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One light composite Higgs boson facing electroweak precision tests

M Gillioz

Facio-mandibular myoclonus specific during REM sleep

R Wehrle, A Bartels & T C Wetter

Cross-reactivity among fungal allergens: a clinically relevant phenomenon?

R Crameri, S Zeller, A G Glaser, M Vilhelmsson & C Rhyner

Dorsolateral Approach to the Craniocervical Junction

H Bertalanffy, O Bozinov, O Sürücü, U Sure, L Benes, C Kappus & N Krayenbühl

Targeting human cancer cells with VEGF receptor-2-directed liposomes

A Rubio Demirovic, C Marty, S Console, S M Zeisberger, C Ruch, R Jaussi, R Schwendener & K Ballmer-Hofer

Broadly neutralizing human anti-HIV antibody 2G12 is effective in protection against mucosal SHIV challenge even at low serum neutralizing titers

A J Hessell, E G Rakasz, P Poignard, L Hangartner, G Landucci, D N Forthal, W C Koff, D I Watkins & D R Burton

Facemasks and Aerosol Delivery In Vivo

S Erzinger

PAMP (pathogen-associated molecular pattern)-induced changes in plasma membrane compartmentalization reveal novel components of plant immunity

N F Keinath, S Kierszniowska, J Lorek, G Bourdais, S A Kessler, H Shimosato-Asano, U Grossniklaus, W X Schulze, S Robatzek & R Panstruga

The impact of instruction and response cost on the modulation of response-style in children with ADHD

R Drechsler, P Rizzo & H C Steinhausen

Ergebnisqualität in stationärer Suchttherapie - worauf kommt's an? - Dokumentation zur Jahresberichtssitzung act-info-FOS vom 2. September 2010 in Zürich

Susanne Schaaf, Esther Grichting & Heidi Bolliger

Preeclamptic-risk factors for clinical outcome in preterm infants

J Ersch

Perm: efficient provenance support for relational databases

B Glavic

Employee fraud detection under real world conditions

J Luell

Patients' disease–related knowledge of complex regional pain syndrome: A pilot study

F Brunner, A Gymesi, R Kissling & L M Bachmann

Pregnancy complications in women with childhood sexual abuse experiences

B Leeners, R Stiller, E Block, G Görres & W Rath

Laser-capture microdissection impairs activity-based protein profiles for serine hydrolase in human lung adenocarcinoma

S Collaud, T Wiedl, E Cattaneo, A Soltermann, S Hillinger, W Weder & S Arni

Haarausfall - vererbbar: Ja, Schicksal: Nein

R M Trüeb & J Lendenmann

Sauerstoff zur Reanimation von Neugeborenen: vom Wohltäter zum Übeltäter?

J C Fauchère & H U Bucher

German translation and external validation of the Radboud Skills Questionnaire in patients suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 1

F Brunner, C Heitz, R Kissling, A G H Kessels, R S G M Perez, J Marinus, G Ter Riet & L M Bachmann

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