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CEOP Satellite Datasets ( TRMM > PR > 2PRECI )

Kazuo Umezawa
Three scale-types of datasets observed by new generation of remote sensing satellites (including TERRA, AQUA, ADEOS-II) in addition to TRMM and DMSP series, which were providing enhancement of observing capabilities to quantify critical atmospheric, surface, hydrologic and oceanographic data during CEOP time periods are available. 250 km square snapshots of the highest resolution raw radiances (with geographic location, i.e. level 1) remote sensing data at the 35-51 in situ reference sites are archived. â– Mission TRMM...

The spational distribution of annual precipitation for 1986-2004 (sample version)

Hotaek Park
The spatial distribution of the data were first interpolated by near-distance interpolation method based on Baseline Meteorological Dataset of Siberia (BMDS, 77stations), and then accumulated on the annual.

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  • 2017

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