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Of Surcharges and Supervision: German Renewable Energy Act Is State Aid

Severin Klinkmüller

Schengen, Differentiated Integration and Cooperation with the "Outs"

Alberto Miglio

La prima pronuncia del Tribunale sull’iniziativa dei cittadini europei

Maria Celeste Petrini

The Danish Ajos Case: The Missing Case from Maastricht and Lisbon

Helle Krunke & Sune Klinge

Legal and Accountability Issues Arising from the ECB’s Conditionality

Annamaria Viterbo

Brexit Referendum: Beginning of the End or Just a Turning Point?

Adam Lazowski

“Clash of Titans” General Principles of EU Law: Balancing and Horizontal Direct Effect

Elena Gualco & Luísa Lourenço

García Nieto: Another Restrictive Approach in the European Citizenship Case Law

Elisa Uría Gavilán

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