader Ale Ebrahim

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