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Ein Land, nur Opfer? Zu Gruppenstereotypen in der Auseinandersetzung um die lettische Sprachenpolitik am Beispiel des Sprachreferendums von 2012

Sandra J. Langer
On February 18th 2012 the referendum on the Draft Law ‘Amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia’ took place in Latvia. Its purpose was to decide whether or not the Russian language should be made the second official language of the Republic of Latvia. But this referendum was just the preliminary climax in a chain of events that exposed the relations between the ethnic Latvian and the ethnic Russian parts of Latvian society....

Mineral concentrations in serum/plasma and liver tissue of captive and free-ranging Rhinoceros species

W J Streich, S Atkinson, A M Craig, Marcus Clauss, E S Dierenfeld & K C Walker

Robust Head Mounted Wearable Eye Tracking System for Dynamical Calibration

Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale; Research Center “E.Piaggio”, University Of Pisa, Greco, Alberto; Research Center “E.Piaggio”, University Of Pisa, Lanata, Antonio; Research Center “E.Piaggio”, University Of Pisa & Valenza, Gaetano; Research Center “E.Piaggio”, University Of Pisa
In this work, a new head mounted eye tracking system is presented. Based on computer vision techniques, the system integrates eye images and head movement, in real time, performing a robust gaze point tracking. Nystagmus movements due to vestibulo-ocular reflex are monitored and integrated. The system proposed here is a strongly improved version of a previous platform called HATCAM, which was robust against changes of illumination conditions. The new version, called HAT-Move, is equipped with...

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