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Megan Squire, Kevin Crowston & James Howison
Rubyforge Intended Audiences, Jan 2011

Amazon EC2 im Überblick

Julius Ollesch, Dirk Schweim, Michael Aydemir, Maria Ehrhardt & Marcel Hansch
Best of WI08 (07/2011) : Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin, pages 1-14

Algebraic Characterization of FO for Scattered Linear Orderings

Alexis Bès & Olivier Carton
We prove that for the class of sets of words indexed by countable scattered linear orderings, there is an equivalence between definability in first-order logic, star-free expressions with marked product, and recognizability by finite aperiodic semigroups which satisfy some additional equation.

Columbia Glacier

Austin Post

Reactions of organic molecules on metal surfaces studied by STM

Markus Wahl, Ernst Meyer, Thomas Jung & Hans-Joachim Güntherodt
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2006. - Ref.: H.-J. Güntherodt, E. Meyer, T.A. Jung

Statistical methods towards more efficient infiltration measurements

T. Franz & P. Krebs
A comprehensive knowledge about the infiltration situation in a catchment is required for operation and maintenance. Due to the high expenditures an optimisation of necessary measurement campaigns is essential. Methods based on multivariate statistics were developed to improve the information yield of measurements by identifying appropriate gauge locations. The methods have a high degree of freedom against data needs. They were successfully tested on real and artificial data. For suitable catchments it is estimated, that...

Particle Image Velocimetry in concentrated suspensions : Application to local rheometry

Martin Kroger, Editor Applied Rheology & Editors@Appliedrheology.Org
Peer-reviewed journal article

Synthesis of 4-Oxoindeno[1,2-b]pyrroles through Copper-Catalyzed Tandem Reactions of 1-(2-Haloaryl)enones with Isocyanides

Fengtao Zhou, Liangbing Fu, Jiajia Wie, Ke Ding & Qian Cai
Copper-catalyzed tandem reactions of 1-(2-haloaryl)­-enones with isocyanides for the synthesis of 4-oxoindeno[1,2-b]pyrroles are described. Highly reactive cyclic organocopper intermediates are generated in the copper-catalyzed [3+2]-cycloaddition reactions of isocyanides to double or triple bonds. Successful intramolecular trapping of the organocopper intermediates led to the efficient formation of 4-oxoindeno[1,2-b]pyrroles.

Einfluss des Anbaus auf die Wachstumseigenschaften und den Glucosinolatgehalt von Moringa oleifera

Nadja Förster
DGG-Proceedings (German Society of Horticultural Sciences (DGG)), Vol.1, Iss. 14, pages 3-7

Transconjunctival 25 gauge vitrectomy

Gabor B. Scharioth
Transconjunctival 25 gauge pars plana vitrectomy has evolved considerably since its introduction. New stiff instruments and technical progress expanded the scope and indications and reduced the limitations. This video shows the author’s experience in 25 gauge vitrectomy used for several indications. Primarily this technique was used for simple vitrectomy, epiretinal membrane peeling and macular hole surgery. Recent improvements in the instrumentation and illumination enable the surgeon to perform sutureless transconjunctival 25 gauge vitrectomy for the...

Rare earth element concentration EDML ice core

Anna Wegner, Paolo Gabrielli, Dorothee Wilhelms-Dick, Urs Ruth, Michael Kriews, Patrick De Deckker, Carlo Barbante, Giulio Cozzi, Barbara Delmonte & Hubertus Fischer

Rare earth elements in surface sediment samples from the Atlantic Sector

Anna Wegner, Paolo Gabrielli, Dorothee Wilhelms-Dick, Urs Ruth, Michael Kriews, Patrick De Deckker, Carlo Barbante, Giulio Cozzi, Barbara Delmonte & Hubertus Fischer

Rare earth elements from the Atlantic Sector, supplement to: Wegner, Anna; Gabrielli, Paolo; Wilhelms-Dick, Dorothee; Ruth, Urs; Kriews, Michael; De Deckker, Patrick; Barbante, Carlo; Cozzi, Giulio; Delmonte, Barbara; Fischer, H (2012): Change in dust variability in the Atlantic sector of Antarctica at the end of the last deglaciation. Climate of the Past, 8(1), 135-147

Anna Wegner, Paolo Gabrielli, Dorothee Wilhelms-Dick, Urs Ruth, Michael Kriews, Patrick De Deckker, Carlo Barbante, Giulio Cozzi, Barbara Delmonte & Hubertus Fischer
We present a Rare Earth Elements (REE) record at decadal resolution determined in the EPICA ice core drilled in Dronning Maud Land (EDML) in the Atlantic Sector of the East Antarctic Plateau, covering the transition from the last glacial age (LGA) to the early Holocene (26 600-7500 yr BP). Additionally, samples from potential source areas (PSAs) for Antarctic dust were analysed for their REE characteristics. The dust provenance is discussed by comparing the REE fingerprints...

Forno Glacier

Harry Fielding Reid

Functional Data Analysis in Groundwater Modeling

Bruno Mendes, David Draper & Bruno Mendes
In groundwater contamination studies, uncertainties are a constant presence. We have in previous work classified the different sources of uncertainty one can encounter in such studies [www.ams.ucsc.edu/~draper/writings.html items 43 and 55], and we have proposed a framework to tackle them involving four hierarchical layers of uncertainty: * Scenario (there may be uncertainty about relevant inputs to the physical process under study), * Structure (conditional on scenario, the precise mathematical form of the best model to...

TMF Newsletter, Issue: 6

DFG Research Unit 816
Newsletter of the DFG Research Unit 816 "Biodiversity and Sustainable Management of a Megadiverse Mountain Ecosystem in Southern Ecuador", www.tropicalmountainforest.org

Sozio-oekonomisches Panel (SOEP), Daten der Jahre 1984-2008

Gert G. Wagner, Joachim R. Frick, Jürgen Schupp, Silke Anger, Jan Goebel, Markus M. Grabka, Elke Holst, Peter Krause, Martin Kroh, Henning Lohmann, Christian Schmitt & C. Katharina Spieß
Das Sozio-oekonomische Panel (SOEP) ist eine repräsentative Wiederholungsbefragung, die bereits seit 1984 läuft. Im Auftrag des DIW Berlin werden jedes Jahr in Deutschland über 20.000 Personen aus rund 11.000 Haushalten von TNS Infratest Sozialforschung befragt. Die Daten geben Auskunft zu Fragen über Einkommen, Erwerbstätigkeit, Bildung oder Gesundheit. Weil jedes Jahr die gleichen Personen befragt werden, können langfristige soziale und gesellschaftliche Trends besonders gut verfolgt werden. Bereits im Juni 1990, also noch vor der Währungs-, Wirtschafts-...

National Diet and Nutrition Survey, 2008-2009

Medical Research Council. Resource Centre For Human Nutrition Research National Centre For Social Research

Wetterbeobachtungen in Workuta

H. Schaefer
Polarforschung; 25; 332-336; ISSN 2190-1090

A Modular Physical-Simulation Methodology

Florian Schanda & Philip Willis
Workshop in Virtual Reality Interactions and Physical Simulation "VRIPHYS" (2010)

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