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An Evaluation of Active Learning Strategies Applied to Engineering Mathematics

Charles McCartan, Tony McNally & Paul Hermon
This paper describes a specific engineering mathematics module which has been developed and implemented to promote deeper learning using the CDIO methodology. It conforms to several CDIO Standards and also seeks to develop personal, interpersonal and professional skills through an extensive active and interactive learning paradigm. The content, pedagogy, efficacy and evaluation of the module in relation to student attainment, engagement and enjoyment over a three year period since it was first implemented are discussed....

ARM: Sixty Meter Tower: temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure, 30-min avg

Jenni Kyrouac & David Cook
Sixty Meter Tower: temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure, 30-min avg

Auswertungen ausgewählter globaler Klimamodelle hinsichtlich atmosphärischer Zirkulationsbedingungen im nordatlantisch-mitteleuropäischen Sektor.

Peter Krahe, Enno Nilson, Ulrike Gelhardt & Jürgen Lang
Dieser Datenbestand dient der Analyse atmosphärischer Zirkulationsbedingungen (Wetterlagen, NAO) im nordatlantisch-mitteleuropäischen Sektor wie sie von Reanalyse- und globalen Klimamodellen (Status: 2010) simuliert werden. Ausgewählt wurden solche Klimamodelläufe, die für Mitteleuropa oder Deutschland regionalisiert wurden. Mit dem Datenbestand kann einerseits die Eignung der verschiedenen Modelle zur Reproduktion der beobachteten Zirkulationsverhälnisse (1950-2000) geprüft werden. Andererseits können simulierte Änderungen (2001-2100) ausgewertet werden. Zusätzlich werden Temperatur- und Niederschlagsdaten bereitgestellt, mit denen die Wetterwirksamkeit der Wetterlagen je GCM bewertet werden...

Synthesis of 2,3,4,11b-Tetrahydro-1H-pyridazino[6,1-a]isoquinolines via the Three-Component Reaction of 2-Alkynylbenzaldehydes, a Sulfonohydrazide and Dimethyl Cyclopropane-1,1-dicarboxylate

Xingxin Yu, Guanyinsheng Qiu, Jianping Liu & Jie Wu
A three-component reaction of 2-alkynylbenzaldehydes, a sulfonohydrazide and dimethyl cyclopropane-1,1-dicarboxylate, co-catalyzed by silver(I) triflate and nickel(II) perchlorate hexahydrate, is described, which affords 2,3,4,11b-tetrahydro-1H-pyridazino[6,1-a]isoquinolines in moderate to good yields. A possible reaction pathway that proceeds via a tandem 6-endo-cyclization and [3+3] cycloaddition sequence is proposed.

Scientific Use File Deutscher Alterssurvey (SUF DEAS) 2002, Version 1.1

Andreas Motel-Klingebiel, Clemens Tesch-Römer & Susanne Wurm
Der Deutsche Alterssurvey (DEAS) ist eine Langzeitstudie zum Wandel der Lebenssituationen und Alternsverläufe von Menschen, die sich in der zweiten Lebenshälfte befinden. Grundlage sind bundesweit repräsentative Befragungen im Quer- und Längsschnitt von jeweils mehreren tausend Teilnehmern im Alter ab 40 Jahren.

In den Erhebungsjahren 1996, 2002, 2008 und 2014 wurde je eine neue Basisstichprobe gezogen und in den Jahren 2002, 2008, 2011 und 2014 wurden frühere Teilnehmer erneut interviewt (Panel).

Im Jahr 2002...

Altersbedingte psychische Störungen bei Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung

Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Seelische Gesundheit Bei Menschen Mit Geistiger Behinderung

Test data for low cycle fatigue - strain control on material U 720 carb at 650 Celsius

Rantala, JH; Haehner, P; Musella M; Ripplinger, S & Institute For Energy EC-JRC Petten
As a part of the overall test programme of FP5 HTR-M1 Project, JRC-IET performed a series of uni-axial creep and low-cycle fatigue (LCF) tests on the nickel based superalloy Udimet 720 material with the objective of assessing the effect of a specific HTR operating environment. Tests were performed on as-received, heavily carburized, decarburized, and thermally aged material. The heavily carburized state was achieved by exposure for 1000h at 950 Celsius in a 1.6 bar absolute...

