258 Works

A Disintegration of European Studies?

Christian Joerges

Enforcing the Rule of Law in the EU. In the Name of Whom?

Ségolène Barbou Des Places

It Is not Just About Investor-State Arbitration: A Look at Case C-284/16, Achmea BV

Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi

The EU-Turkey Agreement: A Controversial Attempt at Patching up a Major Problem

Gloria Fernández Arribas

La ‘tragedia’ delle frontiere europee

Francesca Ippolito

“In Between Seats”… The Conseil constitutionnel and the CETA

Marie-Cécile Cadilhac & Cécile Rapoport

Al-Dulimi and Competing Concepts of International Organizations

Lorenzo Gasbarri

Winter Is Coming. The Polish Woodworm Games

Adam Lazowski

Unravelling Celaj

Emanuela Pistoia

Welfare Markets and the Democracy of European Integration

Amandine Crespy

De la délicate interprétation du Système Dublin

Valérie Michel

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