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Algorithmically random generalized graphs and its topological properties

Felipe S. Abrahão, Klaus Wehmuth, Hector Zenil & Artur Ziviani
This article presents a theoretical investigation of incompressibility and randomness in generalized representations of graphs along with its implications on network topological properties. We extend previous studies on plain algorithmically random classical graphs to plain and prefix algorithmically random MultiAspect Graphs (MAGs), which are formal graph-like representations of arbitrary dyadic relations between $n$-ary tuples. In doing so, we define recursively labeled MAGs given a companion tuple and recursively labeled families of MAGs. In particular, we...

Reproductive Biology Of The Mullet Liza Falcipinnis (Valenciennes, 1836) In Two African Complexs Lagoons (Ebrié And Grand-Lahou) (Côte D'Ivoire)

Ebram Luc Gervais DJADJI *1, Soumaïla SYLLA 1, Tizié Thierry ZAN-BI 1 & Boua Célestin ATSE 1
The reproduction of Liza falcipinnis were investigated in both lagoons (Ebrié and Grand-Lahou) from January 2006 to december 2007. 2162 specimens were examined (914 and 1248 respectively in Ebrié and Grand-Lahou lagoons). Fork length was taken to the nearest 1 mm, and total body weight (TW) and eviscerated body weight (EW) to the nearest 0.1 g. The gonads and the liver were then established removed, weighted to the nearest 0.001g. The reproduced period of Liza...

Molecules Can Explain the Expansion of the Universe

Karan R.Takkhi
The Hubble diagram continues to remain one of the most important graphical representations in the realm of astronomy and cosmology right from its genesis that depicts the velocity-distance relation for the receding large-scale structures within the Universe; it is the diagram that helps us to understand the Universe’s expansion. In this paper I introduce the molecular expansion model in order to explain the expansion of the Universe. The molecular expansion model considers the large-scale structures...

Sharing interoperable workflow provenance: A review of best practices and their practical application in CWLProv

Farah Zaib Khan, Stian Soiland-Reyes, Richard O. Sinnott, Andrew Lonie, Carole Goble & Michael R. Crusoe
Background: The automation of data analysis in the form of scientific workflows has become a widely adopted practice in many fields of research. Computationally driven data-intensive experiments using workflows enable Automation, Scaling, Adaption and Provenance support (ASAP). However, there are still several challenges associated with the effective sharing, publication and reproducibility of such workflows due to the incomplete capture of provenance and lack of interoperability between different technical (software) platforms. Results: Based on best practice...

Friedrich Nietzsche - Thoughts on Art, Religion and Secularism

Vogler Petra
"He was an artist of thought and mind, with his thinking he performed a drama", says Rüdiger Safranski, the renown Nietzsche-biographer, in an interview. In an unique way the 19th century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche - born 1844 in Lützen, expired 1900 in Weimar - forethought the 20th century unlike (most probably) any other European intellectual of his time. As a radical proponent of the Enlightenment, he was one of the most striking masterminds of a...

Tourism-Impact On Environment-Observations From North Coastal Districts Of A.P, India

K. Mythili
This paper deals with the status of solid waste pollution in touristic spots of North coastal Andhra Pradesh. Case studies of Eco tourism, cultural tourism and pilgrim tourism are elaborately discussed and the study is based on both primary and secondary data. Data collection includes field collection of solid waste, semi structured interviews and observation of tourists. Results indicate generation of 72% Non biodegradable material in Eco touristic places like RK beach Visakhapatnam, Araku Valley....

Genomic data for "A computational framework to explore large-scale biosynthetic diversity"

Jorge C. Navarro-Muñoz, Nelly Selem-Mojica, Michael W. Mullowney, Satria A. Kautsar, James H. Tryon, Elizabeth I. Parkinson, Emmanuel L.C. De Los Santos, Marley Yeong, Pablo Cruz-Morales, Sahar Abubucker, Arne Roeters, Wouter Lokhorst, Antonio Fernandez-Guerra, Luciana Teresa Dias Cappelini, Anthony W. Goering, Regan J. Thomson, William W. Metcalf, Neil L. Kelleher, Francisco Barona-Gomez & Marnix H. Medema
Data associated to the work "A computational framework to explore large-scale biosynthetic diversity"

An Intimate Insight on Psychopathy and a Novel Hermeneutic Psychological Science

Emmanuel Taku
Abstract This paper is rather a profound hermeneutic enunciation putting into question our present understanding of psychopathy. It further articulates, in complement, a novel theoretical and methodological conceptualisation for a hermeneutic psychological science. Methodology-wise, it puts into question a traditional more or less categorical and mechanical approach to the social and behavioural sciences as it strives to introduce a creative and insightful approach for the articulation of ideas. It rather seeks to construe the scientific...