Scottish Church Attendance Census, 2002

P. W. Brierley
The aim of the study was to ascertain the number and frequency of people attending church of all denominations in Scotland in 2002. Several denominational changes had taken place in Scotland since the last census in 1994 (SN 4395) and 1984 (SN 2554). Political changes, with the formation of the Scottish Parliament, had brought about boundary changes for many councils, by which church attendance was previously analysed. A combination of denomination, political and population change...

Newton Clark Glacier

Harry Fielding Reid

Properties of Engineered Polyurethanes from Oil Palm Feedstocks and Biomass Residues

K. H. Badri, K.A. Mat Amin, I. Abdullah & S.H. Ahmad
Polyurethane (PU) composites were prepared utilizing palm kernel oil-based (PKO) polyurethane as the matrix and oil palm empty fruit bunch fiber (EFB) as the filler. The bio-composites were prepared both by molding for 20 minutes at ambient condition and hot-pressing at 35 °C for 9 minute with a load pressure of 760 MPa. The former was carried out by initially determining type of surface modification of EFB required. Treatment with 5% sodium hydroxide, silane and...

CDIO projects in DTU’s B.Eng. in IT study program

Jens Sparsø, Thomas Bolander, Paul Fischer, Stig Høgh, Mads Nyborg, Christian W. Probst & Edward A. Todirica
Since September 2008 seven of DTU’s B.Eng. study programs have been based on the CDIO concept. This submission presents the CDIO design-build projects on semesters 1 through 4 in the B.Eng in IT study. Similar submissions from the other 6 stydy programs are intended to be presented in one CDIO project demonstration session organized as an exposition with stands and with stands and posters and students demonstrating the projects.

Transretinal resection of submacular hemorrhage

Alireza Mirshahi
Several methods have been introduced for the treatment of submacular hemorrhages secondary to age-related macular degeneration. Small bleedings may be dislocated by intravitreal injection of SF6 gas, possibly combined with recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rTPA). Larger hemorrhages can be treated by pars plana vitrectomy, subretinal injection of rTPA and gas tamponade. Large and particularly thick bleedings may require additional procedures such as subretinal lavage or the surgical removal of blood clots. Moreover, macular translocation surgery...


U.S. Coast Guard

Foraminiferen und Ostrakoden aus dem marinen Elster-Saale-Interglazial in Schleswig-Holstein

H. Woszidlo
MEYNIANA; 12; 65-96; ISSN 0076-7689

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 170 : Augustinus, De consensu evangelistarum

Aurelius Augustinus
This copy of the work De consensu evangelistarum libri quattuor by the Church Father Augustine is important to textual history; it was produced during the 9th century at the Abbey of St. Gall.

An Approach to Foster Integrative Skills during the Engineering Studies

Glenn Johansson & Lennart Elmquist
To sum up, this paper presents an approach to foster integrative skills during the engineering studies. The approach is based on establishment of means for cross-disciplinary meetings between students on Master programs in product development and production. The approach is intended to help reducing the barriers to integration among individuals possessing different competences that have been reported in the literature (e.g. Griffin and Hauser, 1996).

Mechanical and Hydraulic Aspects of Rock-Proppant Systems : Laboratory Experiments and Modelling Approaches

Reinicke Andreas
[...] In context of this work, a new damage mechanism is proposed: the mechanically inducedfracture face skin. This new mechanism results from mechanical interactions between the proppants and the reservoir rock, due to the increasing stress on the rock-proppant system during production. Proppant embedment into the fracture face and proppant crushing leads to fines production and can impair the fracture performance. In order to achieve sustainable, longterm productivity from a reservoir, it is indispensable to...

A Well-Defined Ni Pincer Catalyst for Cross Coupling of Non-Activated Alkyl Halides and Direct C-H Alkylation

Oleg Vechorkin
Carbon-carbon bond forming reactions are among the most important and useful methods for organic synthesis. During the last years, significant progress has been made in this field. Whereas many catalysts were developed for the coupling of aryl, alkenyl, and alkynyl halides, non-activated alkyl halides remain challenging substrates, mainly due to unproductive β-hydride elimination and difficulty in oxidative addition of alkyl halides. This dissertation is devoted to the development of a well-defined nickel catalyst for cross...

Radiative transfer and aerosol remote sensing

Felix C Seidel

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