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The wild boar Sus scrofa L. as neighbor in an agricultural landscape – a new project

C. Herbst & O. Keuling
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 432; 224

National House Condition Survey, 1967

Ministry Of Housing And Local Government
The aim of the 1967 survey was to obtain data on various aspects of the physical condition of the permanent housing stock of England and Wales.<br> The <i>English House Condition Survey</i> (EHCS) was a national survey of housing in England, commissioned by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). The survey was originally called the <i>National House Condition Survey</i> and covered England and Wales. The information obtained through the survey provides an accurate picture...

P3.6 - The investigation of thrombus formation process by Lyapunov's index of scattered coherent radiation

M. S. Gavrylyak, S. G. Guminetsky, P. P. Maksimyak & P. M. Grygoryshyn
The results of experimental study of stochastization fluctuations of a coherent field intensity scattered by blood plasma are presented. It has been shown that time of thrombus formation can be defined by time dependence of Lyapunov' index of intensity fluctuations. It was discovered that time of thrombus formation of healthy people is smaller than ones sick by asthma.

Humidity Migration and Condensation Risk in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Walls

Anatolijs Borodinecs, Martins Vilnitis, Andris Krelsins, Juris Noviks & Anatolijs Borodinecs
The paper is devoted to the analysis of problems of humidity migration in autoclaved aerated concrete walls. It presents the methods for monitoring of humidity migration processes. Especial attention is paid to the analysis of condensation risk on the surface between the autoclaved aerated concrete block and outdoor finishing. The paper gives theoretical calculation of condensation risk in autoclaved aerated concrete wall as well as presents the results of practical measurements. For the purpose of...

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, October - December, 2003

Office For National Statistics. Social And Vital Statistics Division And Northern Ireland Statistics And Research Agency. Central Survey Unit

Sofortresonanzen DDR Fernsehen 24. Woche 1989 (SFR 24/89)

Staatliches Komitee Für Fernsehen Beim Ministerrat Der DDR, Abteilung Soziologische Forschung, Berlin
Zuschauerbeteiligung und Fernsehverhalten. Themen: Sehbeteiligung und Bewertung der Sendungen in der Woche vor der Befragung; Zusatzfragen: Unterhaltungs- und Realitätsgehalt der Folge POLIZEIRUF 110: UNSICHTBARE FÄHRTEN; Gefallen der Hauptfiguren und einzelner Aspekte der Folge; Zufriedenheit mit der Sendung URANIA EXTRA; Eignung der Sendung SIEH MAL AN! für das Samstagabendprogramm; Interesse an innen- und außenpolitischen Themen; Informationsquellen; Mediennutzung für Informationsgewinn am Tag vor der Befragung; Rezeption der Sendung OBJEKTIV und Meinung dazu; Erkennung und Bewertung von Fernsehmitarbeitern....

Columbia Glacier

Marion T. Millett

Pylodora biforans n. sp., in Belemniten-Rostren bohrender Wurm in der Kreide-Zeit

Karl Gripp
MEYNIANA; 17; 9-10; ISSN 0076-7689

Cross-Segment Load Balancing in Parallel Rendering

Fatih Erol, Stefan Eilemann & Renato Pajarola
Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization

ARM: Infrared Thermometer: Ground surface temperature averaged 60-sec at 10-meter height

Victor Morris
Infrared Thermometer: Ground surface temperature averaged 60-sec at 10-meter height

Insolvent Company Liquidations, January 1973 - May 1976

M. Carr
To collect data for a thesis on the sectoral and spatial repercussions of business recessions.


Megan Squire, James Howison & Kevin Crowston
Freshmeat Project Trove Entries, Mar 2011

Robust probabilistic positioning based on high-level sensor-fusion and map knowledge

Jürgen Bohn & Harald Vogt
Location information as a piece of context is considered to be of particular interest to ubiquitous computing applications. In this work, we present a probabilistic positioning service that employs an available ubiquitous computing infrastructure for the localization of mobile devices. The service draws on various heterogeneous sensors that serve as sources of location information. Data from these sources are transformed independently of each other into an abstract representation of location estimates. By means of a...

Distributed weighted matching

Mirjam Wattenhofer & Roger Wattenhofer
Technical Report / ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science, 420

Exact cell decomposition of arrangements used for path planning in robotics

Nora Sleumer & Nadine Tschichold-Gürmann
Technical Report / ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science, 329

Implementation and characterization of protein folding on a desktop computational grid: is CHARMM a suitable candidate for the united devices MetaProcessor?

B. Uk, Michela Taufer, Thomas M. Stricker, G. Settanni & A. Cavalli
CHARMM is a popular molecular dynamics code for computational biology. For many CHARMM applications such as protein folding, desktop grids could become viable alternatives to clusters of PCs. In this technical report, we present a prototype and discuss the viability of a protein folding application with CHARMM on the United Devices MetaProcessor, a platform for widely distributed computing. We identify the algorithmic approach of protein folding as a hybrid search algorithm with best-first, depth-first and...

Computing Over-Approximations with Bounded Model Checking

Daniel Kröning
Technical Report / ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science, 490

Environment-aware freeform displays: An evaluation in a tabletop setting

Daniel Cotting, J. Kostka, Rolf Adelsberger & Markus H. Gross
Technical Report / ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science, 564

A Probabilistic Model for Capacity in Wireless Multihop Networks

Patrick Stuedi & Gustavo Alonso
Technical Report / ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science, 500

Framework for holographic scene representation and image synthesis

Remo Ziegler, Peter Kaufmann, Leon Peeters & Markus H. Gross
Technical Report / ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science, 522

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