10 Works

Combined PV Solar Compression Cooling and Free Cooling System

P. Gantenbein, L. Omlin, D. Notter & A. Snegirjovs

Order-/Disorder Simulations for CIGS Thin-Film Solar Cells

C.D.R. Ludwig, J. Windeln, T. Gruhn & C. Felser

19% Efficiency Module Based on Roth&Rau Heterojunction Solar Cells and Day4™ Energy Module Concept

P. Papet, R. Efinger, B. Bram Sadlik, Y. Andrault, D. Bätzner, D. Lachenal, B. Strahm, G. Wahli, F. Wuensch, W. Frammelsberger, W. Stein, L. Rubin, W. Schmutz, A. Buechel & B. Rau

Towards Module Efficiencies of 16% with an Improved CIGSSe Device Design

T. Dalibor, S. Jost, H. Vogt, A. Heiß, S. Visbeck, T. Happ, J. Palm, A. Avellán, T. Niesen & F. Karg

In-Situ Series Connection for Thin Film Photovoltaic Modules

R. Merz, M.M. Adachi, M.B. Schubert & J.H. Werner

Investigations on the Pre-Breakdown of Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

W. Kwapil, M. Kasemann, J. Giesecke, B. Michl & W. Warta

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