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Modulation of saccade curvature by ocular counterroll

K P Weber, C J Bockisch, M I Olasagasti & D Straumann

Effects of mannitol bolus administration on intracranial pressure, cerebral extracellular metabolites, and tissue oxygenation in severely head-injured patients

O W Sakowitz, J F Stover, A S Sarrafzadeh, A W Unterberg & K L Kiening

Piz Alv (2974 m) – hot spot der Biodiversität am Berninapass

C A Burga, R Reinalter & B Lange

Insulinomatosis: a multicentric insulinoma disease that frequently causes early recurrent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia

M Anlauf, J Bauersfeld, A Raffel, C A Koch, T Henopp, I Alkatout, A Schmitt, A Weber, M L Kruse, S Braunstein, K Kaserer, M Brauckhoff, H Dralle, H Moch, P U Heitz, P Komminoth, W Knoefel, A Perren & G Klöppel

Durch Chlamydien verursachte Aborte bei kleinen und grossen Wiederkäuern

N Borel & A Pospischil

Patrones de diversidad y distribución vertical en epifítas vasculares en la Cordillera Mosetenes, Cochabamba, Bolivia

T Krömer, I Jimenez & M Kessler

Intentional use of intra-arterial medications - the wrong message!

A C Gerber & M Weiss

Where is the supporting evidence for treating mild to moderate chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbations with antibiotics? a systematic review

Milo A Puhan, Daniela Vollenweider, Johann Steurer, Patrick M Bossuyt & Gerben Ter Riet

Phylogenetic inference in Rafflesiales: the influence of rate heterogeneity and horizontal gene transfer

D L Nickrent, A Blarer, Y L Qiu, R Vidal-Russell & F E Anderson

The new generation of family physicians - career motivation, life goals and work-life balance

B Buddeberg-Fischer, M Stamm, C Buddeberg & R Klaghofer

Von der Strahlendosis der Computertomographie und dem Krebsrisiko

H Alkadhi

Does simvastatin stimulate bone formation in vivo?

D L Von Stechow, S Fish, D M Yahalom, I Bab, M A Chorev, R Müller & J M Alexander

Stratégies de compromis pour l'estimation des paramètres de régression et pour la classification floue

Nicolas Fournier
Model specification is an integral part of any statistical inference problem. Several model selection techniques have been developed in order to determine which model is the best one among a list of possible candidates. Another way to deal with this question is the so-called model averaging, and in particular the frequentist approach. An estimation of the parameters of interest is obtained by constructing a weighted average of the estimates of these quantities under each candidate...

\"Nachtigall oder Lerche, das ist hier die Frage.\"

K Stirnemann

The free energy landscape of small molecule unbinding

D Huang & A Caflisch

Reflux und Essstörungen - \"Ein Fall für Zwei\"

C Imfeld & T Imfeld

Trinkerszenen im öffentlichen Raum: ein Städtevergleich

Corina Salis Gross, D Schnoz, I Hungerbühler, F Labhart & Gerhard Gmel

From bad to worse: striatal coding of the relative value of painful decisions

A M Brooks, V S C Pammi, C Noussair, C M Capra, J B Engelmann & G S Berns

Synthesis and fluorescent labeling of functional silica nanochannels

Jan Hinrich Ramm

Low-threshold analysis of CDMS shallow-site data

D Akerib, & L Baudis

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