Avian influenza Overview. Literature search on phenotypic and genetic characterisation of AI viruses: Protocol and results

European Food Safety Authority, European Centre For Disease Prevention And Control & European Union Reference Laboratory For Avian Influenza
Protocol and results of the literature searches in PubMed platform performed in the context of the Avian Influenza Quarterly Reports updating on the avian influenza situation within the Union and worldwide published by EFSA, ECDC and EURL. Literature searches are designed to provide information on phenotypic and genotypic characterisation of HPAI viruses circulating on other continents and regions (Africa, Asia, the Middle East) in domestic or wild birds or mammals (excluding humans).

Application photometric method definitions with 4-(2-Pyridylazo)resorcinol for quantitative analysis and research on oxidative dissolution of copper in education thiocyanate complexes

S. Gortsevich, P. Kravchenko & A. Pichugina
The paper presents the results of the study of the kinetics of oxidative dissolution of copper in the formation of thiocyanate complexes. The thermodynamic probability of the process of dissolution of copper in potassium rhodanide in the presence of an oxidant — oxygen of the air is studied. The dependences of the specific dissolution rate of copper (W, mol/cm2 C) on the concentration of thiocyanate (CH, mol/dm3), pH, temperature (T, K), disk speed (ω, s−1)...

Project webpage

Steinar B. Adalbjornsson, Jonas R. Vidarsson & Thormodur Dagsson
The FarFish Project website www.farfish.eu is the primary dissemination and communication platform of the project. The site gives project partners, stakeholders and the general public the opportunity to get information on the project and its progress. It also enables for easy linkage to social media. The content on the website is designed to be informative on main tasks in the project and to provide detailed information on the case studies, workshops, meetings and other activities,...

Report on the developments needed to produce relevant management tools

Javier Ruiz, Margarita M. Rincón, Nina Mikkelsen, Karim Erzini, Jorge M.S Gonçalves, Steinar B. Adalbjornsson & Lidvard Grønnevet
This document reports on the developments needed to produce management tools that are relevant for each of the case studies in the FarFish project. The tools have been selected in coordination with the production of Management Plan zero for each case study (D4.1 - MP0 for each case study). It has shared with Work Package 4 the consultation process with partners of FarFish, including the case study leaders, and with external relevant bodies such as...

Visualisation materials and tools available for MPR1 development

Steinar B. Adalbjornsson & Thormodur Dagsson
Visualization materials, and other tools, that can assist operators and other stakeholders in developing Management Plan Recommendations (MPRs), are an important part of each case study in the FarFish project, as well as for the outcome of the project. The visualization tools will give information on important biological, ecological, economic and social issues that can be relevant for the MPR1 development and give information on potential effects of MPR1 implementation (what if? scenarios). For the...

Data Input Protocol for the FFDB

Jamie Lentin, Thormodur Dagsson, Margarita M. Rincón & Javier Ruiz
This document contains the initial data input protocol for the FarFish Database (FFDB) where much of the data collected within the project will be stored and made available for the project partners, as well as beyond the project. The first section re-states and clarifies the aims of Task 6.1 (Development of the FarFish database); that it is a collection of components whose aim is to collate data from partners and integrate FarFish outputs with the...

Report from the MPR kick-off meeting

Nina Mikkelsen, Kåre Nolde Nielsen, Michaela Aschan, Ingrid Kvalvik, Øystein Hermansen, José Luis Santiago, Duarte F. Vidal, Margarita M. Rincón, Javier Ruiz, Kim Stobberup, Kim Stobberup, Mafalda Rangel & Mary Frances Davidson
FarFish is a H2020 project that aims to provide knowledge, tools and methods to support responsible, sustainable and profitable EU fisheries outside European waters. To achieve this, FarFish will develop practical, achievable and cost-effective fisheries management tools and advice. The work will be done in collaboration of scientists, policy makers, resource users and other stakeholders aimed to improve fisheries management competences. A key output of the project are case specific Management Plan Recommendations (MPRs) that...

