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Data for: Self-optimizing tool path generation for 5-axis machining processes

Florian Uhlich
Shape deviation measurements and corresponding simulated cutting conditions. Please refer to the corresponding paper for the experimental setup. ----- Feature Description MeasuredDeviation - Actual measured deviation [mm] WidthOfCut - Width of cut determined with process parallel material simuation [mm] DepthOfCut - Width of cut determined with process parallel material simuation [mm] HeightAtTool - Projected distance from probed surface point to tool tip along tool axis determined with process parallel material simuation [mm] MaterialRemovalRate - Material...

Data for: Secondary Users Selection and Sparse Narrow-band Interference Mitigation in Cognitive Radio Networks

Ridha Hamila
Spectrum scarcity is a critical problem that may reduce the effectiveness of wireless technologies and services. To address this problem, different spectrum management techniques have been proposed such as overlay cognitive radio (CR) where the unlicensed users can share the same spectrum with the licensed users. The main challenges in overlay CR networks are the identification and detection of the Primary User (PU) signals in a multi-source narrow-band interference (NBI) scenario. Therefore, in this paper,...

Data for: "Good fences make good neighbors”. Concepts and records of range dynamics of ground squirrels and geographical barriers in the Pleistocene of the Circum-Black Sea area

Lilia Popova
The table contains geographical coordinates, geological age and references of the Quaternary ground squirrel finding known from Europe and Trans-Urals. Besides, there is the map that shows spatial distribution of these findings. In the table, in additional to original species identification (column "Taxonomy in publication", the column "species" was adder to show our point of view on the finding. The reasons why species names in these two columns differ in some case are explained in...

Data for the paper "A chronotopic approach to identity performance in a Facebook meme page"

Ondřej Procházka
The dataset includes all comments from the excerpts related to the two analyzed posts. Comments are sorted chronologically, giving each participant a unique number based on his or her time of posting the comment. Facebook allows only 2-tier comment hierarchy: comment (first tier) and comment upon comment (second tier). Second tier comments are indented and indicated by number. Parentheses () indicate another comment by the same participant or emoticons and emojis, square brackets [] contain...

mTORC1 promotes metabolic reprogramming by suppression of GSK3-dependent Foxk1 phosphorylation

Long He
The mammalian Target Of Rapamycin Complex 1 (mTORC1) signaling system plays a critical role in maintenance of cellular homeostasis by sensing and integrating multiple extracellular and intracellular cues. Therefore, uncovering the effectors of mTORC1 signaling is pivotal to understanding its pathophysiological effects. Here we report that the transcription factor forkhead/winged helix family k1 (Foxk1) is a mediator of mTORC1-regulated gene expression. Surprisingly, Foxk1 phosphorylation is increased upon mTORC1 suppression, which elicits 14-3-3 interaction, a reduction...

TIPS database

Margalida Pons Perelló
Between 2002 and 2016, TIPS with stent-grafts were placed in 132 patients in our Hospital

#UsVolemACasa #LlibertatPresosPolítics 2018.04.14 - 2018.04.16

Aniol Maria
Dataset that collects tweets between 14-16th of April in 2018 with Twarc. Twarc is a tool by Documenting the Now: http://www.docnow.io/#tools "Pels drets i les llibertats, per la democràcia i la cohesió, us volem a casa!" was a demonstration in Barcelona at Avenue of the Parallel on 7 December 2017 calling for the freedom of jailed or exiled political leaders: Centenars de milers de persones omplen el Paral·lel per la llibertat dels presos http://www.ccma.cat/324/manifestacio-15a-presos-politics-llibertat-anc-omnium-llibertat-expressio-repressio-drets-llibertats-onu-govern/noticia/2850250/ Catalan...

Project: Fostering Transparent and Responsible Conduct of Research: What can Journals do?

Mario Malicki
Description: Since their origin in the 17th century, publications in scientific journals have become the foundation of scholarly communication. Yet the publication process itself, duties and responsibilities of editors, and the preparation of manuscripts for submission have gone through many changes. The current drive towards study registration, sharing of protocols, manuscript pre-print, full transparency of reporting and the use of reporting guidelines, data sharing, and study replication, are seen as the future of scientific communication...

Data for: "Is the abstract a mere teaser? Evaluating generosity of article abstracts in the environmental sciences"

Frederique Bordignon
This dataset has been used for experiments presented in the following paper Ermakova L, Bordignon F, Turenne N, Noel M (to be published in 2018) "Is the abstract a mere teaser? Evaluating generosity of article abstracts in environmental sciences" Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics. Those data result from the GEM score calculation for 36,237 abstract/article pairs retrieved from the ISTEX database. They have been enriched with values coming from Scopus (citations), JournalMetrics (subject areas)...

Données d'enquête pour la construction d'un indice de générosité des abstracts

Frederique Bordignon
L'enquête a été menée auprès de chercheurs via l'envoi à des listes de diffusion et via des appels à participation sur Twitter entre le 24/08/2016 et le 27/09/2016. En langue française.

Data for: Modelling Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Food Waste Disposal Options for UK Retailers

Mike Berners-Lee
Data and analysis for food waste disposal options.

Data for: Statistics of spatial averages and optimal averaging in the presence of missing data

Ashwin Seshadri
The files in the .zip file contain the data and code used to generate the figures

Supplementary Materials for: Supervised signal detection for adverse drug reactions in medication dispensing data

Tao Hoang
This file compares potential signals of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) detected by sequence symmetry analysis (SSA) and supervised gradient boosting classifier. ADR signals of higher confidence are assigned higher adjusted sequence ratios (rightward) by SSA and higher probabilities (upward) by gradient boosting classifier. Blue circles represent known ADRs while red squares indicate unknown potential ADR signals. A signal is picked up by SSA if the 95% confidence interval lower limit of its adjusted sequence ratio...

Data for: Effect of trimethoxy flavones on paclitaxel - induced peripheral neuropathy in mice

Jagan Nadipelly
Statistical data of the above entitled study for the reference

Supplemental High-Speed Videos for: Experimental comparison and visualization of in-tube continuous and pulsating flow boiling

Martin Ryhl Kærn
These videos show pulsating flow boiling performed by a pulse width modulated expansion valve and continuous flow boiling performed by a stepper motor expansion valve. The cycle time for the pulsating flow are 1 s and 5 s, respectively. The refrigerant is R134a with upstream saturation temperature of 30 C and subcooling of 2 K and 20 K, respectively. Downsteam evaporation temperature is 5 C. The time-averaged mass flux is 100 kg/m2s. More information is...

Data for: Partial Constrained Least Squares (PCLS) and Its Application in Soft Sensor

Kaiyi Zheng
In those datasets, (X1,yy1), (X2,yy2), (X3,yy3) and (X4,yy4) are SIM1, SIM2, SIM3 and SIM4, respectively. In each dataset, X and yy are easy and hard to measure variables, respectively.

Data for: Anterior segment infiltration of acute lymphoblastic leukemia: case report and systematic review

Ashley Yu
Search terms used in systematic review component of manuscript entitled "Anterior segment infiltration of acute lymphoblastic leukemia: case report and systematic review"

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