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National Food Survey, 1986

Office Of Population Censuses And Surveys & Fisheries Ministry Of Agriculture

Distribution of species of planktic foraminifera in bottom sediments from Core AK32-3336

Egidius S Trimonis & Nadezhda P Lukashina

Mineral concentrations in serum/plasma and liver tissue of captive and free-ranging Rhinoceros species

W J Streich, S Atkinson, A M Craig, Marcus Clauss, E S Dierenfeld & K C Walker

19% Efficiency Module Based on Roth&Rau Heterojunction Solar Cells and Day4™ Energy Module Concept

P. Papet, R. Efinger, B. Bram Sadlik, Y. Andrault, D. Bätzner, D. Lachenal, B. Strahm, G. Wahli, F. Wuensch, W. Frammelsberger, W. Stein, L. Rubin, W. Schmutz, A. Buechel & B. Rau
26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition; 3336-3339

Towards Module Efficiencies of 16% with an Improved CIGSSe Device Design

T. Dalibor, S. Jost, H. Vogt, A. Heiß, S. Visbeck, T. Happ, J. Palm, A. Avellán, T. Niesen & F. Karg
26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition; 2407-2411

Land off Moorfield Road, Duxford, Cambridgeshire. An Archaeological Evaluation by Trial Trenching

Essex County Council Field Archaeology Unit
Client Report

Definable Operations On Weakly Recognizable Sets of Trees

Jacques Duparc, Alessandro Facchini & Filip Murlak
Alternating automata on infinite trees induce operations on languages which do not preserve natural equivalence relations, like having the same Mostowski--Rabin index, the same Borel rank, or being continuously reducible to each other (Wadge equivalence). In order to prevent this, alternation needs to be restricted to the choice of direction in the tree. For weak alternating automata with restricted alternation a small set of computable operations generates all definable operations, which implies that the Wadge...

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