First MPR invitations submitted to case studies

Jonas R. Vidarsson, Ragnhildur Fridriksdottir, Nina Mikkelsen, Michaela Aschan, Alexandre Rodriguez, Juliana Antunes Galvão, Mamadou Diallo, Massal Fall, Lidvard Grønnevet, Benvindo Fonseca, Khallahi Brahim & Vincent Lucas
This document contains the 1st management plan recommendation (MPR) invitations submitted to the case studies in the FarFish project. The purpose of these MPR invitations is to offer selected operators (resource users) the opportunity to develop MPRs in accordance with the responsive fisheries management system (RFMS) approach; following the “first draft general guidelines for making MPRs” presented in FarFish deliverable 3.1. The RFMS is a management approach founded on the principles of results-based management (RBM)....

General Guidelines for making MPs

Ragnhildur Fridriksdottir & Jonas R. Vidarsson
This document contains the 1st draft of general guidelines for making management plan recommendations (MPRs) tailored for the EU fleet operating outside European waters; in accordance with the responsive fisheries management system (RFMS). The RFMS is a management approach founded on the concept of results-based management (RBM), where responsibility for fisheries management is transferred to resource users, provided that they meet with necessary requirements set forth by the competent authorities and document that they can...

Peculiar Electron- May Possible

Deep Jyoti Dutta
In this note a new idea is proposed, the idea is to predict possible a new particle as same as electron but not Fermonic in nature.

On The Newly Charged Particle

Deep Jyoti Dutta
In this note we will investigate the possibility of three new charged particle, however we are not
very sure whether it is composite or elementary and cast doubts about its being Fermions or
Bosons. A new empirical formula to calculate the mass of atomic nucleus is also presented

Dual Spin Statistics in Hadrons

Deep Jyoti Dutta
Few additional particles which possibly exist are pointed out here. The outcomes must be
vindicated by experimental approaches in super energetic accelerators. The predicted particles are
strongly interacting composite particles with “colored quarks” as its basic constituents.

Ant castes: homology and analogy in form and function

PEETERS Christian
Ant societies consist of reproductive and sterile adults that show tremendous diversity of phenotypes. These include permanently wingless queens and a soldier caste that evolved convergently in many genera. Myrmecologists describe ant castes with terminology based on form, or function, or both, moreover terms are used inconsistently in the literature. Because morphology changes less readily than behaviour, an emphasis on morphological definitions is recommended to facilitate comparative studies and understand the evolutionary origin of castes....


The article considers the role of mediation to conflict resolution. The problem of mediation is disclosed as an alternative way of resolving disputes. It has been revealed that in all the concepts of mediation the participation of a third party is emphasized that of the mediator who provides some assistance in establishing an understanding and whose interests are not directly related to the misunderstanding issues. An active third party controls the process, facilitates a realistic...

Output files corresponding to "Fresh submarine groundwater discharge to the near-global coast"

Audrey H. Sawyer YaoQuan Zhou
Corresponding peer-reviewed publication This dataset corresponds to the output files that were produced for the study reported in: Zhou, Y.Q., Sawyer, A. H., David, C.H., and James S. Famiglietti, Fresh submarine groundwater discharge to the near-global coast, Geophysical Research Letters, 46. https://doi.org/10.1029/2019GL082749 When making use of any of the files in this dataset, please cite both the aforementioned article and the dataset herein. Data sources The following sources were used to produce files in this...

Templates and protocols for self-sampling

Karim Erzini, Kim Stobberup, Vincent Lucas & Nina Mikkelsen
In the EU, the Data Collection Framework (DCF) applies to all fisheries carried out by EU vessels, including those fishing outside EU waters under Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements (SFPA). Although observer coverage of up to 100% has been achieved through collaboration with industry in some SFPA fisheries, the observer coverage in many others SFPAs is low. Lack of data for stock assessment and management of many stocks and species is a global problem. In this...

Report on biological and ecological data in FFDB pilot version 1

Karim Erzini, Kim Stobberup, Jorge M.S Gonçalves, Mafalda Rangel, Margarita M. Rincón, Juliana Antunes Galvão, Nina Mikkelsen, Mamadou Diallo, Massal Fall, Vincent Lucas, Khalid Elkalay, Karima Khalil & Lidvard Grønnevet
Task 2.3 of work package 2 (Advancing biological knowledge and evaluation of current stock assessment models) focuses on the compilation of biological, ecological and fisheries dependent and fisheries independent data that is required for other FarFish WPs. During the first year of FarFish, some modifications in the objectives occurred, resulting in changes in the species. For example, in the Cape Verde and Seychelles CSs, the focus is now on by-catch species that are not assessed...

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