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Sea surface salinity reconstructed from sediment core SO93-126KL

Hermann-Rudolph Kudrass, Annette Hofmann, Heidi Doose, Kay-Christian Emeis & Helmut Erlenkeuser

Stable isotopes measured on Ammonia beccarii from sediment core GIK12594-2

Kyaw Winn, Helmut Erlenkeuser, Kjell Nordberg & Mikael Gustafsson
Stable isotopes were measured with VG and MAT251 mass spectrometers.

Documentation of sediment core GIK15396-1

Kyaw Winn & Friedrich Werner

(Appendix A) Methane and helium isotope data in water profile M62/5b-1259-CTD-LADCP

Robin Keir, Oliver Schmale, Maren Walter, Jürgen Sültenfuß, Richard Seifert & Monika Rhein

(Table 1) Pb, Sr ad Nd isotopic composition of Honolulu volcanics

Zuzana Fekiacova, Wafa Abouchami, Stephen J G Galer, Michael O Garcia & Albrecht W Hofmann

A Data Collection Tool for Sketched Diagrams

Rachel Blagojevic, Beryl Plimmer, John Grundy & Yong Wang
Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling

ECHOG_A15_PRI: 2000 year control run of preindustrial climate (DEKLIM-EEM project), monthly mean values

Frank Kaspar & Ulrich Cubasch
Project: Climate change at the end of a warm stage DEKLIM-EEM is a joint project consisting out of 9 individual proposals. The project was financially supported by the German Ministry for Education and Research(BMBF) within the framework of the research programme DEKLIM (www.deklim.de). The purpose of the joint project is to reconstruct the climate of past interglacials and to contribute to the understanding of mechanism that are responsible for the transition to a cold stage....

Nutrient concentrations in water samples from the Aegean Sea at Station MAY-1997-IR72

Evangelia Krasakopoulou & Ekaterini Souvermezoglou

Tree-ring width of Abies alba (Miller) from historical object sample HOF12627-9

Jutta Hofmann
Species ABAL; No of rings 60; Begin 1632; End 1691

Radiosonde M3_R037 during METEOR cruise M3 on 1966-03-09 23:23h

Height of tropause 11770 m; Data processing by Wolfgang Gloeden, Maritime Klimaüberwachung (KU24), Deutscher Wetterdienst, http://www.dwd.de

CogSketch: Open-domain Sketch Understanding for Cognitive Science Research and for Education

Kenneth Forbus, Jeffrey Usher, Andrew Lovett, Kate Lockwood & Jon Wetzel
Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling

Intuitive Navigation in Virtual Environments

Marc Steiner, Phillipp Reiter, Christian Ofenböck, Volker Settgast, Torsten Ullrich, Marcelle Lancelle & Dieter W. Fellner
Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments: Posters

Radiosonde M2_R269 during METEOR cruise M2 on 1965-11-05 23:29h

Hans P Fimpel, Manfred E Gass & Hans Gerhard Müller
Height of tropause 17150 m; Data processing by Wolfgang Gloeden, Maritime Klimaüberwachung (KU24), Deutscher Wetterdienst, http://www.dwd.de

Interactive and Accurate Collision Detection in Virtual Orthodontics

Maria Andréia F. Rodrigues, Rafael S. Rocha & Wendel B. Silva
Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments

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